Thursday, March 13, 2008

Train Kept A-Rollin'

Today was one of the coolest work days that I have ever had. It's not very often in construction that we, the construction workers, get to witness the occupation or use of our buildings. A lot of times we will be sent to others jobs before the current one is over or when we get it finished the owners just say, hey, that's great, now get out! But today was different. This is a shot of the building when I got to work this morning, just as the sun is coming up. I think the lights are cool.
See, today was the day that they brought the first locomotive in for fueling. There are 2 tracks inside the building and right now only one is connected but the other is all ready for use. The railroaders have been coming over to the building a lot this past week, checking everything out and looking so everyone was very excited today. All the big wigs from Atlanta came and they let us stop work and watch them bring the train in. I realized after I saw these photos that I should have gotten one alongside the train. There were actually 2 locomotives but you can't see that. They were fueling them up as we left. These things are enormous when you are standing next to one in a building. Anyway, it was a great day.

* there were many songs to choose from about trains but I liked this one by the Yardbirds, one of my favorite groups as they are one of Clapton's first bands.


Woody said...

So you have been to my office...

Anonymous said...


That was my post the other day, seems like our grandmothers thought along the same lines.

Are you going to Louisiana after this job is through? If you do make sure you eat some mudbugs.


edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yes, I have and it was great! But it was really hot inside that thing. I would imagine though, that that small cab could get a wee bit uncomfortable on a long trip.

hey Barry! don't know yet and won't for some time probably. I have never really cared for crawfish but hope they have a lot of crab or oysters.

Woody said...

Those engines have ac so they're pretty comfortable and quiet. The reason the trainmaster had him get off was about safety rules in relation to "close clearance", handrails, docks and doorways. It is a very different railroad than when I first started. The changes in safety rules has eliminated many past practices.

I did get a little chuckle about your comment on the size of the cab. I wish you could have seen how we used to relieve ourselves in plastic

Ask the switchman about that one!


edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Yeah, the Switchman showed me the AC and stuff; it may have been the company in such close quarters that made it kinda warm in there! :D
Yeah, the railroad has a lot of safety rules, which we do too, but they REALLY have a lot. I cannot imagine the use of plastic bags... I have noticed that some of the guys, in the yard, don't bother to climb up into the train though. Just get between two engines and turn your back! Ha! I meant to rag the Switchman about that one.