Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Raining Again

My creek is up quite a bit. I can hear it's rushing waters from the house. It has been raining here pretty regularly and we are all very happy for it. I hope it continues until we get out of this rainfall deficit.
In between rain storms we have had some gorgeous spring days. Temps in the 60's and 70's. On these days the house warms up to around 70 degrees and will stay stay at that for most of the night. I do have to let the heat come on some in the wee mornings hours but the house seems to retain heat well.
I am trying to expand my collection of daffodils. These are planted in an open area as you approach the house. I like the fact that they all seem to face towards the driveway, as if to greet me when I come home.
I hope to be working on deck handrails this weekend. I'll post any progress I make on that.



hillbilly2be said...

Hi, Edifice Rex. I do not search for new blogs often, but I'm glad to have found yours. We must be on the same wavelength or something - we also moved out to the woods, built a passive solar house (which will never be completely finished), and live within our means. I like your philosophy. :)

I think you are getting all the rain that we were supposed to. If you need it, you can have it - we're about 12" over normal for the year. :)


edifice rex said...

Hey Ron! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed my little blog. I am trying to live by that philosophy but it takes awhile to actually get there. I see a lot of ways that I could improve things. But that is fine. I enjoy your blog also. Maybe we can learn from each other.

hillbilly2be said...

I know what you mean... there are lots of ways we can do better as well. We pretty much used all new conventional materials building our house... partly because I could not find many good blogs detailing experiences with alternative materials and partly because I did not have any construction experience. We kept the house small though, and used advanced framing and passive solar ideas, and lots of insulation in the attic.

Now that it's built, we're back to conserving as best we can, cooking better food, preparing the garden, living frugally.

And, as you say - trying to have a helluva good time doing it. :)

I know we can learn a lot from your blog. I liked your concrete and stone work in an earlier post. I have lots of stones here. Hmmm. :)

Take care,

carpenterlady said...

Seeing your flowers made my day. It is snowing here. I am glad to see spring is somewhere. It is a blessing you are getting rain.

edifice rex said...

Hey CL! thanks, maybe it will be spring at your place soon.