Sunday, June 02, 2013

Long Days

Still here folks.  It's been some long days lately of trying to get some pottery orders finished while working around doctor visits and the occasional social obligation.  I did finish the job in Birmingham so that is good and has helped greatly.
I have an appointment scheduled Tuesday for a MRI, so I'll be back with more information then.  Don't worry, (or rejoice) I'm not dying, but I have found out some long sought information as to the whys of many of my health problems.

The Indian Pinks (spigelia marilandica) have done well this year so I thought I'd show them off to you.  They grow wild here but I would like to corral them all one day to make a nice grouping in a flower bed behind the house.  They enjoy the shade there.

OH!! Hey!!  I hope my readers in Oklahoma are all okay!!  My prayers go out to you all and I am hoping you were not affected by the tornadoes and all is well.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The Indian Pinks are lovely and so delicate looking, Annie. Hope the medical visits bring answers and peace of mind.

Sal in Maine said...

Answers are GOOD! Hope there is a fix as well- sending positive energy south!

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! thanks! well, they have brought answers at least!

Hey Sal! well, there is no fix. but there might be some therapies or such to help.

Anonymous said...

I saw this article today, where Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) came before the senate and spoke,

"Right now, American manufacturing is struggling to fill 200,000 vacant positions. There are 450,000 openings in trades, transportation and utilities. The skills gap is real, and it’s getting wider. In Alabama, a third of all skilled tradesmen are over 55. They’re retiring fast, and no one is there to replace them.

Alabama’s not alone. A few months ago in Atlanta I ran into Tom Vilsack, our Secretary of Agriculture. Tom told me about a governor who was unable to move forward on the construction of a power plant. The reason was telling. It wasn’t a lack of funds. It wasn’t a lack of support. It was a lack of qualified welders."

I thought of you :) Here is the article.


edifice rex said...

Hey Kathy! that was a GREAT article! thanks for sharing with me. I've always liked Mike Rowe and that just further enamors me with him! lol! He is very, very correct though.

Caroline said...

I've never seen those Indian pinks, you sure can't beat that red! I can see why you would want to corral them in a garden bed for a blast of color.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I hope you get your medical problems sorted out. I always think of you as fit and healthy.

It has been quite a while since I visited our blog. No excuses. As I look back through it I must say your home and farmette has taken on a very well established settled look. I admire at all that you have done.

edifice rex said...

Hey Caroline! Yeah, a large group of these would be awesome!

Hey Philip! thank you! when I look back at how it used to be around here and how it is now it is very satisfying. Lots more to do but I am happy with the progress.
I've always thought of myself as fairly healthy too so this recent news has got me down a little. But I'll keep going!

Floridacracker said...

Hey Annie!
I hope the MRI haves you useful info and things improve. Beeeutiful flowers by the way.