Sunday, January 13, 2013

Carry On

Well, I've been trying to come up with a decent post to counteract the past few but honestly, things still aren't going that well.  I'm sorry for all the downer posts and I suppose I shouldn't even try to post much of anything until things improve but I wanted to put something up that didn't contain some horrible information.  I thought I'd just put up a few photos but I've even had trouble finding anything interesting to photograph due to the terribly dreary, rainy weather we have had for countless days lately.  So, you get chicken pictures!
The ladies, at least, are doing well and I sold one more rooster for a decent price so now we have only the one, Gaucho, and the girls are much relieved.

We've been having one of our southern warm spells so the garden has been doing well.  I've harvested all the main heads from the broccoli so they are now putting out the side shoots.  With 16 plants I can harvest enough side shoots at once to make a dinner for me and Jack.  The chickens did get in the garden the other day, somehow, and ate about 1/3 of the bok choy before I discovered them but that's okay.  I had been giving them a head every other day anyway so they would have more greens.

Chigger and I have been going on many walks lately, even in the rain sometimes.  I am very, very ready for spring to be here.  I lost my enthusiasm for the Christmas season so we cut that all short and took everything down well before Epiphany and I'm actually cooking our New Year's meal today, because that got put off too.  After this, I am ready for a new season; ready for springtime!  However, the rain is coming back and they are predicting showers and storms for the next 3 or 4 days.  And the cold is coming back too.  I wish we could at least get a little snow if it's not going to be spring.

So, life marches on and I limp along behind it until I can catch my breath and get to feeling better.  Jack and I took a little road trip to Atlanta the other day to pick up a load a clay and other supplies, so we have been getting out some.  I also bought a nice book on landscaping and have been pouring over that, planning some of the final gardens, walks, patios and such around the house.  Life will improve again but sometimes it just takes a while for the sun to come back out.


Sal in Maine said...

So sorry everything is so blue! It won't change what-all that's been happening but it sounds like one of those SAD lights might make you feel a little better- a little inside sunshine. And not to be a broken record but your mugs being me quiet joy every time I use one.

Jenn said...

Chickens are always good filler. They are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Not a bad post. An update so to speak. I think the dreariness of Jan. Feb. are just part of life. Everyone is feeling a bit glum. The days are getting bit longer. More sunlight will have you going full speed ahead.

pamit said...

Annie: I for one appreciate the "downer posts", as you call them. I think it makes the relationship we, your readers, have with you - more real (I hope that doesn't sound cynical). Anyway, I hear you about spring. We have had sub-zero temps here in Denver for the best part of a week, yet very little snow. C'mon spring!

Richard said...

Girl, it's time to start on the house addition. You know you always feel better when you built things...:-).

edifice rex said...

Hey Sal! you know, my brother just told me to get one of those too! sounds like a good idea. I have some grow lights in my studio now for some seedlings and that does make things a little cheery there. And I always love to hear people say they enjoy my pottery!

Hey Jenn! yeah, chickens help in many ways!

Hey Anon! true; most people I talk to now have the doldrums. I think this spring will be especially appreciated.

Hey Pam! no, that doesn't sound cynical; I know what you mean!

Hey Richard! oh I would love to start that! there's so much rain right now I wouldn't even be able to get a footing in though! lol! Plus, Jack says I MUST finish this first half completely before we start the other and he's right! I am really looking forward to finishing the kitchen; it's going to look great!

JMD said...

I am so with you about spring. Can't come fast enough. Been busy freezing in 12,14,etc. overnight lows. Yikes.

Nice fluffy chickens. Do you get many eggs?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your year did get off to rotten start, Annie, and gtruly sorry for your losses, but your faithful readers do understand and appreciate your honesty. Being in the dumps happens to most of us at one time or another and sharing can help. Yes, it's been raining a lot here too in VA and this is mud season for us.