Friday, June 14, 2013

Girls In Their Summer Clothes

Our little Easter Egger chicks are getting so big!  They are growing into fine young ladies so I thought I'd show ya'll a few pics of them.  They are so pretty I thought I'd name them all after old-time movie starlets.  This would be Marilyn.  She is the only all-white one.

Marlena.  Of course, with that beard going there maybe they are ol-time movie starlets after menopause.  Heh.  Marlena is my favorite I think.  So pretty and she is quite a character.  None of them are very friendly but she will come up to you at least.  She squawks if you pet her but will not run away usually.  It's like she just tolerates your presence.  lol!  I can't wait to see what color eggs they all lay.

I think the one in the background there is Audry.  So far they are still in their own pen, separated from the big girls.  We'll mix them after they get quite a bit bigger.

Of course, I had to throw in a shot of my girl Chigger.  She loves to scratch her back on this ol' nandina bush for some reason.  You know, I just realized that we do not have any male animals of any type here.  Well, except Jack.  Hhmmm.

Just gimme the bread crumbs and nobody will get hurt........Actually, that's Missy and she is a real sweetheart.  Just real nosy.  Her sister Susie loves to jump in my lap for petting but PeePee, one of the Sussex, has learned that trick too, so here she will come running and flop down next to Susie in my lap.  It pisses Susie off so much to share any attention or petting she'll get mad and leave.  Hhmm, maybe that's PeePee's strategy because she'll stay and just about fall asleep if I pet her long enough.


Allen Thrasher said...

You didn't name one Tallula!!??? She was an Alabama girl from Huntsville.

HermitJim said...

Some pretty ladies there! Maybe it's time to get a rooster...!

Anonymous said...

It takes a good bit of estrogen to balance that testosterone!!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed reading about your naming for these chickens, Annie, and HermitJim has a good suggestion, but I wondered if there might be a reason for not having any males around, speaking of chickens that is.

edifice rex said...

Hey Allen! I thought she was from Mobile? well, I have 6 all together so there is room for more names!

Hey Jim! oh no, we've had plenty of roosters and that's why we don't have any now! lol!

Hey Anon! well, you got a point there! lol!

Hey Bea! yes, there is a very good reason for not having any around! I like for my girls to live in peace and Jack can't stand the noise!