Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine

This valentine is for YOU!!  All of my wonderful readers that have stuck with me through all the years I've been here writing.  Or, most of the years anyway.  You've seen me through sickness and in health, richer and poorer, although mostly poorer.  You've celebrated with me in the best of times and mourned with me through the worst.  Heck, I may have a longer relationship with some of you than I do my husband even! Ha!

Seriously though, there's a lot of you that have continued to read my crappy, little blog for a long, long time and I can't express how much I appreciate that.  Even if it hasn't been that long that you've read I sincerely thank you all.  Thank you for all the comments, the encouragement and condolences.  I really, really do appreciate you taking a moment of your time to communicate with me; I can't emphasis that enough.  There have been many a time when I was really down about something or just wondering if I was completely loony or wholly narcissistic to continue to write this blog and somebody would leave a comment about how much they enjoyed my posts and maybe it encouraged them to try something new or something they didn't think maybe they could do.  That sort of thing just makes my whole month!! forget about just a day!

I must also confess I have felt really bad that I have not been able to give ya''ll as good a post this past year as when I was actively building my house or whatever.  I know a lot of people come here for 'how-to' or DIY kinda stuff and I just haven't been able to put it out there because I haven't been doing it myself.  Or able to even come up with the brain power to write about something relevant to that subject.  I have been feeling much better in some ways this past week so I hope to be able to get back to those type posts soon.  Or at least something of usable information, not just me rambling on, although I know that can be entertaining simply in the 'train wreck' kinda category.

I know over the past couple of years blogs have kinda fallen by the wayside for a lot of people, although there are still multitudes being published.  I have even cut back on the number I read myself.  Many, many bloggers I started out reading are no longer there.  *Ahem* Karen*cough*....Lots of them just kinda disappear with no explanation.  Not that they owe anybody one but still....I often catch myself thinking about a few.  Wondering how they are, if everything is okay for them.  And that's the funny thing about blogs and readers of blogs.  I think you honestly grow to care about some people though you've never seen them in person, or maybe never even seen them at all.  I have grieved after finding out some of my blogger buddies have passed on.  Ye Old Furt comes to mind.  He didn't comment a lot here but when he did it was usually pretty funny.  You will never know how often your kind words have brighten my day or helped me grit my teeth just a little longer until the pain could fade away.  I also apologize if I do not comment enough on your blogs.  I try to but I sometimes fear my humor or such might be taken wrong or sound stupid.  You know how it is.  So, as Erin from Iowa once said, I love you all in a non-creepy, non-touchy sort of way.  Haha!  I will never forget that Erin!

I know a lot of bloggers claim to have the best readers but they're just foolin'...I have the best readers!!


ErinFromIowa said...

Aww that made me tear up a bit. I am spending the evening with my grandson. His mom sent a text asking if I wanted a date for Valentine's Day. I said sure! He needs to be freshly showered and bring Gyros for supper. I do have standards you know. Lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm still out here and still read each of your blog posts as they are made. I started reading because you were a single woman doing interesting projects and documenting them; but I continue because I have "gotten to know" you and enjoy reading about what you are up to (in good times and bad). I feel as if I have an Internet friend even though I'm not one of the prolific commenters (and don't have a blog presence myself). Thanks for your blog.


Anonymous said...

PS: I should add that I meant "single woman" as in "independent, capable, happens-to-be-solo (at that time) woman." Not because you were "available" or etc. Should have worded that better.


woodysrockyridge said...

You're a good neighbor-by-wire. Happy VD!

ignatz said...

Here I am again reading your words with interest and wondering about you and your health and happiness. What's the Saturday news? Are you pregnant? Hee hee, wouldn't that be a helluva surprise. Seriously, curiosity is killing the kitten.
Happy Valentine....I also hesitate to comment because it sounds "off" sometimes, weird sense of humor I guess....maybe on your wavelength.
Love to you and your the Erin way.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! I hear ya! I would have added some hummus with those gyros though! lol!

Hey R! good to hear from you! oh, you worded it fine! thank you for your comment and readership.

Hey Woody! so are you man! hope ya'll had a nice Valentine's day!

Hey Page! pregnant!?? lol! that's a good one! I shall update on all of that shortly!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Annie, what a heartfelt and wonderful Valentine's Day message. Count Grenville (Pat) and myself (Dorothy) as among those who enjoy your posts, even though we don't always post a comment. Like yourself, I too have wondered about folks who suddenly stop blogging with no explanation because we do come to care about folks, even if we have never met except in blog-land. Know that you would be missed, so please keep on posting whenever you can.
We too are awaiting the surprise news.

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! well, I'll keep on going as long as I can! glad ya'll enjoy the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm still here! Just not so much in blog form. :)

And of course I still read yours, but sometimes I do get behind... like now, LOL.


edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! oh, I knew you'd probably be along at some point!