Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Drawing A Blank

I keep thinking I'm going to be able to come up with a story or something for ya'll but I'm just coming up blank here.  I guess I'm just tired when I finally get time to do a little posting in the evening.  I feel kinda bad for just continuing to put up the same (basically) ol' chicken pictures!  I do have some other photos but I am actually working on some type of how-to or such with those and don't want to put them up until I have the whole sequence.  Well, as far as the photo above, these are our girls now except for Prissy and Sheila, who are sitting on eggs at the moment.  And Blondie is there but just not in the picture.  One good thing is that Scooter has gotten old enough that Bertha and Bea, the 2 other Barred Rocks, have 'taken her under their wings' (HA!) and she hangs with them a lot now.  Bea is probably her mother so I was glad that they finally accepted her.  She even gets to sleep up on the top roost with them now whereas before she had to sleep on the bottom and get crapped on.

These little boogers are getting to be a handful!  We did lose 3, including the little tophat, but these seem very vigorous and healthy.  One died just about within 2 hours of the shipment coming in and the rest in the next couple of days.  Well, one died yesterday.  They just couldn't seem to get the hang of either eating or drinking or didn't want to for some reason?  The last one I tried so hard to get to drink but it just didn't seem to ever do it on it's own.  You can't really force them to drink or you can drown them so I tried dipping it's beak, holding water up to it, mushy food, dropping water on it's beak etc.  It would drink out of a dropper but I guess that wasn't enough.
Well, now the post seems kinda depressing.  Dang!  I got to come up with something else to talk about. 

This has been a very good year so far for berries!  Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and now blackberries!  These were some Blueberry Strudel Muffins that I made the other day with my blueberries..  Very good.  I think I'll have lots of fruit put up this year for the winter.  Lots of things are starting to come in now from the garden and so between that and caring for babies and working on the house there is just not much time or energy to put into writing.
It is very gratifying to finally be literally reaping the fruits of my labors of so many years.  All the tilling, composting, mulching, planting and on and on is finally paying off but then it like buries you!  It's good though; I'm certainly not complaining.  Maybe I just need to go out and blow off some steam!  I talked to a couple of my fellers from work last night and it was nice to hear from them.  We gossiped and chatted about this and that.  I miss having that many people to interact with during the week I guess.  So see, that's what ya'll are here for!!  Haha!!  Just kidding.  I just need to have some people over for a party or something.  Well, anyway, I'll try to have something a little different next time.  Maybe even something about the kitchen progress!  Which isn't much by the way.  Or one of you can give me an idea for a post or question to answer!!  Yeah!!


Pablo said...

We're a few weeks away from blackberries in the Ozarks, but the bushes are laden with them.

Carolyn said...

Um, I'm hungry now. Lucious muffins.

HermitJim said...

Wish I had started some berries around the yard! When we were kids, Mom and Dad would take us out to go berry picking! I can still almost taste that fresh cobbler Mom always made the night when we got home!

Those muffins sure do look good!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hey, nothing wrong with same old stuff as long as it's your stuff. The day to day living is what matters. Sometimes we don't think that our lives are interesting, but anyone who can work construction, make good looking pottery, raise chickens and grow delicious things and the cook/bake with those ingredients is doing pretty darn good in my book.

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! they are just barely beginning to ripen here! I see many blackberry cobblers in my future!

Hey Carolyn! they were good! lol!

Hey Jim! yeah, I always make cobbler if we have a good year of blackberries! man is it good!

Hey Bea! well, thanks! yeah, I guess everybody thinks of their own life as kinda dull but it is interesting to others that don't have the same kinda life.