Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When It Rains It Pours

Our annual winter rains began earlier in the week and hopefully, will end soon.  Just as I hope my run of personal misfortune ends soon.  I would have sworn to you that this rains only occur in the spring, March, April etc. but after checking back through the blog I see that it is actually right on schedule.  And exactly in line with Alabama weather, we are expecting snow tomorrow!  As I heard someone say once, Welcome to Alabama! Bring your whole wardrobe!

I must say the whole blog thing is handy for checking your memory if nothing else and I find more often than not that my memory is the one that is faulty.  There have been several times over the years here that I would have sworn to you that such and such happened but after going back and reading the actual account.......well, okay, so it wasn't quite the way I remembered it.  I have read numerous studies over time about just how faulty the human memory is and so influenced by our own personal beliefs and this blog has proven that to me more than once!

I've been a little worried that the chickens would get a little too close to this flowing water and be swept away but so far they are okay.  Well, safe from the water anyway.  I heard an awful screaming going on today and ran outside to see a hawk pinning one of my babies down on the ground.  I screamed profanities at him and ran out in the yard in my sock feet.  He finally flew away and I was astounded to see the chicken jump up and run towards me, diving under the deck for cover.  I was sure she was already dead.  She did suffer some serious cuts and tears but she was alive, albeit missing a good percentage of her butt feathers.

They refuse to stay out of this rainy weather but do hide under my truck during the worst of the downpours.  I am anxious to see what they think of the snow!
Oh, to JMD, yes, we are getting a fair number of eggs right now; around 8-10 a day.  Some of them are still kinda small but they are getting bigger.

And in keeping with all the wet, miserable gloom I have now developed a nice case of the shingles to go along with all the other crap of this new year.  I didn't catch chicken pox until I was an adult and Jack is not sure if he has ever had it, so I can't even mitigate my misery by snuggling with him for fear I will give him the pox.  I don't think I would wish shingles on my worst enemy.  It is very painful.  But, I guess on the bright side, my rash is fairly small and only on my shoulder area.

Only poor Scooter looked as miserable as I feel.  Not much is sadder looking than a soaking wet chicken with a gapped up head.

Well, I suppose I have vented enough for this post.  Maybe I'll be back tomorrow or the next day with some pretty snow pictures!!  Or maybe I'll just hide in bed for the next week.  It's a toss up!


woodysrockyridge said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Ain't nothing worse than feeling like the weather.

JO said...

Poor old hen. With the freezing temps here in I have been feeding the birds and they are eating me out of house and home. But to help them I have had a Harris Hawk her daily and am afraid to leave Fred on his beloved porch for sun. I know and understand this is natural and they have to eat too. But these are our pets.
Feel better soon.

Ed said...

My father got the shingles really badly in his 40's and he was out of it for over a month recovering. I hope you fair a lot better with your recovery.

By the way, when we used to raise chickens, snow never bothered them though the cold weather did. We lost more than a few birds because they decided to roost outside and froze to death. At least, that is how my memory recollects the events but like you said, I find that written records are more accurate than my head!

JMD said...

Since you told where you lived I can't guess but I would have sworn it was Oregon. Rain and more rain. The hawks have been in full force here in Arizona, plucking up a morning dove or a quail. Geesh, I would happily prepare a meal for them if they just would not eat our birds.

PS...That is a lot of eggs considering the price, who cares what size! ha and fresh is so much better. Best to the chickens and glad you rescued the one, wet socks or not.

Caroline said...

Shingles are just plain uncalled for! My youngest daughter had them at age 12, no fun. The only thing she remembers now is pain, and a patch on her stomach that looked like a map of Africa. Crazy kid.
Hope you are feeling much better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh No, on the shingles and the slogging weather. I 'm in South Al. rain, wind but no snow, thankgoodness.
Hope the shingles clear up soon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and yes we also have mud season here in VA and this week it has been constant rain since Sunday.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh NO!!!!!! Not shingles!

Ya' know, them mean shingles is often the result of too much stress...oh I hate this fer ya', Edi-Rex. I knows it be painful (had 'me across my face an' scalp a few years ago)! Have yore jack double up on immune boosting supplements, git lots of rest. Hope the sun is out soon.

pamit said...

We would love to get some of ya'll's water here in Arid City (denver). Think how beautiful your spring will be - only weeks away! Sorry that you're dealing with the pain of shingles, Annie. And good on ya for saving the chickie.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! tell me about it! thanks!

Hey Jo! thanks! yeah, I know the hawks are just trying to make a living and I don't try to hurt them but I'll chase them off any chance I get. lol! as you say, even my ol' chickens are pets to me.

Hey Ed! yeah, I do too! It looks like it is going to take a solid 2 weeks though to get over this. Seems like I remember we had 1 or 2 chickens freeze to death when I was a kid too.

Hey JMD! you would think it was the northwest with all this rain lately! I really dislike it but it is necessary to fill up the aquifers. I was very thankful to have rescued the hen too! and I know she was! lol!

Hey Caroline! thanks! yeah, it is terribly painful.

Hey Anon! thanks! they are beginning to clear up thankfully.

Hey Bea! thanks!

Hey Aunty! well, I have certainly had the stress lately! but it is getting better. and Jack has been dosing doubles too! He is a big believer in that! So far so good.

Hey Pam! thanks! yes, I think spring will be beautiful this year for many reasons. :)

Island Rider said...

I am so sorry. Hope things get better soon.

Robbyn said...

oh gosh, poor you!!!!!!! So so sorry about the rough ride and the shingles, my Jack sends his regards, too, for you both, and we'll pray for better days to be SOON

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! thanks! you've said those words a lot lately. :/

Hey Robbyn! thank you to you both! it'll get better soon.