Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well, we finally did get some snow!  I really had my doubts because it just kept raining but the temps dropped suddenly after noon and then it started snowing!  At times it got very heavy.  I tried to capture that in the photos but it never comes out that well.  It took it a long time to begin to accumulate because there was so much water everywhere still.

The higher areas had much more accumulation naturally; no standing water.  Chigger and I went out for a long walk.  It was nice but it wore me out.  I get times where I feel pretty good but if I do much I get really tired.  Just another wonderful effect of shingles.  Bleh.

We ended up getting about 3 inches maybe.  Not squat really but it was fun while it lasted.  The sun actually came out the next day and pretty much all of it has melted now.  We are supposed to have sunny, dry weather for the next several days and I really hope we do.  We really need it to dry out around here.

Chigger really enjoys the snow but I think she is happy with the sunshine and warmer weather too.  She and the chickens have been sunning themselves often the past few days.  It's kinda unnerving, after the hawk attack, to go outside and see a bunch of chickens and the dog laying flat out on the ground like they are dead!  But, after the first couple of times I realized what they are doing and it's kinda funny.  I admit I found a dry spot to sit and soak up some sunshine myself!


Ed said...

I'll gladly take any unwanted rain off your hands. Just send them up my way.

We had a dry winter in 2011/2012 followed by one of the driest years in 2012 and now we are having another dry winter that might rival 2011/2012. We have had less snow than you have this year! If things don't turn around, we may be the new Sahara!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Not much snow here and it 's all gone. We were asleep when it snowed overnight on Thurs...glad the rain is over for us too.

wolfek said...

The picture of Chigger surrounded by the brown leaves and snow is so beautiful!!

karl said...

sorry to hear about the shingles. being a virus I believe that elderberry syrup would help it end quicker. We recently used the last of ours that we put up from Missouri. It is so expensive at the health food store.

i hope it helps, it certainly tests well in double blind studies against the viral flu

Pablo said...

We could use any kind of precipitation up here in the Midwest. Glad to you got to experience the rare snowfall there in the deep south.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! Dang! I sure hope ya'll get some rain, or snow! I read about so many places needing rain right now that I kinda feel funny about posting our over abundance! Not that I can help any of it.

Hey Bea! Our snow didn't last long either but thankfully the rain is gone too, for now.

Hey Wolf! thanks! I liked that one a lot too.

Hey karl! you know,I didn't even think about elderberry! Doh! I've been using olive leaf which seems to be helping. thanks for the info!

Hey Pablo! well, I will certainly try to send some rain to you and Ed! I know ya'll have been needing it for a while now also.
We normally get about 3 or 4 snows each winter but they can vary greatly in amount. I enjoy them all!

emilysincerely said...

I giggled when I saw your dogs name is chigger. Now that is a Chigger I can love. I hope you are feeling better. I recently made an elderberry syrup using dried elderberries that I bought form Mountain Rose Herbs. Here is the link to the recipe.

Your pottery is BEAUTIFUL! Love love love it. I will stop back and read more. Thanks for commenting over at Not Dabbling in Normal.

edifice rex said...

Hey Emily! thanks for visiting and taking time to comment! karl had left some info on elderberries also; I think I'm definitely going to have to make some syrup from the many, many elderberries that grow wild around here this summer! Thanks so much for the recipe!
Thank you so much on the pottery also!

Survival Gardener, AKA David the Good said...

Very nice... the garden looks good even under the snow. Got some kale in there?

edifice rex said...

Hey David! I do have a little kale in the cold frame but need to work on growing more of that and learning how to prepare it in different ways.