Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pure Morning

Another one of my failed attempts to capture the ethereal quality of the morning light here. You just have to see it in person I guess. I went out for a quick morning walk today, before I get started with some work. It is a little muggy but still a nice day, although it may get rather warm later. I hope to get the last little bit of siding up over the clerestory windows this weekend before Capt. Jack and I leave on our road trip. He is going to help with the siding, as he does with most anything I want to do, so it should not be too much trouble. I don't know that I'll have time to get it painted but just having it installed will be great.

Capt. Jack likes muscadines so I picked a few for him. One more harbinger of fall, these ripe grapes. Their smell is atrocious to me so I don't eat them, although I wonder if the jelly made from them would be good.?

And the black-eyed Susan's are blooming again. I like them because they bloom in the spring and again in the fall here. Lots of flowers are blooming right now actually. Ugghhhh, I dread winter. I know it is still a ways off but I hate cold weather. I am definitely a southern girl. I wold shrivel up and die if I had to move to a northern climate. When I get back from my trip I am going to have some spend some serious time and effort splitting firewood.

Restoration on the weathervane continues. You can see here where I have cleaned and straightened this piece and am applying a new coat of sealer, which is just beeswax and linseed oil. The upper part that looks darker is where I have finished. I hope this church is happy with what I have done. I think it is going to look good. I have to install new ball bearings for this thing to rotate on and finish the sealer and it will be done. I spoke to our general superintendent and he said as soon as I complete this project I will be laid off again for a time but we do have some work on the horizon at least. They want me to help set this piece back on the roof of the church, which should happen Wednesday or Thursday and then I am off and free to go on the road.
I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and southwest states so Capt. Jack and I will be heading out to Arizona by next weekend hopefully. He lived there years ago and knows the areas well, as well as New Mexico and Texas. I have been all over the U.S. except this area, so I am anxious to see it. It should be a great trip. We are just kinda going to wander aroud Arizona, over to Carlsbad Caverns, maybe a couple of places in Texas too. Due to his work he has many free hotel stays accumulated and he has promised me we will camp out at least one or two nights also. I want to see the stars from the desert at night. They say it is something to behold. He has camped and hiked many of the national parks and other areas of those states also, so I think I have a good guide. And being a former Marine helps too! I think we will be safe and have a fabulous time. He will be taking his laptop so I hope to post some from the road as we plan on being gone 2-3 weeks. We are planning a few things but are just going to explore and see what strikes our fancy. I guess if we don't kill each other by the time we get back we may be a pretty good match. Now, even though Capt. Jack and I have only been dating about a month and a half, we have known each other since April. He contacted me shortly after that article came out in the paper, after Mama showed it to him!, and we have been talking, emailing and visiting with each other ever since. So, we believe we will get along well enough to do this. We'll see anyway!

Hopefully I will have some small progress on the house to post soon also. Hope you all have a great weekend too!


HermitJim said...

I hope that all goes well with the weather vane replacement6...and with the upcoming road trip!

Plenty of pictures would be nice for all of those that can't go along!

You take care, my friend!

wolfek said...

They make great jelly but even greater wine!!! I make it the way my granny did and it usually turns out wonderful. If not I have some great vinegar!!!

Rita said...

Wait for me! :) That little stow away in your nap sack. A mouse maybe. I want to make sure all goes well.
Have a great time!

Floridacracker said...

siWhat a great trip that should be!
Can't believe you don't like muscadines ... heavenly.
Great fresh, great juice, jelly, wine.
Have a superior time on your walkabout.

Ed said...

Excellent! I love the southwest and if for some reason my part of the midwest didn't feel like home anymore, I think I would settle out there. I spent a month floating down the Grand Canyon in a wooden dory boat and it was a life changing experience. Perhaps after you've done your three weeks and are still friends, I would recommend trying a float trip out.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks! and yes, I plan on taking lots of pictures and sharing! In fact, ya'll will probably get sick of seeing them all!

Hey Wolfek! Yeah, I have heard that! I have thought about making a syrup to use for colds and flu.

Hey Rita! lol! thanks! I hope it all goes well too!

Hey FC! I think it will be a great trip too! thanks!
I guess I just can't get past the smell of those muscadines; bleh!!

Hey Ed! yes, I read about your adventure; that was great!
A river trip there would be great. Jack used to kayak and raft quite a lot so we have talked about doing something like that also.

Loretta said...

There is nothing like a desert sky at night. You're going to love it. Sounds like a great trip!

ErinFromIowa said...

Wow! How exciting! This sounds so fun. I am so happy for you! Live! Go live life!

Sissy said...

How lucky can you get? Yes, please share with us. I'm so pleased for you. Life can be grand.

If I were closer I'd pick the grapes and make you jelly AND wine. A shame to let them go to waste.


Desert! Many pictures...please, pretty please?

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! yeah, I believe it's going to be a great time! I'm real excited.

Hey Erin! yay!! thanks!! We're going to!!!

Hey Sissy! thanks!! yeah, I will be taking lots of pictures I promise!
Allen is going to take care of the animals for me and look after the house too.

Jenn said...

Ha! Wave at us in northern Phoenix as you drive by!

This should be a good time to visit the canyon. Hope you brought some warm clothes!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! we sure will! I wanted to have those bowls you wanted done so perhaps I could deliver but I haven't had time to do squat! Just have to mail them later.
I am going to pack some warmer clothes; is it getting cold out there already? I know it gets very cool at night.

Beau said...

I've heard muscadine wine and jelly can be really good. Sounds like a great trip plan... stay safe and have fun!

edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! Yeah, I have heard it is real good too. Kinda hard for me to believe because the raw berries are SO horrible. Ha!
thanks! we will!