Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rite Of Spring

Well, I guess I'm getting back into the swing of working at home. Doesn't take me long! I am horribly behind on many things though, due to being out of town so much these past 6 months. Last weekend I did manage to plant early spring crops. I planted yellow onions (Texas Sweet I think), purple onions (not sure what type), broccoli (Packman), cabbage (Flat Dutch and Savoy), cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Oh, I also received my new strawberry starts that are supposed to be for the south. I ordered Chandler and Eversweet. I put these in the raised bed and transferred my old strawberries to the beds that contain the blueberries and raspberries. I know there is somewhat of a difference in soil requirements there but I had so many old plants I thought, what the heck! I still have a ton so I'll probably end up offering them to a friend or so.

Grendal's had the spring fever too! So much so that she put aside her fear of Chigger and came out to the garden with me. She really enjoyed the sun. Here she is inspecting my planting technique. I did something a little different this year. I dug a trench to which I added composted chicken poo at the bottom. I then planted my starts in the row. Maybe it will work well.

Jack finished the asparagus bed just in time and I planted Jersey Knight. My order was not quite enough to fill up the bed though so I need to place another order! I can see little tiny asparagus spears inching their way up now. It's going to be SO hard not to cut nay of it this year. To the left of this bed we planted 2 bush type cherries. I might order a standard size cherry tree too; I don't know. We have lots of wild cherry trees here and they are very pretty but don't produce a fruit large enough to do anything with. The birds like them though.

The things in the cold frame are doing really well. Except that, this mole has decided he has quite a taste for spinach (Popeye the mole?) and is doing his best to eat all mine. Most of the time they never bother my crops but this one is a little crap. I need to dump something really stinky down his tunnel. That usually works well. The Swiss chard is going bonkers. We need to eat more of it.

Everything is blooming here. It's like life just popped out overnight. It just seems like this is the fastest I have ever seen things grow. I'm behind on starting my tomatoes and peppers and such but I'll try to get to that tomorrow or such. I'm still wary of planting too much now like that. With Alabama weather it could snow next week! Generally, Good Friday is our traditional date for setting out the hot weather crops so I'll wait until then, or so.

Well, all day yesterday was spent in Birmingham taking care of various business but I had all day today to start my pottery again. It looks promising. Seems there are just not enough hours in the day for all I need to do though. I've been enjoying sleeping in a little since being home but that may have to change! I need to be up at first light.
I am also going to try to reinstate my recipe a week posting. I never have shown ya'll my new stove and such, have I? It's so great to have a full size oven and eyes to cook with. Now to just finish the rest of the kitchen around it!


ErinFromIowa said...

Love this post detailing spring activities. I putter around with my houseplants. I do have a window box indoors filled with geraniums and ivy. Recently an odd seedling popped up. Come to pass it is a tomato plant! Asher had put the seeds of a store bought cherry tomato in the window box dirt.

Floridacracker said...

"... and eyes to cook with."


Carolyn said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, the brilliant colors - Eye Delight. Wow, spring has hit you hard. Looks like you are in a whirlwind of activity - makes me plumb dizzy AND desirous. That rhubarb, what intense color it is. I wanted one root yet $10.99 was a tad too prohibitive. I too worry of future coldsnap; this weather seems too good to last. I'm very happy for you Annie; to be able to rule your own hours now. Hurry and show us your new eyes, so I can lust; I need new ones too.

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you've put the old life behind and moving forward with the new. Life is like a book and it's time for you to turn the page. Make sure you make some of the platters like Ronnie bought, my wife let me know she DOESN'T have one! Whole family went to Tannehill last weekend, it was a madhouse! I plan to spend a lot of the summer up that way, see you then.


Ed said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your garden this year. With a possible move coming up in a few months, I didn't plant a garden this year so all I have are about a half dozen volunteer garlic from last year. I'm going to have to live out my garden fantasies vicariously through you!

HermitJim said...

Sure is looking good around your house and grounds!

Always something to do, huh? In one of those pictures, I can see Jack hanging clothes! Good training!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! I need to make some window boxes for the chicken coop. I think that would be cute!

Hey FC! Ha! I guess that sounds funny! I should have said burners. Growing up we always had an electric stove and Mama called the burners "eyes".

Hey Sissy! Thanks! I will show ya'll the new stove soon!

Hey Barry! I will certainly make several pie dishes so you can get your wife one! I really thought she had bought one for herself but I guess they were all gifts.

Hey Ed! well, we are expanding this year so you should get a good garden fix! I hope ya'll are able to find just the right house for yourselves.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks! yeah, Jack has always been willing to wash clothes and humors me enough to hang them out rather than throw them in the dryer. In that photo he was washing and getting my work stuff ready to go back and give me time to work in the garden. He's a sweetie.

Jane in Maine said...

Oh good for more recipes-I am addicted to your tortilla pizzas and also love your Churchill House Cottage Cheese Pancakes.Eliot Coleman has a great mole/vole trap that I saw online and built(I also tried your buried bottle method).Although in Coleman's trap, the moles/voles do die (he says it is instant death-which I hope for).

ignatz said...

Hey Annie, Welcome home and looks like you're right back into it full force. I think you may have a vole using a mole tunnel to get at your greens, don't think moles eat greens. Have you tried running your fingers along the route and collapsing the tunnel? We ended up putting wire mesh under some crucial beds because the moles here are like small kittens and traps don't work very often...it's a huntin' thing but it's bittersweet when you get one. LOVE the idea of window boxes on the coop, look forward to pics of your new kitchen appliances....I stumbled over "eyes" too but figured it out.
Happy growing.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jane! thanks! yeah, I've been meaning to do the recipe thing again for some time but spring, with all it's growth has inspired me!

Hey Page! You're right, i bet it is a vole. Oh I've collapsed their tunnels, throw garlic down the holes, etc. etc. etc. and a few days ago I flooded that little bastard with the hose. I think that may have actually got it. Haven't seen damage since. Chigger has gotten pretty good at digging them up but I can't let her in the garden to do so without losing all my crops! She's very enthusiastic. I should have put the wire in the bottom of my raised beds but just didn't think of it at the time. ugh!