Saturday, October 18, 2014

Walking On Sunshine

The weather has just been SO gorgeous here the past week.  If I were not so drugged on pain medication I would really be tearing my hair out about now to hit the road to somewhere, anywhere.  Even in my fog it pulls at me terribly.  I settled by taking Chigger for a short hike around the place.

Well, not exactly around the place.  That would take a while.  We just hiked up the ridge about halfway and took a deer trail over to where several large trees were downed by a storm.  They are not too far off the main trail because Jack has been slowly harvesting some of the wood.  Shame to let it just rot.

Anyway, it was something to keep me from sitting down for a while.  The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is having their biannual plant sale this weekend and I really wanted to go to that but just did not feel like driving that far.  Don't really have extra cash for plants anyway. 

I thought it was amazing that this tree got this big all the while being that hollow!  All things endure.

Why is it we get the wanderlust when we are least able to indulge it?  Or, at least I do.  Maybe it's a good lesson for me for when I am able-bodied!


JO said...

There's just something about old broken downed trees. Must remind me of me. haha
Great pictures thank you for sharing.

Texas Ann said...

Annie -
I was wandering in your part of the world last week. Flew to Mobile and drove to Savannah - not by choice, just a case of "you can't get there from here". Yes, lovely weather - stayed several days on Hilton Head and saw Charleston and Savannah. Wow - history, grace,and southern charm. We will definitely be back.
Sorry to hear things are not so good healthwise. We've got some great doctors down here in Texas, but just getting here is, I know, half the problem. But if you're ever this way, Hermit's and my mama has plenty of room for you and Jack. I'm inviting you on her behalf. And Hermit and I would love to meet y'all, too.
Take care of yourself and indulge in this gift-from-God weather.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jo! I know what you mean! lol! this tree is very cool but none of the photos I take really capture it.

Hey Ann! Oh, I really, really want to go to Savannah! never been but it's on my list for sure. Glad you had a great visit!
Well, Birmingham has some great docs and the one I am seeing is superb; some things just take time to figure out. Thanks so much for the offer; I'd love to meet you and Jim too! Jack's sister and family lived in Houston for a long time but they all just recently moved to Austin. I did get to visit them that one time when they were still in Houston and wish I could go this time but I know we will be back out there again some day. I really love Texas and want to see more of it.