Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let Me Ask Ya'll Something

Hey, I got a question for you all now; well two questions actually! This is for anybody who may raise beef to sell to individuals or any individual who has recently bought a whole or side of beef from an independent farmer. What is beef going for, per pound, these days in this situation? A neighbor of my Mom's recently gave me a price per pound by hanging weight and I am trying to determine if this is a good deal or not.
Also, for those who might own some acreage; what is a decent charge for someone storing hay on your property? This hay takes up probably 1-1 1/2 acres.
Thanks so much if anybody has any idea on these questions. I know prices can vary quite a bit around the country but maybe this can give me some idea.


Floridacracker said...

I was here, but I'm no help on this one.

JoJo said...

Even though I sent an e-mail I wanted to let others know I receive my dinnerware today. They are so beautiful and can't wait to set a table with them.
Thank You Annie

Rich said...

All these numbers are off the top of my head, so they might vary a little bit up or down in real life.

Hanging weight is about 55-65% of live weight.

The actual weight of beef you take home will vary depending on how you have it cut up and how fat it is.

The last one I had butchered was about 1100 lbs. live weight, around 650 hanging weight, and about 400 lbs in the freezer. If I am remembering it right, it was about 35-40% ground beef, 30% steaks, and 30% roasts.

Processing charges are usually based on hanging weight and are about $0.50 per pound locally.

I included processing in my price and charged about $3.25/lb based on hanging weight. I haven't decided if that is too much or too little yet, but that's what I charged and people seem to be happy with it (if they come back to buy again will be the real test).

Results may vary and the final product depends a lot on how the beef was raised, what breed it was, how it was butchered, what it ate during at each stage of its life, what time of year it was finished, etc.

Rich said...

Here is a link that has more detail than my previous comment:


edifice rex said...

Hey FC! that's okay! I know you would help if you could.

Hey Jojo! Wonderful!! you are very welcome and I hope you really enjoy them.

Hey Rich! I was hoping you would give me some info!! lol!
Thanks so much for this and the link; it has helped a lot!
The man here was quoting me a price around $2/lb. and then I would pay the processing charges to the house separately and I think he said they were charging $0.36/lb. here.
the cattle he raises are mostly Angus that are pasture raised, grass and hay, and then he puts them in a small lot for the last 3 months with a grain mix. I've had some of his beef and it was good. They are due to be processed next month.
Thanks again!

Wendy said...

What is beef going for, per pound, these days in this situation?

I think we paid something like $2.99/lb, which included the butcher's fee.

Personally, I think it's a good deal. At first, my husband balked at the price, because a lot of what we got seemed to be hamburg, and he felt $3/lb for hamburg was a bit high, but I kept telling him, it's $3/lb across the board, for all cuts. Then, we went to the store, and he looked in the meat case and saw tenderloin for $13/lb and chuck roast for $5/lb and rib steaks for $8/lb, and he was quite happy with our freezer full of meat. We no longer buy any other beef ;).