Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fun

One of the wild cherry trees in bloom that I told ya'll about. The picture doesn't really do it justice. They are very pretty in person.

All the wild hydrangeas are opening up and leafing out. I love the early morning light illuminating their structure. I am fortunate to have tons of these on my property. Free flowers!

More free flowers! Jack and I spent a good part of last Sunday at my Mom's doing yard work for her. After all that was done we went next door to my grandmother's old house and dug flowers and shrubs. Very few of my grandmother's plants still exist (these were planted later by an aunt and such) but it's still nice to have plants here that came from her land.

My blueberries seem to be doing very well so far this year. The bushes have about doubled in size and are loaded with buds. The bees love them.

I can't help but imagine these ferns as stretching and yawning as they slowly wake up from their long winter nap.

Jack got the rest of the garden tilled for planting. I am way behind in putting the potatoes in but at least it's ready now. We are expanding this year so I'll show ya'll that later.

Jack has also been doing a little clearing around the creek bank so it can be seen better when you drive in. I plan on transplanting a number of irises and hydrangeas along here.

The May apples are blooming and I actually caught it this year. They are kind of elusive. Supposedly, they also produce a small fruit or berry but I have never seen that.

The chard is doing well; this is the Bright Lights variety and it is too. Very bright. I have a recipe for a wonderful frittata that uses this. I'll share that with you soon.

The figs are already making! Seems early this year but everything else has been. It took me a while to get fig trees established here but these are doing well now. An old friend of mine always told me you couldn't have good fig trees unless you had chickens. I think he meant chicken poo was good for the trees. The chickens do love to rest under the trees for some reason if given the chance, so maybe he was right.


Carolyn said...

Delightful pictures, Annie. and whoops, I thought that red stalked plant was rhubarb growing. Hope my chard seeds produce - I've never tasted chard. Your season is far ahead than here yet it is mystifying seeing spring exploding so early, isn't it? I love it!

Caroline said...

Everything looks so green and springish! Your chard is a feast for the eyes and the stomach, it looks beautifully grown. I will look forward to the recipe, my husband loves chard in any form.

Caroline said...
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Curmudgeon said...

I always thought that chard was dyed. Guess not.
This week's haiku is on eggs and you should have an inside track!

ignatz said...

You've got a little piece of heaven, Annie. It's so wonderfully obvious how much you love and respect it.
Thanks for sharing, you're waaay ahead of us. Our weeping cherry seemed to bloom one day and snow petals the next, such an odd spring.

edifice rex said...

Hey sissy! well, the red chard does look just like rhubarb. If you like greens of any kind you should like chard. It's similar to spinach to me.

Hey Caroline! I'll try to put that recipe up soon. It is very easy to grow and almost nothing bothers it here.

Hey Curm! no, it really is that color! eggs hhmm? I might can come up with something. lol!

Hey Page! yes it is heaven here. and yeah, a very odd spring.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, wonderful update on the garden and other projects keeping you and Jack very busy. Our garden is very small this year, only 8x10' compared to 5 full beds, then 3 the past few years. We're downsizing everything this year from our house contents to yard work.

Woody said...

Our spring has come very early this year too. We've had some record high temps for this month. I've already been out looking for my favorite morels, with no luck as of this a.m. You know I'll post some bragging pics when I fill my bag!

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks!

Hey woody! funny you should mention morels as I have been out looking myself. No luck here either. :(

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! not sure why your comment didn't show up; that has happened on rare occasions. Anyway, thanks!

Pablo said...

Looks wonderful all the way around! I'm glad you have the time now to devote to your garden. You deserve the best, and it looks like you're getting it.

Your oldest reader . . .

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! thank you sweetie. I appreciate that.

You're never gonna let me live that down are you? ha!