Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Feel A Change Comin' On

Of course, it's not really hard to, given the warm weather and all the things blooming now.  Oh, I'm so happy for warmer weather.   I fed a lot of my bulbs with a good dose of bone meal and they are all doing really well this year.

The girls are so happy too, to have new grass springing up to munch on.  Just in time because I had pretty much ran out of any greens to give them.  We got down to bare bones this winter.

Tons of blooms everywhere but nary a bee in sight.  That's just a very bad sign.  I saw a few honeybees a couple of weeks ago, right before everything really started to open, but now that there is actually something for them I haven't seen any.  I remember when I was a kid, you had to be very careful walking around any blooming tree because the bees would be swarming them so thickly.  I had hoped the bees would find some refuge on my land, since I don't spray any of those ^&*&#@!@&**(*!!  chemicals that are killing them but I guess they are just getting hit too hard everywhere else.

I also had a wonderful firing last week.  Everything came out great.   It takes me a while to get up enough work for one load so I think I'm probably going to revamp things in my art.  I think I've written about this before though.

I basically only used 2 color schemes on this last batch and was very pleased with both.  I'm gonna keep it that simple until I run out of those glazes and then probably start a whole new design and look.

The girls recently enjoying a very warm and sunny day in their dirt bath. 

I am feeling pretty good, body wise, these days but still working hard on trying to restore my motivation and energy for things.  I think I'm making progress but it's slow.  I knew it would be rainy today so I worked all day yesterday in the garden and got the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage planted.  Some taters also but I need some more.  Also planted sugar snap peas.  That's a new one for me and I like to eat them but some people let them mature and use the peas as chicken feed and that was one thing I wanted to experiment with.  The green onions, lettuce and spinach I had previously sown are coming up now.  I am quite anxious to have some fresh salad makings.
I also got the asparagus bed topped off with new soil and mulched good.  It'll be a while before that starts coming up though.  Very anxious for that too!  Sorry for the lack of garden pics but by the time I thought of it each day it was already too dark.

Once I get my brain to working a little better I plan on having some more informative posts to put up.  More than just, hey, I did this and here's the chickens doing their same ol' thing. LOL!   Hope you are all having a nice weekend.


Sissy said...

Happy you are? So am I. The spring signs give me hope, motivation. Everything turning lovely here also. Pottery looks nice too, Annie. Keep improving your health.

Kenneth Price said...

Love the "hey, here's what I'm doing and here are the chickens," narrative. Keep it up. The pottery looks great. I've always favored the earth tones. Wish they had taught me at UofA how to make these ceramics rather than the "art creations" they emphasized. Waste of a year! Pet a chicken for me!!

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! Great to hear you feeling good! thanks; I am persevering!

Hey Ken! thanks! we were lucky at Montevallo in that they swapped each semester. One semester was with one teacher that taught functional, next was with another that taught more abstract. Then, in the higher classes you focused on what you wanted to do.

HermitJim said...

Looking more and more like Spring over at your place!

I really like those pics of the girls enjoying the dirt baths! Reminds me of kids, ya know?

pamit said...

Great is very sad about the bees. Now they say bumblebees are catching the diseases that are killing the honeybees. Maybe you will need to get your own hive started? But it would be awful to do that, then have the hive collapse.

JO said...

Is that a Dogwood tree with the flowers? Haven't seen one in ages and the white and yellow daffodils are so pretty. Pottery came out really nice.

Kristin said...

My blueberry bushes and peach trees are in full bloom but rather than the normal loud buzzing that is usually emanating from the area it is silent. No bees in sight when there are usually hundreds! It worries me even more to know that it isn't just me that has noticed it.

edifice rex said...

Hey jim! oh yeah, they are very much like kids! especially when it's time to go to bed! lol!

Hey Pam! We have talked about having our own bees but it would have to be Jack's thing. They freak me out too much!

Hey jo! thanks! that is a plum tree. The dogwoods won't bloom here for another month or so.

Hey Kristen! I know. I go out and look every day but nothing yet. It's very distressing.

Anonymous said...

I had put out new sugar water in my hummingbird feeders and some honey bees showed up a few weeks ago. There was nothing blooming. They were pretty docile and I know there are some hives maybe a mile from me. I think they were hungry. Lots of wildflowers and trees blooming, not seeing them. It is sad, viruses, mites, colony collapse. Maybe some will show up soon.
I like the chicken talk.
Tammy in L. Al.

molly said...

And here I am saying come on Winter, I have had enough of our Summer lol. So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better :)