Saturday, March 08, 2008

What's The Matter Here?

This is the creek that runs from my spring; it is supposed to run clear. I think my efforts to prevent more mud from washing into the spring have been successful, however, so much is already in there that the recent rains just keep it stirred up as the water eventually makes it way through it's underground crevices and into the spring. Last Sunday it got so bad that I have just had to temporarily abandon the spring and jump over to another one. There are 2 springs on my land. The other one is very clear but it is a surface spring; the water just bubbles out from beneath a tree. It is a large volume of water but it is more exposed to the environment. Any deer or possum walking by can just poop right in it or whatever so I don't want to stay on this water long. It is my plan to help the spring purge itself by pumping the water out and as the spring fills back up, pump it out over and over until it is clean. I don't know if this will work but I have to try.
Last weekend also had me fighting it out with the wasps. It warmed up some and I came home to find about 20 wasps in the house. I had had it with those damn things so it was war for about 2 hours. I think I got most of them and stopped up the bottom of the clerestory wall so any more can't come down that way.
I still have to fix the spring and I may have to redo the media in my water filter but things are improving. It is kind of two steps forward and one step back all the time. This weekend I got the posts for the deck handrails and have them cut etc. They are almost ready to start installing. Tomorrow I must attend my brother and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary party so I will not get anything done on the house but I don't see them much as it is.
It is gradually getting warmer here so I planted a row of lettuce and 2 rows of brussel sprouts the other day after I came home from work. I plan on starting my tomato seeds soon. I am very much ready for warm weather and longer days.
Another carpenter left the job to go to another one so I am one of 2 left. Not sure how much longer I will be there or where I will go afterward. The Switchman must have noticed that I was looking kind of down at work Monday (after the wasp fight, etc.) and he yelled for me to smile as he went by on a train. I guess I didn't do a good job of it because he frowned and asked did I not have anything to smile about? I just shook my head as he was out of earshot at this point. About an hour later he came out and found me to ask what was wrong and so I told him some of my frustrations. I tried not to rant, lest he think that I am more of a nut than he already believes. He did offer a sympathetic ear though and cheered me up some.
Hey, speaking of switchmen and trains... did you know that locomotives are full of sand? I know you know, Woody, so you don't get to say! We installed a huge sand silo at work and we heard that it was somehow used for the trains but I did not understand until the other day that the locomotives actually have big compartments up front and carry it with them!

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Woody said...

Annie.. I hope your water clears. At least ya'll are getting a fair share of rain to help fill those depleted ground water levels. It will clear up eventually.

Railroad couldn't run without it..second to diesel fuel.
It is used for traction when starting or stopping.


Floridacracker said...

I had no idea about the sand/train connection.

I know you probably covered it earlier somewhere way back, but may I ask what was the reason for relying on a spring vs. a drilled well?

You seem to have a pretty high water table since you have creeks and springs. From way over here it seems like a well would not have to go very deep.

Six inches of rain here Friday!

pablo said...

I never knew that about sand and locomotives.

edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yes, I am very happy to be getting all this rain. We have actually had water standing in ditches and such! The spring is clearing actually, I just need to speed it up and I believe I can.
That is pretty cool about the sand. One of the older mechanics was down looking at the new building and we got to talking. He said the newer locomotives have computers in them that sense if they are not getting traction and release the sand automatically.

Hey FC! Well, who would have thought that a locomotive needs sand? I have learned a lot on this job!
On the water, the water table here is pretty high; springs are everywhere in this area. Money was the biggest factor with the water. You know, it costs a fair amount to have a well drilled, even a shallow one can be $1,000,and I have had to watch every penny so when I discovered this spring on higher ground that was basically a deep narrow shaft in the ground (like a shallow well) I felt it would work. And it would if I had not screwed it up. I believe I can get it to clear up fine, it is just a matter of a little time and proper management of the area.

Hey Pablo! Yeah, we have all learnd some neat things on this job.

Anonymous said...


How'd you like that snow this weekend? We got a good bit but it was mostly gone by noon. We got a little work done but loafered alot too, those yellow flowers are everywhere!

You might could try using a holding tank buried in the ground and let the dirt settle out there and then use a dippipe with a screen to draw the water off.

P.S. My wife Karen sent the last blog about the quilt, there was way too much talking there for a man(oops, now I've done it!!).



edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! the snow was great for what time it was here! At least we got a little. I have thought about a holding tank but am unsure about how to incorporate it into the water line as everything is underground. The thing is, the spring and filter were working great until it started raining so and I did not have the mouth of the spring secured. It got so bad that even a settling tank would not have helped so I have just got to get it cleaned out. The spring is normally very clear and should be fine once it is back to normal.
I was wondering about that quilt entry because I thought it was a little unusual for a man to say he pieced a quilt top but, you know, I'm not going to be one to say men or women can't do this or that! :)

Floridacracker said...

I thought it might be the $$$ factor.
I can relate to that.