Monday, March 03, 2014

Slow Like Honey

The watercress that lives in the overflow of my spring is loving the warm/cold/warm /cold/ warm again weather.  I guess it's sunny and warm enough for it to start growing but cools off again before it starts wanting to bolt.  It has been in this sort of perpetual green but not blooming state for weeks now.  When it starts blooming it gets too spicy for me to eat.  I often forget about it, especially if I'm not in frequent moods for salads, but it's a wonderfully nutritious green and I'm lucky to have to grow here naturally in such abundance.  Wonder if I could sell it to some of those fancy-smancy restaurants in Birmingham??

So, I am feeling better but I can't say I have a lot of motivation for writing lately.  I don't quite understand it.  The brain fog is mostly gone but my thoughts flow only slightly faster than molasses.  I sits and thinks a lot.  But sometimes I just sits.  I do have a strategy of my own for correcting this and I'll let you know how that goes.  For now it just seems I've had the wind knocked out of my sails and the breeze just doesn't want to pick back up.  I will also probably remove the pottery page from my blog here.  I am producing a little pottery but I hurt so much at times and never really know when my back and hips are going to cooperate so, I think it's time to stop taking orders.  If people want to buy the stuff as I'm able to produce it, that's fine, but I hate to make people wait so long for a product.

In regards to that, I've been thinking about what else I can do, when I'm not up for pottery.  Most people assume that ceramics would be like my first love but that's not true really.  Sculpture is what I really enjoy.  It's just easy and faster to make money with pottery.  So, maybe I'll finally start doing a bit more sculpture.  It is actually easier on me because I don't have to be bent over continually or sitting down.  I'm also looking into maybe more drawing and photography, so on that subject I have a question for you!  If you have a good SLR type digital camera that you really like, what kind is it and why do you like it?  Conversely, if you have had one you don't like or it didn't meet your expectations, what was it?  Thanks!


ErinFromIowa said...

That watercress is amazing. I bet you could indeed market it.
I feel for you Annie. I had to... and still do... determine what I am able to do based on my physical condition at the moment. That is mentally healthy, realistic and forward moving on our part. One of my NEW to me hobbies is knitting. I am amazed how many positive attributes there are to knitting!

Ed said...

I've probably eating watercress before at a fancy smancy restaurant but it certainly never made an impression on me. However, I would love to have a salad bowl growing outside in my yard. I loved those days when I had a garden out the back door full of salad greens.

I have a five year old Canon Rebel T3 which is a pretty good camera. It replaced my 35mm Canon that I had for over 20 years and I've never had problems with either. I like them because you can get a huge variety of lens that fit them, they are really simple to learn the basic functions that take excellent pictures but are complex enough that you can get really technical and creative with them. I am in the process of creating a time lapse photography rig to attach to mine to try and take some time lapse videos for something different. I can't really think of something I don't like about it.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I have had various camera going way back to the days of 35mm SLRs with interchangeable lenses and then digital SLRs also with interchangeable lenses. I tended to favor Pentax cameras, but have also owned a Canon digital SLR. The Pentax equipment was definitely lighter and sometimes less costly than Canon. But, it seems a matter of preference.
You could also forgo a camera with interchangeable lenses and get a point & shoot model with a long zoom, Canon and Nikon make some good ones. The advantage would be not having to buy so many other lenses and then to not have to carry them around, which does get tiring, trust me.

JO said...

I have the PowerShotSX110IS by Canon I have had this camera for a few years and I love it. Sure I would love the bigger one but it isn't in my pocket range. And like Beatrice said they get really heavy. I have sold a great many of my pictures at craft shows and to a resort and they have been used in their rooms. I have had a smaller camera and I can't remember what it was maybe because it took such bad pictures. I also have the Kodak 12megapixels 5x its ok for close ups and I don't use it much sorry I bought it.
I do my own printing on a Kodak printer I preferred over the HP.
You post some really great pictures now Ann so maybe that's your next hobby. Good Luck in what ever you choose.

edifice rex said...

Hey Erin! You know, I have tried to learn knitting and I could do a little bit of crocheting, but those 2 things are just something I really can't get the hang of. lol! I have thought about picking up embroidery again; I always enjoyed that.

Hey Ed! Well, you are the 3rd person to recommend the Canon Rebel, so I'll have to look into that.

Hey Bea! Well, I have basically a point and shoot now with a fairly long zoom but it's just not quite the quality I'm looking for. I worked for several years as a photographer, back when it was all film, so I have done the equipment toting thing; it can be a hassle but I don't intend to get quite that complicated with it.

Hey Jo! thanks! well, I have a little history in photography and do enjoy it. I have one of the versions of the Canon PowerShot too and I really like it; it's a good little camera. I was just wanting something maybe a step or two up from that.