Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seven Year Ache

This post has been edited:

   Well, I didn't really expect some of ya'll to be filled with that much anticipation for what I was going to post today...I'm afraid it may be somewhat anti-climatic.  The big deal is my 7 Year Blogaversary!!!  and I was posting a bunch so that today's post would be my 1,000th post!!  Yay me!!!  I guess.  I had hoped to space my posts out a bit over the past couple of weeks until I hit 1,000 but the spinal tap and all that mess left me unable to post even pictures.  So..I had to get it all in this week!  Ha! but I did it. 

As I have mentioned a few times before, I started this blog just to document building my house.  Some friends wanted to see, since it was a passive solar and I was doing it myself, rather than contracting.  My first post was just a short one about getting the driveway put in and then it just sorta grew from there.  Many bloggers have talked about the role of ego in keeping a blog going this long and I wouldn't really deny that.  I mean, you have to have some kind of self-confidence or something to feel people would want to read about your life.  I think the fact my blog has never become uber popular, or even a little popular (lol!), does well to keep my ego in check though!  Same as in real life, I never fit in with the defined crowds.  And possibly my subjects are just too broad.  It doesn't matter though because I like what I write about.

I've learned a great deal about life and people while authoring this blog, just as I hope you readers have learned something valuable from me.  I've been very fortunate to have never (knock on wood) attracted the trolls like some other bloggers do or have.  People can be vitriolically hateful.  Yes, I have received a few very mean-spirited comments over the years but nothing compared to what I've seen others go through over nothing basically.  People can also be wonderfully kind and supportive though, even to others they've never met, and that fascinates me.  I've also learned, or had it re-enforced maybe, that not everyone is going to like you or agree with you all the time.  It's best just to shrug it off.  There a few other bloggers that I admire who would never have any association with me, no matter what I did and that's life.  I'm thankful for those of you who feel you have something in common with me and let me know occasionally.  I've also learned it's okay to sometimes look like an idiot.  I mean, who cares?  As I've said many times, if some of the crazy stuff I write about gives somebody a laugh or makes them feel better about their own mistakes then it's all good.  And I can laugh because I know that I haven't written about even half of the subversive, loony crap I've really done in my life!  haha!  Hey, life is meant to be lived.

So...who knows where I'll go from here.  Hopefully, you all will one day see me completely finish this house!  I mean the whole 9 yards, dog-trot, 2 part house.  I feel that I will be back to work on the house before too long and can continue to give you all some good info and maybe some inspiration for your own projects.  That... has been my main motivation all these years and it thrills me to no end when I see that that has happened for some of you.  Most everybody can do much more than they first think they can.  It is all nothing more than one little step at a time.  You just have to remind yourself of that every once in a while.
Some folks have asked about the results from the spinal tap and my health etc.  The tests results all came back fine.  I don't have meningitis or Multiple Sclerosis.  I don't have cancer, brain tumors or any contagious communicable disease or virus.  Well, I have actually had another bout of shingles but that's not what I mean.  All my internal organs are there and mostly functioning well.  I have in fact, begun to feel a lot better.  The horrible brain fog and fatigue is much relieved.  Now I'm just in pain.  But I can handle that much better than stumbling around like a zombie barely able to walk down the driveway and back.  Dr. Nabors is still hanging in with me (as far as I know) and is deciding what direction to go next.  So we'll see.

So...for my coming blog there anything ya'll would particularly like me to post about, show photos of or otherwise expound on??  I know I ask this occasionally and don't hear much back, and that's okay, but thought I'd ask again regardless.  Oh, and I am still working on the "word" posts!!  I haven't forgotten.


HermitJim said...

Pretty good age for a blog! Congrats, my friend!

Glad to see that some of us are sticking it out for better or worse!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Happy Blog Anniversary, Annie. It's quite an achievement to still be hanging in when lots of bloggers seem to quit over time. We too are sticking around and glad to read that you will too. While we don't have any specific topic suggestions, a readability request from me would be shorter paragraphs. Sometimes, it is difficult to read a single long one. Thanks for asking.

ignatz said...

Congrats on the blogstone but I must say I WAS expecting something a bit more exciting....Don't get me wrong, I am glad to know I will continue to find your words in front of thinking of topics but it's a little early for that....more coffee, more ideas. I KNOW there are things I can learn from you, just don't know the right questions. Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Whatever your desire to say/write about is fine with me. I always enjoy your posts and have learned much about surviving from reading your blog. Independence is a trait we all should know about.

Got a good chuckle from the picture above!

A Train Wreck, you say? I blush with guilt.

JO said...

I can't believe I missed so many posts. Well maybe because I have been driving myself insane with the desk top trying to make it work again so I can upload pictures to my blog.

