Friday, January 25, 2013


 Once again I come to ya'll with the tired ol' excuse of  "well, I really meant to post again before now!" LOL!  I really did have good intentions and actually had something to write about but stuff just kept coming up and today has been especially long.  I'll get into that in another post.
At any rate,  I did have something I wanted to write about so we'll get on to that.  And yeah, I finally got this orchid to bloom again after 2 years of barrenness!  Yay me!!
I think ya'll may have gotten the idea that for the past oohh, 6 months I had been discouraged about continuing this blog and you would be right if you did have that idea.  I really couldn't put my finger on why exactly; I enjoy writing, even if just for myself and I still felt the urge to continue blogging in the back of my mind.  So, I rolled this over in my head for some time and then finally got distracted by all the crap happenings of this year.  As is usually the case, the answer then came to me after I quit thinking about it.  I've always been pretty fortunate to have supportive readers on this blog and rarely get the "trolls" that I have seen, or at least heard about, on other blogs.  I also publish all comments; I don't censor like some bloggers, so if someone is ugly to me, everybody sees it.  However, I seem to attract trolls in real life, some pretty nasty ones, and I guess I had just gotten kinda tired of being beat upon for advocating the hideous ideas of recycling, growing your own food, non-consumerism, independence etc. etc.  It seemed like every time I turned around someone was calling me an elitist, a snob, delusional, cruel and scary.  Now, I know I'm supposed to be Ms. Strongly Willed and Super Liberated Woman but sometimes anybody can get discouraged.  I have very few friends (in real time) that live like I do AND hold certain personal beliefs.  I know lots that beat me hands down on environmentalism etc. but we hit a wall on matters of faith.  I don't care what people believe in that regard but many today kinda sneer at anything that even resembles Christianity or a faith and can't resist giving their opinion on the subject.  For example, I had someone who I thought was a friend, tell me I had a mental neurosis because I choose to believe in God.  That was just uncalled for.  And conversely, most religious people I know find my lack of consumerism and recycling to be well,,, stupid..  Yes, I know lots of people who don't mind others with differences, thank goodness, but many people today apparently love to attack anyone who doesn't agree with them.  Our society fosters that type behavior in my opinion.  I think a lot of things I encounter also are the result of people assuming that because I hold myself to a high standard on my art, house and such that I will actually look down on anyone that doesn't fit my guidelines or do things the way I would!  Yes, I wish more people saw the importance of good local food (for example) but I really couldn't care less as far as treating people decently.  I simply feel that if I claim to believe in something I better back it up with action or my "beliefs" are not worth a hill of beans. So, I said all that to say I had just gotten sick of the BS.  Just figured it would be best to quietly live my life like I want to and keep my BIG mouth shut.
Then, lo and behold this week I was making my blog rounds and saw several other posts about the importance of people interested in the same things that I am sticking together.  For the exact reason that real life can be...discouraging, shall we say, "weird" homesteading/ sufficiency bloggers must stick together and provide an environment that fosters our ideas and lifestyles.  Green living and that sort of thing is becoming more and more popular but, by and large, we that actually attempt it to any real degree are still waaayy in the minority and often ridiculed in 'real life'.  Now, as I have been told, there are much better references, blogs, etc. for info on gardening, green living etc than my blog but hey!  I'm in there!  I have a few ideas and experience and I have a renewed desire to show how I do things and encourage others to step away from the box.  To realize that you don't have to live like most of society, if you don't want to, and that there are others out here that share those ideas.  That there is a real, ultimately fulfilling, rich life contained in simple living.
So, I will endeavor to persevere, as Jack likes to say, and extra brownie points to anybody that can tell me where that saying comes from! LOL!  And don't worry, I still intend to post about just the silly things in life and maybe some old work stories, travel and stuff like that.  Even though I'm an ol' married woman now I still have some fun stories to tell.  Speaking of such though, I have noticed I have a number of new followers lately so if anybody has any questions about any part of my house, gardens, animals etc. or would like me to post on any particular subject please feel free to speak up.  I welcome all comments (even anonymous ones!), suggestions for posts and all that and really do try to respond to all.


David Cobb said...

I for one am glad you will keep blogging. I enjoy your post. Darcy and I are new to this. As I told Mistic Mud, their blog and yours
is where us newbies Learn. So hang in there. As for Darcy and I your writings are read and looked forward to.

Sal in Maine said...

