Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bits And Pieces

If you are squinting at the shards above thinking, "hey, that looks like mashed up pottery", well then, you' be correct.  If you've been thinking lately as you read this blog, "hey, this just seems to be random babbling not really connected to anything", then you'd be correct about that too.  Of course, my blog has always been that way so nothing new there really.  I do have a number of projects going on lately that I will blog about when they either get further along or I get more time.  Such as the reason for the photo above. 
I have not felt the best in the world the past week and I wonder did that crazy "super moon" have anything to do with it.  I know that sounds ridiculous but seriously, I have read studies that indicate the gravitational pull of full moons do affect people and how they feel.  I didn't sleep worth a crap all the nights that thing was full and that is very unusual for me.  Did anyone else notice feeling "off" the past few days?
Anyway, just a quick post to see if there was anything in particular that ya'll would like to see a post about?  I know when I ask this it usually doesn't get much response but I just thought I'd ask.  Any questions about anything?  Want to see any pictures in particular?
I do keep a short list of possible blog post topics by my computer but I'm always open to suggestions.  My readership seems to have changed so much over the past year that I'm not sure who is still even reading anymore and what ya'll might be interested in.  I know I'll keep posting about whatever I feel I want to but you know I've expressed in the past that I like for this blog to be a 2-way conversation when possible.  I'll admit to being a tad discouraged about things in general also.  At times when I go out and travel some and I see how many people just don't give a rat's ass about so many things or how people live lives so very different than mine and it makes me feel SO much like an oddity that I tend to withdraw.  I think no one wants to hear my crazy rantings or how I do things.  I feel isolated.  That's funny.  I feel even more isolated when I go out around people.  Hhhmmm.  Hadn't really thought a lot about that before.
So, what's up with you people?  Anything interesting?  What are your thoughts for today?


Coffeefreek53 said...

Ya know, I have not slept well either, didn't think about the moon. I enjoy your ramblings! It's always nice to see different topics, critters, flowers, pottery, the work on your house.

ErinFromIowa said...

Off the top of my high school ceramics classes experience they are things that didn't pass muster. You broke them up to...memory bank depleted.
How are your green beans doing?

pamit said...

What kind of wildflowers are you seeing in your woods? Trillium, mayapple...probably late for those. Another topic that comes to mind: how are Alabama folk feeling about the Voter Rights and DOMA decisions of SCOTUS?

JMD said...

I meant to leave a comment about your trip to the caverns but was in the middle of melting in the heat. Beautiful and informative.

I enjoy whatever you post about, keep up the good work.

Jane in Maine said...

Oh boy, if only I lived close I would come and scoop up your shards and throw them on the beach to become beautiful sea glass/pottery.I was at the Fiestware factory in W.Va. this past Feb. and viewed with much envy their about 1/2 acre of shards.I think about you and your blog just about every Sun. nite when we chow down on one of your recipes-Churchill House Cottage Cheese Pancakes.Take good care-

Sissy said...

A particular post, you say? Yeah, "the future of those shards". My head conjures several happy uses.

My apology not commenting much - you can't read my mind, can you? Thorny days for some time now, and I mostly have little opportunity to read my favorite blogs. Never fear, I'm always here, never ever missing one of your enjoyable posts. Count yourself lucky; I get no comments.

I'd love to stroll your place; it is looking/growing/getting better all the time. Unfortunately, my strolling days are finished.

edifice rex said...

Hey Coffee! thanks for your input!

Hey Erin! The green beans are finally doing well. They got off to a slow start and I had to replant about half but I actually harvested some yesterday.

Hey Pam! Yeah, all those wildflowers are gone; now we have the black-eyed Susans, wild hydrangeas, bee balm.
Most I have had contact with are very happy about the DOMA ruling, which I'm sure is a surprise to many. In fact, here is a very sweet article that was in the paper today.
But, keep in mind I know a lot of folks in the art crowd and they tend to be more liberal, southern or not. Yes, I have seen a few ugly remarks from some conservatives but not much. Personally, I don't see where the government has any right to control anybody's marriage.
The Voter thing has not gotten near the press here and what little I've seen most people seem confused about whether it was a good thing or not. Some say things will actually be more equal now and some bemoan the ruling.

Hey JMD! thanks! maybe ya'll will get a break from the heat soon. It is godawful humid here.

Hey Jane! Oh, I bet the Fiestaware place was cool! I'm glad you have enjoyed that recipe so much! We have them every so often too and always enjoy them.

Hey Sissy! I'm so sorry that things are not going well for you. I've had a few bumps in the road lately myself and it can be very discouraging. I always read your new posts too and enjoy them.

Pablo said...

I keep reading and enjoying everything you post about.

Your oldest reader,

Sal in Maine said...

