Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reach A Little Further

Well. After about 21 years of trying, I finally created an art object that fully represents what I have seen in my mind. I finally... made the perfect mug. Now, as Jack has said, it really doesn't look much different than many of the other mugs I have made. Not to someone else anyway. But, to me it does. And when I pick it up, I cannot feel any error in it. Not see, mind you. Feel. I will not sell this one. This one is mine.
I suppose some would say that if this is a first after 21 years that I am being a bit too picky. Maybe they would be correct. Maybe not. Unless yo have a creative nature if is very difficult to explain to someone how most artists are not satisfied with their work. I mean, you can be satisfied with many pieces that you have come reasonably close to your mind's eye but it is a very elusive thing to hit it dead on. That's why many artists are so prolific; it's a constant struggle to get closer and closer to what you see in your head. It's like target practice with a bow or gun, except you are wearing a thin blindfold. You can see just enough to know what to create but you don't know if you've hit the bull's eye until it's completely finished.

I know also that in my building I am probably overly picky also. I overbuild. This is good to some extent and I'll let you in a a little secret. I do it partially because I'm lazy. Once that projects done, I don't want to ever have to fool with that again. As per many comments I have received in person and such I apparently came off as being a psycho, maniacal control freak in the post "Distant Early Warning". Now everyone I know if afraid to let me see anything they have built or even any drawings they have made for building. Let me clarify some things, please. I don't have any problem with people that don't know how to build. Not everyone in this life knows how or cares to know how. Or even could do it well if they tried to learn. Some people just don't have that talent but they have other talent. (Like making lots of money so you can pay a good carpenter! Ha!) What I have a problem with, and I tried to explain but I know I don't have the talent for explaining, is people that don't know how to build but present themselves as an authority to others. Now, I have a BIG problem with that and unfortunately, the Internet gives these people a very wide audience to spread their misinformation to. And even if they clarify that you should do your own research and such there are many people out there that make building sound overly simple, that if those dumb ol' construction workers can do it I can too or that they used to do a little house framing so now they know how to build a high-rise. Building is not rocket science but you do have to understand some basic laws of physics and geometry. I was only trying to say to please, watch who you get your advice from on these blogs. Be very careful about building anything exactly like you have seen it built on some website. A lot of these bloggers like to present themselves as the true Edifice Rex! (joking!) because they know you can't see their work in person. They know they would get laughed off a real job site so their blog is an area where they can pad their ego. You can't see the back side of that wall where their form blew out. You can't see that footing that cracked all to hell or their rat sill that rotted out because they didn't use pressure-treated lumber. They may occasionally tell you, "yeah, I made a little mistake" but if you notice, they'll never show a close enough picture for you to see how bad it really was. And, as I said, even watch what I do because it may not comply with code for your area. I have done things to my house, say, because of the threat of termites, that people up north don't have to do. If nothing else, some of these people will cause you to do a lot more work than is needed simply because they don't know how to work efficiently or do not know the products available. I have seen them pour walls (concrete) that took over a year, multiple pours and about twice the money simply because they didn't know how to form a wall correctly using the hardware available now that would have allowed it done all at once or two pours at the most. I want to make one other thing clear too: I was NOT referring to anyone whose blog I link to or who is a regular reader/commenter here. I would never link to anyone that I felt was misleading people, no matter how entertaining they are.
So, call me a hard ass or a smart ass if you want, but I'm looking out for you! Buyer and builder beware!


Sal in Maine said...

I WANT A MUG! 4 actually - please put up a sign when you have ones you think are good enough to pass on.

I create, spin, knit and dye yarn from my alpacas and let me tell you- if it isn't right no one else sees it. Ever. Never. Even if the mistake is so small no one would ever notice. I would know. So rant away- it falls on well-watered soil here.

Island Rider said...

Nice! I like that it is taller. But, the ones you gave me are my favorites. I am critical of my own work, too. It is nice when you have something come out that you can't find anything wrong with!

Pablo said...

I'll give you five dollars for that mug!

edifice rex said...

Hey Sal! Ooh, you have alpacas!! Cool! I bet your work is wonderful! I will let you know about the mugs! thanks!

Hey IR! yes, it is nice!!

Hey Pablo! Woooo, that's a tempting offer but..I think I'll have to keep it! LOL!!

Pablo said...

Okay, $6!

edifice rex said...

Now, Pablo, you're only making such generous offers because I said I wouldn't sell it! lol!! I can't be bought! HA!

Ed said...

What would a set of 4 mugs that are similar to the one pictured though with tiny flaws run a guy?

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! well, this size mug I usually sell for $12 each but I usually give a price break on sets (starting at 4) so, $45 for four. Plus, shipping.

HermitJim said...

I like this mug! A lot!

Looks like it would fit right in my hand just fine!

I do understand what you mean about chasing the elusive mind picture of what you want...been there and done that many times!

Keep on doing things the way you do! I respect and appreciate your talent!