Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'll Take The High Road

Here is one more photo of Santa Fe, in from of the Palace of the Governors, I believe it is called. Many of the native artists from the local pueblos will come down and sell their work to the public. Of course, the are scads of high price galleries in town that many of the preeminent native artists sell through but most people would have trouble affording much in those places. I do agree that most of the work warrants such prices however. The technical precision and expertise of their work, especially the pottery , is astounding.

The remaining pics are of Kit Carson National Forest. Always has pissed me that these places are named for the white men that exploited them and not for the native people that revered them.

I fully expected to see some elk or something but we didn't.

This place was gorgeous. We took a short break here and enjoyed the creek.

This is towards the end of the park.
Well, we are in Flagstaff tonight after visiting the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest all day. What a site those places were! I took loads of photos but I will not inflict too many of them on you all! Tomorrow we are off to explore the Grand Canyon and hope to hang around here for a couple of days.


Sissy said...

Pristine! Spiritual bounty.

Island Rider said...

So, pretty. And sounds like you are having some adventure too. Perfect vacation!

Anonymous said...

OH come on Inflict us with some of those pics...Please, just a few...

tammy (cat lover) said...

It's great you are having such a grand time. Remember if you go around to the north side of the grand canyon you can get to both bryce and zion canyon in a couple hours drive. Bryce is like the grand rim down looking over the canyon. Zion you are in the canyon looking up. Looks like you having a tremendous time!

mountainmelody said...


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey I don't mind being inflicted upon if it means getting to see photos of gorgeous scenery and other things too...looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon shots.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! yes, it is!

Hey IR! yeah, we've been having a blast!

Hey Anon! okay, I guess you talked me into it! lol!

Hey Tammy! we have thought about the north rim but I think Jack wants to take another route to see some other stuff. we'll see.

Hey Melody! yes, it is!

Hey Beatrice! okay, I'll inflict all kinds of pics on ya'll tho! lol!