Yay! Annie's gonna beat 'em AND join 'em! So glad you are feeling more positive about blogging! We are slooowwly slogging towards more sustainable living and you are an encouraging voice that cannot be done without!
As for the saying- it was was one of my grandfather's favorites- although he and Jack are a solid generation apart, possibly Jack was a military man at some point?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Well heck with all those other folks, Grenville and myself are glad you plan to stick around, Annie. We enjoy your blog and while we may not practice as much self sufficiency as we would like to, we do try to be respectful of what we have and to try and use things wisely with as little waste as possible. By the way, the saying was quoted in the Outlaw Josie Wales movie and I believe many other places...and do brownies come with the points as they are one of Grenville's favorite treats.

JMD said...

I have noticed the less than kind replies on other blogger's sites also. I personally find it amazing. If one is so unhappy with the message why bother? Some people just need to get a life and maybe start their own blog and leave everyone else alone.

Glad you are sticking around.

ignatz said...

Glad you hear you are going to keep on keepin' on. I look forward to all your posts, grumbling or gleeful.
On another note, have you tried mushroom logs? Looks like you have nice areas for them. I've recently discovered the joys of fresh gourmet mushrooms, oysters and shitakes so far. yummmmmmmmy!

Rita said...

Annie, we have felt the same type of things here in our area. Many are strong in their opinions, attitudes. They'd like to tell somebody off and it just might be us as we are passing by them. I like the way you live and the information you share. I learn more everyday on how to live in the world we have now rather than the way I'd like it to be. So thankful you have decided to continue on.

edifice rex said...

Hey David! thank you so much! I really appreciate that and am glad that ya'll enjoy my postings.

Hey Sal! thank you! I really do hope that I can be encouraging.
Jack was in the Marines as a matter of fact but not sure if the saying has military origins.

Hey Bea! Yay! The Outlaw Josie Wales was what I had in mind! How about a good brownie recipe?!!

Hey JMD! thanks! Yes, I find that most people who are so ugly to others about something like that are very unhappy or feel guilty for not doing more themselves; misery loves company you know. It still can be discouraging.

Hey Page! thanks! I have thought seriously about mushroom logs but didn't know if they were really cost effective. They seem fairly expensive for what you get. Are they?

edifice rex said...

Hey Rita! thanks! yeah, as I was telling JMD, I think SO many people are so unhappy today or know down deep they are not living how they claim to be and they want to take it out on other people. I never have understood that.

Richard said...

Romans 5:3-4, Hebrews 10:36,James 1:12.

That's a start...:-)

JMD said...

I read a blog about a couple that were young, paid cash for their home and had no debt. You should have read all the nasty comments. Go figure? I for one wish I had been that smart especially young. Sort of like shooting the

ignatz said...

The jury is still out on cost-effectiveness of 'shroom logs but it's most gratifying to find yummy surprises that saute in butter and make the world feel right. I went to workshop in Berea and learned how to innoculate them, thanks to Gin for that connection. The workshop included a couple of logs and I got some more AND the people that taught us are wonderful. I can send you a link to their site if you wish. Have to hunt it up, it's here somewhere....I am not Miz Techno.

Caroline said...

I look forward to reading your blog at the end of my day at school. You do things I would like to be able to, you show me a part of the country I don't live in, and you show me springtime when the ground is frozen solid still in South Dakota!

Robbyn said...

I love that you're you and hate that there are real life trolls under your bridge at times. But so glad you're still here and writing :)

Ed said...

Right on!

I was going to say Josey Wales but I see someone beat me to it.

edifice rex said...

Hey Richard! Yep!

Hey JMD! yeah, that kinda thing just boggles my mind; I've said it many times before. smh.

Hey Page! yeah, if you can find that link I'd be interested. I know some folks not far from me that could teach me also; they are very nice and into all that stuff.

Hey Caroline! thanks! I love your photos of where you live too!

Hey Robbyn! thanks! but I axed those trolls and they don't bother me anymore!! lol!

Hey Ed! Yep! I figured that one would be pretty easy!

JO said...

I don't comment much but I am here. I posted a picture of a luncheon I had here a few weeks ago with all the dishes you made me and other pieces I picked up along the way. Everyone loved the dishes.
Keep up the blog it is alwasy worth reading.

Jenn said...

Please do not cast your eye on the times you are not here posting. Certainly we don't.

Just say 'hi' and regale us with your bits and pieces, observations and insights.

Always good to hear from you. And glad to be part of your community.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! thanks! well, I'm glad you still read and so glad you are enjoying the dishes too.

Hey Jenn! thanks! glad you are still here too!