Thursday, October 23, 2014

When You're Alone

  While Jack has been enjoying his family trip to Texas I've been remembering what it's like to live alone.  I've spent a great deal of my life living alone, so really, it's a comfortable feeling to me.  Like that favorite old sweater that's worn enough that you don't mind spilling something on it.  That's not at all to say I don't miss Jack, just that I keep myself pretty good company.  I guess a lot of it is just what you get used to though.
I've also found that this time has something of a meditative quality to it.  Maybe it's because my body is forcing me to move at a slower pace, I don't know, but it's not a bad feeling.  Or maybe I'm just trying to come to grips with the constant pain.  Either way I've been enjoying myself to a great extent.  Jack normally does most all of the animal care now, so it's a new thing to me to have to get out there and let the girls out, get everybody their breakfasts and tend things during the day.  I like being able to just take my time doing chores and in the order I feel like.
Because of the rural area where we live I can go days without speaking to another human, if I try and I think that lends to the Zen quality of things.  Of course, I talk to the girls.  I mean, who wouldn't?  And they are very chatty themselves.  Sometimes I know what they are telling me and sometimes I just go along pretending.  Chigger and I go for several walks each day now that it has gotten so much cooler.  To be a short-haired dog the hot weather really seems to bother her.  But let it turn cool and she is a puppy again.

I had hoped to do some work in the kitchen while Jack is gone but not sure that I'm going to get to that.  I am doing some fall cleaning before the house is snugged up for winter and it's better for both of us if I get that done while he's gone.  I think he gets a little nervous when I start deep cleaning.  And don't worry Jack, I'm not messing with any of your stuff!
I finally got a few things planted in the garden yesterday and am using a new system this year, which I'll show ya'll soon.

Well, my brain is sluggish today so that's all I can come up with right now.  I hope you all are enjoying some of this fabulous autumn weather like we are having.  Anybody else do a fall cleaning as opposed to or in addition to spring cleaning??


JO said...

I don't know if I could ever live with anyone again. I am so used to my own ways and not having to respond to anyone. I talk to myself and I talk to Fred who just cocks his little head from side to side wondering if I have finally lost the last of my marbles. LOL
But taking it nice a slow is the best way to go. Can't wait to see what you have planted.

Fall cleaning comes is small spurts just like the spring one. I did manage to steam clean the carpets but they need it again. Just take it easy.

Pablo said...

I have two long-haired dogs, so I'm pretty much doing constant cleaning, not designated to a given season.

Sounds like you're living your life, which is more than most people do.

Sissy said...

I get less and less accomplished as each day rolls by. What my mind conjures up to get done next day while I doze off at night tends to become another broken promise to myself. I'm overwhelmed by this getting old and my useless self.
What's worse, the youngsters think I'm lazy (and refuse to lend a hand). Not so! My mind works at top speed. LOL

Hulling a gallon of walnuts and insulating the outside spigot (nice job/work, Sissy) was the extent of my efforts yesterday. See what I mean?

Um, uh, do you know the symptoms of Sleeping Sickness? Ha Ha. I drag about with drooping eyelids and dizzy-do sunrise to sunset.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! Yeah, I think if I outlive Jack, he will be the last person I ever live with.
My fall cleaning is kinda in spurts too!

Hey Pablo! well, that's a good point about cleaning. One reason Chigger lives outside.

Hey Sissy! Oh, my family has told me I'm lazy my entire life! I just try to ignore it now. I think shelling a gallon of walnuts is a pretty good bit! ugh!
Have you looked into the possibility of sleep apnea?

Ed said...

I lived for many years by myself and got very comfortable living that way. But two kids and ten years later, when they all leave for a couple days and I'm home alone, the silence is deafening and takes some getting used to again.

HermitJim said...

I like being alone, although I do spend a lot of time checking on Mom.

Over the years I've found that if you like yourself, living alone works out pretty good! Of course, the cats do what they can as far as keeping me company.

Sissy said...

Hulling, NOT shelling. No power behind my hammer now, so some lucky squirrel may benefit.

Yeah, a sleep apnea test failed. The tech said I didn't sleep long enough to get a result. Ha Ha Ha.

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! I guess in that situation it would be a drastic difference to be alone!

Hey Jim! Yeah, if I didn't have Chigger and the girls to keep me company I would probably not enjoy it quite as much.

Hey Sissy! haha!!

Sixbears said...

Hi. One of my blog readers recommened that I add your blog to my blog list.

I've done so and hope to come back here often.

Thank you.