I pop in every day to see what's new and comment occasionally, but never fear, I love reading what you and/or Jack/Chigger/kitty/house/chickens/garden are up to! I always love seeing pictures of growing things and travel but I continue to be most interested (and envious of) your house projects and pottery!

Baby Sis said...

I read you every day, and love your variety of subjects. Pottery shards? I would love to have a whole piece of your pottery, but shards and broken pieces of old flowerpots I place in the bottom of newer ones - holds the dirt in, but lets the excess water flow around it and out. My "garden" consists of four pots of peppers and a trough of mixed herbs ~ life in the big city.
Please know that your ramblings are appreciated and enjoyed.

MyamuhNative said...

Huh.Life has been a bit unsettled lately but I didn't consider the moon until you mentioned it.
We always noted a difference in full moon nights in the Emergency Rooms.
Even had a film crew try to interview us once about the "full moon effect" in hospitals . ie: much busier those nights.

I like the looks of those shards!
I have been wanting to make a mosaic birdbath for years.

Rita said...

Must have been something to do with the moon. My daughter is on vacation for a week so we decided dinner out and a few stores in a larger town would be fun. Not so much! 3 of the larger stores were filthy I mean grossly so. Then off to dinner the place opened at 4 on Wednesdays and we were hungry and really looking forward to it. I live in the northern midwest. Only two other couples in front of us and the place was empty. They wanted to seat us at the bar and we did not want to be. So...even though the place was nearly empty they sat us right under the speakers and the music is always very loud there. In fact, it was so loud and we were to tired to complain. Ate what we could put down a tip and left. I could still hear the music in my sleep. We won't go back. Really enjoy the peanuts before the meal. We might email the head office and see what they say about how rude the staff was. We wish we had stayed home. :(

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I know you do and I appreciate it very much. You know, I was thinking, I think technically Karen (Rurality) is my oldest reader because she is the one who shared my blog with everyone to get me started. Hhhmm. Well, that is if she is even still reading here! lol!

Hey Sal! thanks! well, I'll have some house and pottery posts very soon i think!

Hey sis! thank you! I do the same thing with my broken pots! usually ones that never made it to be glazed though. Sometimes they crack in the bisque fire and they are good for pot screenings.

Hey Mya! I've had various family members who were nurses or police etc. and they always said ERs were very busy during full moons. I did make a mosaic birdbath once but it fell apart! the concrete bowl was cracked and I think that did it.

Hey Reet! I have a group of girlfriends that I go out to eat with occasionally and we have noticed that many restaurants we go to lately are just often not busy at all. Even good ones. People just are not going out like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Well I never sleep when it is heading into a full moon. Always happy when they are done. Very restless.
I used to work in the hospital. I can promise you, more births, stabbings and shootings. People seem a bit off balance, fall and hurt and break themselves into pieces some times. Worst long wk. end of call I ever worked was a Memorial Day wk. end with a full Moon in La. Those folks love to party anytime. YOu might have rake tines in a foot or a butcherknife in the back. Just never know. My life is mundane now and I tend to like it like that.
The heat along the coast with the humidity is taxing everyone, and summer is just really arriving. Some days you win some, some days you lose some, and other days you get rained out.
Tammy in Lower Alabama.

Jenn said...

I'm still here.
Still interested in anything you do with the house, the pottery (you gonna play with mosaics? you're halfway there with those lovely shattered bits!)

I'm saving up pin money to buy some more dishes from you...

edifice rex said...

Hey Tammy! yeah, I bet you got yer fill in the hospitals. lol!
It's awful humid here too but it has let up a tad today and hopefully tomorrow. Good to hear from you.

Hey Jenn! Yes, I'm going to make mosaics! in fact, should have a post about that soon.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

While it is hard to gauge what folks will be interested in reading on a blog, I feel the most important thing is to be yourself, Annie. It seems too many folks regard blogging as a social outlet to get as many comments as possible and to an extent I understand. It's hard to find time to read and comment on all posts of all those I read and I confess to not leaving comments all the time which doesn't mean the post was not enjoyed, just short on time. Thanks for the diversity you present and sharing your life.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Forgot to add that it,s a bit too hard and can be time consuming to get the code right to post a comment. It took me 3 tries to get it right the last time and folks with poor eyesight would really have a tougher time...just saying that could also mean why folks would choose to read and not comment.

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! Yes, I get that some people do not like the word veri or might have trouble with it. However, I have not seen really any drop in comments since I put that on there and the deluge of spam was too much. People that want to comment still do!
And as I say, I write about whatever I want and always will but I just like to ask occasionally if anybody has a specific question or would like to see something in particular. It is not a plea for comments or affirmation of my blog, it's just an attempt at reader involvement I guess.