Sunday, June 16, 2013

June Hymn

The strawberries are winding down quick but the raspberries are picking up their slack in a big way.  I'm getting a lot more of the black ones this year than last but I think the red ones will pick up mainly next month and go until fall.  I'm not really working on preserving any raspberries in jam or such because honestly, they just don't make it that far.  In fact, many of them never make it to the house even.  I can't help it!  They make a wonderful breakfast.  Besides, I put up about 8 half pints of strawberry jam and it looks like we'll have figs this year after all, plus peaches and all that.

The asparagus has gone sort of wild!  It got so out of control I finally had to rope it in with some baling twine and tie it off to the fence, just to be able to walk unhindered anywhere around the bed.  I need to remulch it and fertilize it I guess.  I want to have a real good crop next year!

The rest of the garden is doing pretty well although we got a late start this year due to the extended cool spring.  I kept waiting about setting the tomatoes out and even then we got a frost the night after I finally put them out.  Figures!  So, everything is a little small but we should have a good long season and still harvest plenty.  Actually, I'm glad the maters are not ready right now as it gives me a little more time to try to churn out some pottery before the canning season really begins.
Jack just came by and wanted me to point out how weed free everything is.  We got a little behind on that chore too but he busted his butt the past week getting all that back under control.  Now I must finish the weed barrier and mulch everything good before the grass has a chance to come back.  It's been stormy here all afternoon or I guess I'd have to be out there now instead of on this 'puter.  Well, we kinda needed the rain anyway.  I think we've had to water the garden maybe twice so far this year.  I don't like to do that unless it is really, really needed.  I think too much watering makes the plants weak and dependent on such.

This is a new (for me) variety called Golden Jubilee.  I can't wait to taste it.  I love yellow tomatoes.

We may even have a few grapes this year!  This poor vine had been neglected for a couple of years and might have already produced if I had taken better care of it, so I am trying to work on it and get it and it's companion going strong.  They both got a good does of fertilizer last year and this spring, plus a good bit of chicken poop!  I think this is a seedless white or pink.  I can't quite remember.

I harvested all the broccoli heads and am just about to harvest all the side shoots that popped out afterwards.  You can get a good many even after you cut the main part.  I will probably then pull these up and I am debating now what to put in their place.  I also have a few cabbage that need to be cut and that area cleared for another crop.  Possibly an acorn squash that Daddy Rabbit shared seeds from.

The iris and peonies have all gone but the lilies have taken their place and are putting on quite a show, along with the chamomile and a few other miscellaneous flowers.

This is some native bee balm that I transplanted down here to the driveway bed.  Jack amended this bed over the winter with much chicken poo and these darn things are well over 4 feet tall!  I've never seen bee balm get much taller than 2 feet out in the wild.  It's one of my favorite wildflowers but I really wish I had that dark red variety in addition to this one.

The daylilies are doing well, as usual.  Not much gets them down.

Hopefully I'll have some house pictures to share with ya'll in the next few days.  In between the garden and pottery and all I'm trying to really get started on tiling the fireplace wall and completing that part of the living room.  Then I can have those bookcases made and start on the kitchen tile.


Caroline said...

Those little black raspberries are what we up in the Champlain Valley always call blackcaps! They make the yummiest jam, a specialty of my mother's. People think they have been given a gift of summer sunshine when they get a jar for Christmas! She always fights the orioles and robins for the crop, but it is worth it, they don't stand a chance against a determined 89 year old lady who is going to make jam, thank you.

JO said...

The berries look so good. Everything looks so healthy and happy. Great garden. I just love all the flowers too.

edifice rex said...

Hey Caroline! lol! that's great! I bet that is some delicious jam too!

Hey Jo! thank you! everything is doing pretty good this year.

Sissy said...

Wish I could say the same about my garden beds. My asparagus also reached for the sky - never before. Strawberries doing nothing! Only thing thriving are the weeds I call my lawn. Of course, my horse Snapper is in the shop again and again. Ready to throw the towel and give up on it all. I'm fully tired, shocked with old age woes; oh no, what's for tomorrow, I wonder.

pamit said...

I love beebalm too. We also have a native variety here in CO that is lavender-ish, but I agree that the red ones are more attractive! Love the pungent herbal scent of the leaves..

Great garden pictures!

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Oh, I'm sorry things are going so badly for you. I've had those times too. Sending goods thoughts your way for better times.

Hey Pam! thanks! It's even hard to find that red beebalm at nurseries here. I may splurge and order it. :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our strawberries are just about done, but noticed some new blooms today, so just maybe more coming. Your raspberries look great! Our few veggie plants are doing well, but only blooms so far.

Rachael Miller said...

Our strawberries are just coming on, but we won't have enough this year to put by. I envy your raspberries; our chickens eat more than their share.