Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Signs Of Life

Today dissolved into a rainy, dreary mess but the previous three were just absolutely beautiful. The warmth and sun from those days were just what I needed to help rejuvenate my cold and listless self. Even the plants perked up and seemed to grow a couple of inches after I pulled their plastic house back so they could see the actual sun. The cabbage and broccoli seem to have been in a state of suspended animation but I noticed this morning that little broccoli heads are forming in there!

The cabbage is trying to form heads too. Tonight the temps are supposed to drop back again and they are forcasting a little snow for Friday, maybe, so these plants will go back into their sleep but I imagine when real spring comes they will really shoot up. I have another row of cabbage that are about half the size of these on the left, so their harvest will be staggered at least. Just a few more weeks and I will have made it through winter with still viable plants and no real greenhouse.

And success with the coldframe!! These had actually sprouted before the warm spell but that really helped them shoot on up. I was surprised to see how warm this frame would get, even on a 30 degree day, so now I know it is entirely possible to sprout stuff all winter long. It may take just a little longer but it does work. During this warm spell (we had days around 60 F.) I did have to be very careful about venting the coldframe, as these little sprouts would have fried had I not opened the frame. I also had to water about every other day, every day if sunny, because the soil dries out quickly in there.
The loose leaf lettuce is growing the quickest with the head lettuce next. The carrots have finally sprouted and are starting to really go but those crapping onions have yet to sprout. I never have luck with those.
But, as God as my witness, I'll never buy lettuce again!!! heh, I hope.

I also saw a few more signs of growth. Seems I'm not the only one anxious for warm weather. I have some other daffodils down by the mailbox that are up about 6 inches. I hope these don't get killed back by the cold. I have enjoyed the snow and all this winter but I am very ready for warm weather. I am very anxious to start gardening in a major way and as it looks as though I will not be working my 'real' job this summer, I will enjoy the cool summer mornings spent in my garden, rather than bent over formwork or a rebar mat.

A fine, misting rain was falling this morning as I was about covering everything back up. It was still in the 50's then, but by tomorrow the cold will have returned. I thought the mist on this sage plant was so pretty. Like little jewels encrusting it's leaves.

Well, I was wrong about Jack not coming back. He called and has come by a few times to talk. I think a few people got the idea that I threw him out but that was not the case. His leaving was his decision. I guess people just assume the other because I have been prone to run men off in the past. Anyway, he is trying to make amends and we are talking about things. I still feel cautious about things though. If he had been a sorry slug like some men I'd have no problem telling him to kiss my ass but he is so helpful and hardworking. I know that sounds like I'm just in it for 'labor relations' but it is more than that. He can be a little moody at times but God knows I have my moments. And a bad temper to boot. I have to learn that I am not on a construction site anymore. So, we'll see....


Island Rider said...

from plants to weather to relationships it is always good to have hope! Sure the onions might come up, but think about those daffodils!

Woody said...

Nice to see the signs of an approaching spring.

Sissy said...

Wow, a new dress for the blog. Everything stands out so nicely, especially those green vegetables.
I love the white lettering.

Happy to hear the talking stick is being used. A helper is such a blessing. Bless you and Jack too.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Morning Annie, the plants are looking great. Grenville got so excited by a couple of sprouts earlier this week, so I showed him your winter gardening and he was very envious. Glad to hear all is going well with the plants...and the talking with Jack.

JoJo said...

Plants look good. I haven't looked out yet this morning to see what I have left of my flowers it was 26 last night and at 8 am it is only 28. Sure glad I came home when I did.
Hope all goes well with you and Jack.

Rusty said...

It's good to see some green showing now. It's snowing and blowing like crazy here this morning. But looking at your winter garden makes me think I should try something similar next fall. On a somewhat smaller scale for a trial - but why not?

Hi Jack! By all means - relax! There are no enforced contractural deadlines - keep calm and things WILL work out. ATB!

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! Oh, I have been thinking about those daffodils!! I can't wait until they get to make their show. I add to my collection every year. Yes, hope is good!

Hey Woody! yes, it is! I bet ya'll are ready for spring!

Hey Sissy! thanks!

Hey Beatrice! thanks! hopefully everything will work out fine, plants and all.

Hey Jojo! thanks!

Hey Rusty! yes, you should try it. I've read people in Maine use coldframes successfully all winter long so I would think you could too.
Yes, keep calm!!! good words!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I wish Spring was a close for us as it is for you. It will be mid May before we can seriously start our gardens.

I trust Jack and you can find enough to share to make an enduring relationship.

Lynne and I are looking for a European River cruise. I would prefer the "love boat" from Vancouver to Alaska. I strongly object to being groped by airport security. :)

ezrablu said...

Very cool!!! Your photos are terrific...I love this post...it's so inspiring. I can't wait to grow...anything!

Anonymous said...

Like Beatrice said, I'm REAL envious. We are approaching 3 weeks for the plants in the greenhouse and now have sinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and scallions poking up. Today was a bonus day topping out at 68F so everybody got a good airing out.
Talking out a disagreement between adults is good. Just remember to listen to that voice from within. It seldom leads you astray.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! yeah, that is one nice thing about living in the south; the growing season is so long.
I think Jack and I can work things out. I hope. :)
I bet Vancouver to Alaska would be beautiful! and yes, I'm with you on the airport security deal. >:(

Hey Ezra! thanks!!

Hey Grenville! well, I am REAL jealous that you can get scallions to sprout! What do you do to them??
I have never been able to get them to grow for me. I've tried soaking them before planting and all kinds of stuff.
Oh, yeah, I trust the voice inside..:)