Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too Many Dirty Dishes

A lot of people have asked me if I eat out all the time because I don't have a kitchen. I sometimes cook for the guys at work and they are completely confounded that I am able to prepare decent meals without a stove but it is really not a big deal. I guess it does take some getting used to but with a little thought you can prepare most any meal with just a few things. I do try to keep it simple, mainly because I just like foods that are cooked quickly (the meals feel lighter) and because I am pretty busy, as you might guess, and need to get the cooking over with. I like to cook a lot, which surprises the guys too. They think that any woman that is "liberated", as they like to say, would not like to cook. They're so funny. I try to cook a full meal most evenings and that means a meat, at least one veggie (usually two) and one carb, usually rice or couscous etc. This is a really easy recipe for just about any cut of pork. You take about 2 T. honey (local beekeeper), 2 T good, stone ground mustard, a little garlic, about a T of olive oil and salt and pepper. Mix all of that up and pour over the pork. Roll it around to coat the meat and bake for about 30 minutes for a tenderloin or pork chops etc. A little longer if it is a bigger roast or so. As you can see, I don't really measure or time stuff; you just know when it's right. You may need to make more sauce for a larger piece too and sometimes I'll add a teaspoon of hoisin sauce.
I use this toaster oven, which works great for baking lots of things. The guys kid me and say that I'll never be able to cook in a full size oven again. I have made them many homemade biscuits in this oven. Plus, the toaster oven works wonderfully to warm your plates on as you are cooking. I mostly use my own pottery to eat off of and stoneware will draw the heat out of food if it is not warmed up itself. I have a microwave and a little, one burner propane cooktop and that is about all I need really. Of course, I don't cook for several people either. I am going to buy a nice grill soon for the deck and that will help a lot.
Several of the younger men I work with say that their wives don't cook, in fact, don't even know how. How is this? Mama never really taught me much but I guess I just wanted to know. The guys often have to go home, bathe their kids and cook supper. I don't understand these younger women. There is nothing wrong with these men doing some of this but the women ought to know how just for their own sake. They seem to have an attitude of, oh, he'll do it for me. I have talked to some of them myself and so it's not just what the guys are telling me. It seems some of these younger women think that being a feminist means sitting on your butt and talking some man into doing everything. I guess I lost my handbook when I was little because I never have figured out how to find a man that will do all these things. But what these women don't realize is that they are dependent on someone else then for their well being and that is a bad thing. All women, and I guess men too, should know:
1. How to cook at least a small variety of meals.
2. How to sew a little, at least to make repairs on garments.
3. How to mix one good drink.
4. How to change a flat tire.
5. How to properly drive a nail.
6. How to weld.
7. How to wash clothes. You'd be surprised how many don't.
8. How to grow something you can eat.
9. How to balance a checkbook.
10. How to write a good thank you note.

Was this all a rant? Did I leave out an item that you think everybody should know?

*title is an old blues song by Albert Collins.


pablo said...

How to weld? I don't think the need for that has ever come up in my life. Like the need for calculus.

Rurality said...

Heh. Guess I'm going to have to work on my welding, sewing, and drink-mixing. :)

Richard said...

Know how to make a people smile and laugh is also a good one.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of alienating the fairer(and probably smarter) sex I share the following:

Pearl of Wisdom #1
From my grandmother- "There is nothing sorrier than a sorry woman"

I suppose this means that we expect men to be sorry but expect better of women(seems like women are trying to join the men here lately though)

Pearl #2

"The only thing worse than a woman who can cook and won't do it is one that can't and will"

I hope this is received in the same spirit it was given, if not then I blame my wife!


Oneonta boy stuck in the Flatlands

Anonymous said...
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edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! Well, it's not so much that you would ever need the skill, it's just the knowledge of how to. My teacher told me way back when he first taught me how to weld that it would give me a great sense of power and he was right. To know that you can instantly join two pieces of metal together permanently can give you a lot of confidence. It opens your mind to all sorts of possibilities and after a while, when confronted by life's difficulties (physical) you think, "how can I do this?", not I can never do that. That may sound stupid and it's hard for me to explain but I have heard others express that feeling also.

Hey Karen! Yes!!!

Hey Richard! You are so very correct. You know, how to strike up a conversation with a total stranger would be a good one too.

Hey Barry! I think those are pretty good. You know, my Mama always said, " there is nothing worse than a mean woman."

edifice rex said...

Hey! If the anon comment is not Barry, Sorry! After checking sitementer I realized that it may not be. But thanks to whoever it is!

Floridacracker said...

Pretty good list.

I work with lots of women and I'm amazed at how many do not cook worth a damn.
"We just eat out" is their usual explanation.

I can't fathom that since I love to cook ... and eat.

Anonymous said...

I love to cook, sew, do laundry, plant things (that can then take care of themselves) what I'm not so great about is making sure I clean up my messes as I go. I thought this was a good post. And I love the look of that plate of tomatoes. Yum. Sammy is big on instant gratification so we eat out often because of that "I'm hungry now" mentality. He can't stand the thought of waiting until we get home and then waiting for me to cook...Linda

carpenterlady said...

Amen! My 21 year old daughter can do everything on your list except mix a drink (I hope). My two other daughters can do everything on your list except weld. We tried.

edifice rex said...

Hey Linda! thanks. Yeah, sometimes I get several projects strewn out and then have trouble finishing them. And I do fall victim to the "can't wait to eat" syndrome too sometimes and will eat out. that's why I have at least 2 "Supper in 30 minutes" cookbooks. I do try to use them.

Hey CL! Well, sounds like ya'll did pretty good. All women should know how to weld though; it's very empowering even if you don't ever do it again.