I'm happy to hear those tests worked out well. I know you had this problem before the chickens but do you think it has gotten worse? I'm sure you have mentioned your passion for growing your own food and your love of the chickens just have to ask could it be something in the manure? Just grasping at straws for you.

I love your snow photo's they are beautiful.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thank you! yeah, I'm very happy that ya'll choose to hang around.

Hey Bea! Well, you have to excuse my confusion because I have done as you asked about paragraphs ever since you first mentioned it. None of my posts since then have been one long, single post; I've broken them all up into smaller paragraphs. ??? I don't know what more you want me to do.

Hey Page! well, I'm sorry I disappointed some of ya'll! lol! I know it's really no big deal but when I read comments later I was like...uh-oh. lol!

Hey Anon! well hey, that's fine with me. I know when i put stuff out here, however crazy it is, that it's going to be read. If it helps by entertaining or making someone else feel better about things or themselves then it's all good. Glad you have gotten soem good info too.

Hey Jo! Uh-oh! hope you get your laptop working correctly.
Actually, your suggestion is something Dr. Nabors considered even though, yes, I have had this problem for way longer than I've had chickens or lived here. I was tested for cryptococcus (sp?) infection also. That is a bacteria that lives in soil everywhere and can cause a lot of problems. Obviously, people that garden or such can get it more readily than others.
Glad you enjoyed the photos!

Sissy said...

Well sheesh! Maybe this third try will be corrected.

Well done! Happy 7th Blogversary. I've probably said it before but yours is the very first blog I saw and began reading - loved it. Read it from very first post up through the current one; almost two years worth. I remember praising your talents to my brother who is also very talented with his building projects. Heck I told everyone about this amazing "construction WOMAN" down in Alabama.

You helped me a lot starting my own blog. Thank you again, Annie.

In future I would love for you to take us on a complete tour of your house and grounds! Every niche and corner of it all - big job but I might as well wish BIG. Also wish you had a video camera. Actually, I'd like to tour it all in person; guess that's out of the question though with my physical condition. I'm humiliated that I can't even keep up with the dirty dishes anymore.

I too love that picture of the black cat. LOL, perfect remark, yes.

Sure hope your health climbs to a perfect 10; spring is almost here ...almost, even though I have much snow; my hope is high.

texasann said...

Annie -
Even though I'm a day late, please know that I also enjoy every one of your posts. I love the chicken pics and stories of the ladies, and your pottery makes me drool. Just keeping up with you and your house and life makes me feel like we are friends - by long distance. No suggestions, except maybe more pottery pics when you are up to it again. Just keep on plugging, and I'll keep on reading..

Ed said...

Congrats on 7 years! Very few people make it that far. In fact, I can remember when I found your blog the first time and added you to my daily reading ritual and you were the new one. Now, all those blogs that I read before yours have almost all disappeared. Most haven't blogged at all for a year or two and have probably stopped altogether. I'm almost to 11 years of blogging and I've seen lots come and go, most after just a few short years. I hope you have another 7 years of blogging left in you!

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! glad you have enjoyed it all! A tour of everything would be a big chore but not impossible! Actually, it's rough for me to inspect all of my land, some of it being very steep and kinda mountainous. However, I have plans to soon hike it all to relay out my property boundaries and corners so maybe I can take lots of photos and document the whole thing. The house is easy! it's so small!

Hey Ann! good to hear from you. I am actually working on some pottery now, albeit very slowly, so maybe I can have some new pics up soon.

Hey Ed! well, I hope I have 7 more years of anything left in me! lol!
Wow, 11 years! I don't guess I realized you had been writing that long. That's great. I suppose I'll write as long as somebody will read.

ErinFromIowa said...

Congratulations! Toot! Toot! Since you are taking requests I would love to take a little tour of your ceramics studio. In case I haven't mentioned it my zonal geraniums window boxes have started blooming. Spring is on it's way!

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! Wow! geraniums blooming!
Ok, a tour of the studio sounds doable...and I just did a semi-good clean up so that's a plus!

Island Rider said...

Good to know it is not MS! Congrats on 7 years. I enjoy reading no matter the subject. Just good to be a part of your life, even virtual!

Rue said...

Hello, and thank you for your blog. I have been reading it for a couple of years and always enjoy it no matter the subject. I feel guilty sometimes because I read you and don't blog myself, and want you to know that I appreciate it. I am seventy years old and have several health problems and a husband with Parkinson's so my days are pretty full (or maybe not full enough sometimes) :D
I hope your health improves and you can get back to the jobs you love to be doing.
Sending good thoughts your way!

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! thanks! and yes, it's very good to know it's not MS.

Hey Rue! thank you very much for your comment and good wishes. I'm sorry to hear about you and your husband's health issues. One of my uncles had Parkinson's so I can understand some of that. Best wishes to you and I'm glad you enjoy the blog.