Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ramblin' (Wo)Man

Hey, I'm back!! For now anyway. I'm feeling a bit better but still have a short bad spell here and there. Since I have been feeling better I've been very busy with a number of projects. You can see here that the garden is in full production mode! I've never had okra get this big before and I am having to pick it every day to keep up. The green beans are about the same way and the tomatoes are starting to speed up a little. Today will be spent preserving a number of things. I also have a good bit of pottery to get out and have actually started to work on the last bit of siding on the house again.
I have been wanting to post something these last few days but just haven't been able to wrap my head around any decent topic. Then I got to reading back through the blog, often several years back, and was struck at how (to me) boring this blog has become! Ugh! I don't know; just seems that I used to write a little more interesting post. These lately are just gardening, chicken etc. stuff. And not that that is not interesting sometimes but, I guess it's not very thought provoking. Maybe that's why I've had trouble posting sometimes, because this blog has never been about a particular subject. If you limit yourself to only writing about homesteading or such it's much easier to pick a topic. But, that's not me. I like to wander, both literally and figuratively and I'm in a wandering mood lately! It's funny too how that I have come to feel kinda obligated to you out there also, but I mean that in a good way. I don't mind. I've been writing so long that I feel like my readers are sort of a part of my life. Is that weird? I like to read ya'lls responses to things; hear your opinions and I feel like if I don't talk to you often enough we grow out of touch. Since being laid off I especially enjoy it because I don't have the interaction of people at work anymore. I know I have probably lost readers due to my scattered approach to blogging or I have just offended people with my talk! That's okay too. If you don't have a sense of humor you don't need to hang here. But many of you have been around a looong time and I appreciate that, even if you've never said a word. But I'll get you to talk to me one day my pretties! lololol! It's kinda funny that I do blog in a sort of scattered way because I consider myself a rather organized person; nitpicky even. But life is not organized often and I prefer to show things the way they really are. For some reason. Why would someone write about their life for all to see? Is it my ego? Or simply for acceptance? Hhhmm. Nah, I think it's just to make new friends.

I often go a week or more without leaving the homestead here. And for me, that can feel very isolating because I like to talk to people. Jack is good to understand this and to encourage me to take a day every so often to wander to the city. It is usually combined with business errands but I can ramble around and see new things. Take my time and explore a little, you know. We are even going to try to wander up to Chattanooga next week maybe for a short little getaway if we can. I often think that if I ever won the lottery, let's say, I would make arrangements for things to be taken care of here and then I would buy a very reliable, economical new vehicle and an atlas. Then I would just start driving and I would wander all over the United States. I would come home a few times a year I guess. I know that sounds weird because I have put some much effort into building this place and I love it here. But I just love to see new things. After I go for a while I get it out of my system and like being home again though.
So, that's my rambling for today. I just felt like chatting with ya'll about not much of anything. What are ya'll up to today? Anything exciting?! I may have some new topics to talk about soon and a new adventure to tell you about but I don't know for sure yet. Maybe a little more rambling before I'm done.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The last time I saw plants as tall as you Okra it was marijuana. (enough said on this topic.)

I for one enjoy the development of your "homestead" with a great garden and some chickens. Will goats be next with you making cheese?

I would like to get away myself. I usely get over this by reading about distant places. My friend Lynne is willing to take me along if we can agree on where to go. This morning I have been reading about the spectacular country of Northern British Columbia. We have considered taking the "love boat" cruise of the passage to Alaska.

I understand your reluctance to write about yourself. It is not a concern for me but hardly a week goes by that my fiend Lynne, reminds me to "not write anything about her."

I wouldn't dare write anything about my son. I am likely to say things that would come back to haunt me.

The safestt thing is to write about current event and ideas that interest me.

Rurality said...

Dang, and I thought our okra was tall this year! I don't think I've ever seen any that tall. We've been cutting off lots of the lower leaves so it doesn't itch us to death... Every time I think we've planted it far enough apart, I end up wishing we'd separated it more!

P.S. You are never boring.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! I would like to get goats because I am interested in making cheese, yogurt etc. etc! But, that may have to wait a while. I would really like to go to British Columbia also or anywhere in that area. It is so beautiful up there.

Hey Karen! thanks! ;)
I have been cutting the leaves off too and I think this makes the plant put it's energy into height and pods! I always think I've planted it far enough apart too!
Thanks for the offer on the hormone cream! lol! I went down to Honey n Spice in Trussville and bought a USP grade progesterone cream that I know is naturally sourced and it is working good. Been eating more miso and such also and I think this is helping.

Curmudgeon said...

Hey!(woe)man, I'm glad some of your woes have cleared up. I can't stick to one topic in the same paragraph. I have a couple articles in the works but I'm running out of ammo, I'm kinda rushing the last couple and it's obvious. There's one posted about driving but it's all over the place and needs work. About all I can grow is mold in some old carton of Chinese take out thats in the fridge. It's starting to scare me I think I saw tentacles the other day. Maybe I'll get some big tongs and take it out to the incinerator before it takes over the world. Went to Pikes peak cogway yesterday. It was snowin and cold. glad yer feelin better.

HermitJim said...

Looks to me as if your okra is poised to take over the yard!

Tallest I ever had was about two years ago, when it got as tall as the roof! Had to bend it down to harvest it. Finally started using a step ladder!

Even here I have to harvest off my plants almost daily, and I don't have but 4 plants!

Hope you really like okra!

Caroline said...

I wish my tomatoes had the ambition of your okra!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your feeling better. Those plants are amazing!

Floridacracker said...

Take a machete with you for protection and try not to piss off the okra.

Those are amazing.

edifice rex said...

Hey Dan! thanks! Snowing??!! that's wild.

Hey Jim! Fortunately, Jack and I both really like okra; fried, pickled, in soup etc.!! good thing!

Hey Caroline! I wish mine did too! lol! they are doing okay but not great.

Hey Molly! thanks! good to hear from you.

Hey FC! well, I actually have been cutting the lower limbs off, which i think makes the plant produce more pods and grow taller. But I keep my eye on them too. ;)

ErinFromIowa said...

I had no clue okra grew that tall! I love your rambling and informative blog! It must be comfortable to me because it is pretty much how my brain works. Rambling and informative. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hah. I love your ramblings. I can't even complete a sentence without getting lost, so sounds like you are doing fairly well to me. I even got turned around coming home from the beach yesterday. It wasn't too bad, got to see some things I've never seen before.
That is some serious okra? Made me itch looking @ it. All that manure put it in high gear!!! tammy

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Annie, I kinda like your blog as it's evolving. There's no "right" or "wrong" with talking about what you'e doing or what's going on in your live, etc. Grenville has never grown okra in the F&P garden - not a favorite. Great looking corn, as our had lots of rove beetles this year and Grenville is giving up on that crop! We're currently in RI on a 2-week road trip to visit our now 2-week old granddaughter. Drop in for a visit anytime!