Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dream Baby Dream

As a very heavy snowfall blankets the world outside, I am in another season and the sun beats down instead.


Sissy said...

10 inches of the white stuff fell here. Just moments ago passed on by. Beautiful, yes but I with everyone else ready for green and sunny growing time.

Ed said...

When I saw the preview photo of your blog in my blog list, I was wondering where you got all the nice vegetables at this time of the year especially after your post a few days ago of your garden covered in snow. Then I opened up your blog and saw that it was only a magazine picture. Dang! My mouth is still watering though.

JO said...

I would gladly send you some sun and warmth if it was possible we setting records for high temps I am not ready for all this heat. Are we ever content with our weather?

edifice rex said...

Hey sissy! We got about 5 inches; which is pretty fair amount for us. Sun's out now and it's melting pretty fast tho.

Hey Ed! lol! yeah, i wish these were mine. Jack bought Baker Creek's big seed catalog for me and I've been drooling over that.

Hey Jo! Oh, I always content with hot weather! Honestly I love it; never complain about that.