Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Funny How Time Slips Away

Well, earlier today I had come up with a topic I wanted to post about, and had even half written the post in my head, and now I can't remember most any of it...Funny how thoughts slip away too.  I've read that chronic pain can cause immense bodily and mental fatigue, and that would explain a lot!  Then again, maybe I'm just getting old!  Nah!  I'm not old.  I just got here yesterday!  Or so it seems sometimes.
Once again it is the fall season and I can't believe summer is over.  I do know one thing; the older I get the more I dread cold weather.  And I don't even live where it really gets cold, although last winter was fairly stout.  The girls are loving the falling leaves though, as you can see above.  Jack raked up some piles of leaves near the house and they have spent the past couple of days spreading them all back out again!  I actually planted a shrub and a few daylilies that had been sitting on the deck for ever, so ZuZu was just ecstatic.  I could barely plant anything for her jumping in the hole or on the shovels full of dirt as I was trying to move them.  She's a sweetheart though.

Here is Chigger in her vigilant watchdog pose.  She's actually pretty alert most of the time but the warm sun on a cool day and the fact she had spent most of the night barking at deer finally got the best of her.  She was out like a light.

Heddy (on the left) was kinda put out that the older hens ran her off from the Feather Fixer grub.  Not all of them like that stuff but the ones that do go after it like it's chicken candy.  Bertha slurps it down so fast I kinda have to watch her and make sure she lets some of the other hens have some.  I think she's got a major addiction going on.  But, if they are that needy of protein and it makes them feel good I'll go get some more.

Things are slowly changing around her for fall and I've noticed a bunch of these mushrooms all over the place.  I believe this is a turkey tail mushroom but you can correct me if I'm wrong.  This one was probably about 8 inches across.

So, some of you may have noticed I changed a few things on the blog.  I did delete the pottery page because I just am not producing crap right now.  Not that anybody orders anything from this site but just in case.  Some days I hurt so bad I can barely sit down at all.  I'll even eat breakfast and lunch standing up.  And then some days I can sit for a while and I'm okay.  Still hurts but not as bad.  So, it makes it a devil of a time to sit and throw most days.  I got another restoration job so I've been making more money in that area anyway.  I've been thinking I may just take a break from pottery for a little while.  I have come up with a couple of new glazes I like but other than that I'm just not feeling very inspired in that area right now.  It's been my experience that when you get like that to not try to force it.  Just go off and work on something else for a while and I have a list of other things I need to do.
Basically I've just been biding my time and trying not to hurt so much.  Waiting for this next MRI and hoping and praying that it shows something and they can fix it.  Who knows?  I've got to find a solution somewhere though.  Jack is going to Texas next week to visit with family but I won't be making the trip with him.  Ya'll know how I like to travel but I can barely make it to Birmingham and back these days, so driving half way across Texas is certainly out of the question for me.  Such a bummer.  We haven't even been able to do a road trip around here in a couple of months or more.  Sorry to gripe about how I feel on here so much but I don't really have much elsewhere to let it out.  Jack is very supportive of me but I don't like to complain to him all the time. 
Well, the bed is calling me so I'm gonna wrap this up now.  Need to stand up anyway!  Hope you all are doing well.


Ed said...

Well maybe your forgotten post can this time keep on slippin' slippin' slippin' into the future so we can enjoy it in the days ahead!

It is amazing at how I do that too when away from the computer. I compose a post and have it all ready and then that evening when I have time to type it out, I completely forget about it.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! oh, I'm sure it will show up at some point in the future!

JO said...

I think letting the pottery go for a while is a good idea. Sometimes we need to move on to something else and then all of a sudden something new comes to mind and we go back at what ever we let go.

Hope they find something fixable in the MRI. Being in pain all the time is no fun at all and gets really frustrating.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! I hope so too! this is getting to be a real issue. I think the break from the pottery is a good idea too. I need to simplify things right now.