Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, I turned in my notice at work last Friday. I'll work until this Friday and then I retire for good from construction. I'm not entirely sure if anyone believes I'm actually quitting but I guess they'll believe it when I don't show up the following Monday.
I'm having a real problem posting here for some reason. I mean, feeling like I want to post, not a problem with Blogger or my computer. I guess I'm not feeling like anyone is listening right now. Or that I have much to say. I'm not sure why...
I think I've just had a real anti-social twinge going lately. This is a really crappy, rambling post and I'm not even drunk. ha!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations :) Enjoy your time at home, and just give yourself time to decompress.


ErinFromIowa said...

Congratulations! Now you can get back to real living. Spring is here bringing hope and renewal.

Pablo said...

I'm always listening.

Your oldest reader,

ignatz said...

So glad you throwing in the towel for the hard labor of life at home with Chigger, Jack and the chickens, no particular order.....now you can make wedding plans?
I'm still reading, just busy outside now, too.
Spring seems to have sprung.
Congrats on entering a new chapter!!

Anonymous said...

Big decision, but I am sure the right one for you. You will be so busy with the house, yard and garden that you will move along quickly to this new phase of your life.
Best of luck. Peg on Vancouver Island
I read your post each time it appears, but don't always comment!

Ed said...

Congrats on your retirement! I look forward to your future posts in a life doing what you want, when you want. I'm probably still another 5 to 8 years out myself but I can see the light at the end of the work tunnel.

chickory said...

there has been a global blog lull. I havent wanted to post either - no reason really - just not into it.

Congrats on your big life change! i cant wait to see what all you do with the time. that place will be a paradise - well, it already is, but Im looking forward to seeing how you apply your talents in the future. I am listening even if I dont always comment.

HermitJim said...

I totally agree with your decision. Now you can enjoy all the fruits of your many labors!

Post when you feel like it. Those of us that are regulars will read 'em as you post 'em!

Only 'cause we love ya, understand?

Anonymous said...

Oh we're listening and waitingo on the next post. I check almost every other day and wish I were creative enough to blog. Shoot, if I could I would retire and I'm on my 2nd career. My current job, which I love is kicking my arse. I am not as creative as you with gardens and clay, so will stick to what i know, till I can no longer do it. Might have to live in a tent, but so be it.

Jen said...

I support what ever changes you make. I can't believe you are actually retiring from construction work only because you kick butt but I know there is a time for everything. I know someday I will be in the same boat. I want to make a go of it for at least 7-10 more years.
It will be so enjoyable for you, Jack and the critters to enjoy the days together. I may not always comment on your posts but I sure do like reading them. I hardly get any comments on my posts but I use it more as a personal journal, something to look back at and see what all has happened in my life.
Maya Angelou once said something that has always stuck in my head. In her words she said, "In life making a living is not the same as making a life." And she was right.

Congratulations on your retirement!

Jenn said...

Take your time.

Play with clay.

Feed the chooks.

Walk with Chig.

Be you.

The rest will follow, in it's own time.

Jane in Maine said...

Hoping for sunshiny days for you! And a good book to read on those rainy ones!!!

Tom said...

I listen. I have never left you a comment and I am sorry for that. I have been following your journey now for over a year. I commend you building your own place, farming, and raising your own food.I am a middle age man lost my job and a full time student.I have passed your blog link to family and fellow students they all love your site. Keep posting I love what you have to say. Tom

Floridacracker said...

I'm older than Pablo.
He tells me that every year.
YOU are one brave woman!

edifice rex said...

Hey Kathy! thanks! I intend to!

Hey Erin! thanks! yes, lots of hope!

Hey Pablo! Yes, I should know that...:) thanks.

Hey Page! thanks!! yeah, there may be some wedding plans in there too...lol!

Hey Peg! thanks! yeah, it's the right decision but I'll still miss it, silly as that sounds.

Hey Ed! thanks! yeah, you don't have too long!

Hey chic! thanks! well, there are big plans in the art works area...that will be my main concentration for a while.

Hey Jim! thanks! and I appreciate ya'lls wonderful support too. I have the best readers and love ya'll right back.

Hey Anon! thanks! well, I'm really just entering a second career really. Hopefully a successful one!

Hey Jen! thanks! I appreciate your kind words. She was definitely correct and now it's time for me to make a life. :)

Hey Jenn! thanks! sounds like a good list to me!

Hey Jane! thanks! I appreciate that.

Hey Tom! well, I appreciate you commenting now! and thanks for passing the link around; I'm glad you all enjoy the blog.

Hey FC! Brave? me?? lol! I always thought I was just nutty as a fruitcake! but thanks!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Best wishes, Annie, and sure you will not regret the decision to retire because now you will be working for yourself. And rambling is always a good thing.

Myamuhnative said...

I'm out here listening too.
We'll be out here on the interwebs ready to read whenever you feel like posting.
Make the most of that fortune cookie!

Curmudgeon said...

Yay! congratulations. I too have been unable to put up anything like funny material. I just blather or do haiku contests. Must be spring fever. Hasn't snowed in a couple week and I can leave the dogs out. About 60 degrees.

Capt. Jack said...

I don't post here often. Why post when I can yell across the room?

But, now at least, I can have someone here to keep my nose to that grindstone. It's not good to have to police yourself and think of things that need doing. With Annie's retirement I now have a hard taskmaster of a supervisor again.
Really; if you look at history you find that most people are most happy when commanded by a King [or, Queen in this case]. As Heinlein said in one of his novels, and I think it was Starship Troopers, most people would find it more easier to die than think deeply.
At last, I can stop trying to think deeply and leave all that brain stuff to Annie.

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks! I'm glad ya'll don't mind rambling because I tend to do it a lot!

Hey Mya! thanks! I'm going to try!

Hey Dan! yeah, you might be right; I think spring generally gives me a rambling/ wondering kinda mood.

Hey Sweetie! now, you're going to make everybody think I stand over you with a whip...lol! and as far as "more easier"...uhh.lol!
The Queen of The Universe is a kind sovereign though; you're in luck!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hope you are enjoying the freedom of having made a decision to move on such that the future is more open.

I think you would make a great teacher. Have you ever considered it?

I know the future will be full of surprises for you.

I have never had the verification feature on Blogger and rarely have I had a "spam".

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

You and I are really thinking alike at the moment Annie. I hope everything works just the way you want it to go, and I'm quite sure it will. I see some major changes coming my way soon also. Work is really getting in the way of life. Congrats and goodluck with things Annie.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! thank you. I have thought about teaching and I did teach welding for our company's apprenticeship program. I enjoyed it. I may offer welding classes for a few individuals here once I get a shop built.
Some blogs seem inundated with spam and then some don't seem bothered much at all. I don't know why the difference.

Hey Mark! thanks hon, I appreciate that. I hope things work out well for you too. Good to hear from you.

Rita said...

I feel less social right now than I have at any time in my life. Maybe life has just been to hard recently. Maybe that is the case for you too. I plan to keep to myself for a while doing all the things I long to do. And gradually get back out there be friendly and get together with my friends. There is a season for everything I guess.