Monday, March 24, 2014

Gone Daddy Gone

Gone walkabout.  I'll see you when I see you.  Take care everybody.


Anonymous said...

I'm not good at "reading between the lines," so I'm not sure if you are heading out on a fun road trip, or maybe stopping blogging for some more "getting away" purpose. Either way, I wish you the best and will be happy to read you again when you return.


edifice rex said...

Hey R! oh sorry, I'm didn't mean to be cryptic. I'm kinda doing both I guess. Just need to get my head together. I'll be back!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the follow-up to the previous comment, Annie, as I too wondered if you were gone for good or just taking a break. Glad to read that it's only a temporary break. See you when you return.

ErinFromIowa said...

Taking the opportunity to say if a walkabout brings you to my neighborhood you better visit me! Hope your break brings a shower of positivity and relief from the frustrating ins and outs of unexplained illness ....or as I like to call them... ailments,bursitis and lumbago. Lol

Pablo said...

Don't spend too much on me!

edifice rex said...

Hey Bea! Yeah, I just needed a break.
Need to have a little fun for a while.

Hey Erin! Oh, I would if I came up that way! not sure that I'm actually going to walk very far or not though! I like the term Lumbago; I think I'll just use that from now on.
My lumbago is actin' up. lol!

Hey Pablo! I'll try not to!

Capt. Jack said...

Its probably going to be the beach. Thats all I'm been hearing lately. But, not just the beach. It has to be in a tent.
I'm all for camping and such; long as its in at least a Hampton. Annie needs to talk about the last time camping was tried. But we did learn for that one. I think. I'm going to make her spend at least one night in this tent, in the front yard. And, choose a night with rain. Oh, I'll be inside watching over the house. Hee Hee.