Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Groove Is In The Heart

I tell ya what..! between getting to fall back into my clay work and the sculpture and workin' with hot metal and this gorgeous span of weather we've been havin', my mojo is workin' overtime!!! My juju is jumpin'!! I got it goin' on, I'm tellin' you. Ha!! Well, I think the gate project has been rather successful anyway. I can't wait to show ya'll but you're going to have to wait until they are installed to see the whole project. Just snippets 'til then! I am basically finished with them except for cleaning and spraying them with a sealer. Oh, and I have to weld the hinges on but that shouldn't take long. I laid out the opening where they will go today and Jack started digging one of the holes for the posts. This is a 2-piece gate and each section probably weighs 80 pounds each, so the posts to hold it need to be substantial.
I did have to go buy some more expanded steel, so that broke my plan to make them entirely out of scrap. I just didn't have as much of the grating that I thought I did and couldn't come up with anything else that would work. The gates need to be solid for the most part to keep rabbits and such from slipping through and making a feast of my garden. By having to buy more steel though, I discovered a local steel supply that I never knew existed and wow, what a great help this is. I had been driving to Birmingham up until now but these people are just down the road and are very nice. I talked to them for a while and they said they gladly sell their drop or whatever I would need. Score!!

I am very excited to have these things done and my garden on it's way to being a real decent project. To me, if the area looks neat and well-kept it is better incentive to get out there and weed and plant things. Of course, if I continue to work at home I think I will have plenty of incentive for the garden. At least I won't be so wore out at the end of the day I don't feel like dragging myself out there.

Tomorrow Jack and I are going to take a day off and do a little hiking at one of our state parks. I'm excited about that; it's a really pretty part of the state. I'll be sure to get some photos for you all!


ezrablu said...

Can't wait to see your gates...that's a pretty nice bead you lay :o) Hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow hiking! I look forward to the photos.

Ed said...

I wish my welds looked as good as yours.

JoJo said...

Can't wait to see the gate finished.

Enjoy your hike. Can't wait to be able to do that again.

ErinFromIowa said...

What does this mean? ...they said they gladly sell their drop...
I imagine it is tradesmen lingo?

I hope you have marvelous weather for your hike!

The word verification is salonsin. I am sitting here waiting for my daughter's friend to come give me a spa pedicure. In the privacy of my own home! Feeling very salonsinable today. Ha!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

You deserve a day off and Friday is supposed to a gorgeous day as far as warmer temps - it's expected to reach 70 degrees on the VA eastern shore - enjoy!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ezra! thank you and thank you!

Hey Ed! well, thanks. that is 23 years of welding there though, so I ought to be able to do halfway decent. lol!!
With clean steel and new rods I can really lay some pretty welds.

Hey Jojo! thanks! I'm excited too! the hiking was great too!

Hey Erin! yes, "drop" is slang for leftovers or scrap. If it's fairly small stuff, lots of places just sell it for scrap but these people will let me buy the little pieces, instead of making me buy a whole stick or sheet, just to get a small piece.
Ooohhh, hope your pedicure was great!!

Hey Beatrice! yeah, Jack said since it was so nice, maybe we should stay home and work but I said no, we work everyday on that place, we needed to get out!! lol!
And we had a great time.