Saturday, March 01, 2008


I am now posting from my house!! The final connections were made yesterday by the utility company so I am now totally connected! Well, to the Internet, maybe not to reality. I bought a new computer, a new TV and a cool new set of stainless knives by Kitchen Aid! I am more excited about the knives than the TV. I don't care for TV much but do watch a couple of things so I only subscribed to the very basic cable service, which is only like 10 channels, most of which are crap. I do get about 30 music channels though, which I didn't expect, so that is a pleasant surprise. The computer I bought is great! It is so lovely! There is a great little computer company here in town where I just had them build me one. In fact, they are about a half a mile from me. I could walk through the woods to their place. Very nice people and they came and set it all up for me which is a good thing. I mean I could do it but it is nice to have someone who really understands that stuff to get it going. The name of their company is O'Gosh Computers and they do have a website. If I were more organized I would have a link for you right now but I am still fumbling through everything. My photo editing program has changed and how I download to Blogger so I am still trying to figure all of this out. The text of the post is not aligned over to the left either and I cannot seem to change it and I am not able to view the photo that I am trying to post so God only knows what this post will look like. I don't know if this is Blogger or something in the computer. I suspect it is Blogger being a butt right now.
Things are going better here although most items are still in the process of being fixed. I plan to do a little more work on the spring today and try to run some trim inside the house. I have been a little slack lately on the house but much pick up the pace some.


pablo said...

Congratulations on your big step!

When's the housewarming party?

Jenn said...

Hey. Housewarming. I'll bring you a virtual cactus and a cup o'tea.


Woody said...

Annie...happy to hear your connected.


edifice rex said...

Hey Everybody! Thanks! Pablo, I am going to try to have something in the spring when it warms up some; maybe before all the guys (and me) end up in another state or something. I will give plenty of advance warning!

Floridacracker said...

Nice happy current running through this post.
Cool Superwoman pose in the last post. Sounds like you can rise to any challenge that comes up. I had never heard of a cricket before.
But Zydeco, now that I can understand.
I'm a Zachary Richard fan.

Linda said...

Who gets to love on Grendal while you're out of town--or is she going to move with you? That cat is too cute :)

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! I'll have to check out Zachary then; I just bought an album that has Beau Jocque on it and really enjoyed that.

Hey Linda! Well, yu know it's not going to be Allen loving on her but he would watch after her and feed her for me. I don't know if I would be able to take her with me or not as we might have to stay in a hotel the whole time.