Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stormy Weather

Well, we have gotten absolutely nothing done on the house this weekend. Yesterday the weather was okay but today it was pretty much a wash out. The main truss issue has still not been resolved and there are a couple of other decisions to be made before the roof is framed. In the pic above, I am sitting under the house where it is dry! That excites me but I told Allen, I will be much more excited when I can sit in the living room and be dry. We had intended to do a major clean-up this weekend and as you can see it needs it. A superintendent I work for sometimes always says that weather like today is only good for 2 things. Sleeping is one and I'll just let all of ya'll decide for yourselves what the other activity might be.
Since there is no progress on the house to speak of, I thought I would show some of the beautiful work of the local craftspeople that I represent in my gallery. This is a hand crafted box made of wenge and bird's eye maple. A man south of Birmingham does the wood work.
This blacksmith is south of Birmingham also. I LOVE this door knocker and wish I could afford it for my house when it's finished.
A lady from Birmingham does these fused glass plates. The leaves are made of a glass powder that is basically melted into the surface of the plate. Fused glass seems very complicated to me.
A lady from this area does these great quilts. She was invited several years ago to make a Christmas ornament for the White House. She does weavings and other fiber art also.


Gin said...

Nice stuff! I think I appreciate the quilt piece most because I can't/won't sew. There's something sneaky about needles. They come at you from the blind side and play gotcha! I simply can't imagine doing a quilt, not with all the sewing that goes into one.

Linda Hodges said...

You need to create a registry "wish list" for your house warming. You might just get that door knocker (of course depending on how much it is, that might be all you get!)

edifice rex said...

Hey Gin! Yeah, I don't quilt or anything like that either. Both my mother and grandmother tried their best to teach me but that was one craft I just couldn't get the hang of. I do like to sew with a machine though.

Hey Linda! You know, what I told Allen I wanted to do for our housewarming was actually to buy presents for other people. We don't need much and there are several friends who have gone out of their way to help us so much that they deserve gifts more than we do.