Thursday, January 01, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

I hope everyone has had a great New Year's Day or at least a peaceful day with no stress. Well, that's a great day in itself, right? I enjoyed the day off but have to work tomorrow. That's Ok though.
I cooked the traditional southern new year's meal and Fred and Allen came down to eat with me. Of course, we had ham (for progress), cabbage and black-eyed peas (for prosperity), potatoes (just because I like them) and cornbread ('cause you got to have it with greens). It was very good I must say and the cabbage was my very own from my garden! I was very pleased with it. I have never grown cabbage before and thought this was very tasty. Oh, and that is unsweet tea; very UNsouthern but we won't tell anyone. So, what do ya'll eat for New Year's in your parts?

I did a little work on the house. Allen helped me rip some of the last exterior trim for the siding. Mostly I cleaned and got organized from the holiday mess. Lika and I went for a couple of walks and I kept a fire burning all day and night.

I hear next Tuesday and Wednesday they are trying to organize a Cyber Yard sale where we are all supposed to show our junk! Post any funky junk or crap or decent stuff you want to get rid of. Sell, trade or just give away. I'm trying to come up with something but I have done some major purging over the last year so I'm not sure what I've got. I know I can come up with something though.

I wish everyone out there a very happy and prosperous new year and hope we all see peace and joy in our lives. May we all make great strides in our goals and in creating a better, safer and cleaner world.

Note: I'll respond to the comments on the previous post just shortly. I appreciate them all and ya'll know I like to answer each one. Just a little short of time right now.


Loretta said...

You were really eating high on the hog with that ham. We had Black eyed peas with smoked ham hocks, mustard greens, fried potatoes and corn bread. Our tea was sweet! I love southern cooking but ate way to much. Happy New Year.

karl said...

happy new year. we had chicken soup. our own chicken boiled all day--bone broth. we used our own eggs in tabitha's famous egg noodles. the veggies were imported but only because our gardening failure of late. next new years day should be closer to our ideal. it is so fulfilling to eat from your own garden.
may this next year nourish you and keep you healthy and happy.

Pablo said...

Unsweetened tea! Now that is how one welcomes a new year.

Libby and I went to a Mexican restaurant and then went in search of a toaster oven. Big day for us.

countrypeapie said...

Wow -- that plate of food looks amazingly yummy. We cooked some kielbasa and black eyed peas on our wood burning stove, and some rice in the steamer. We stopped by the store to try to get some greens, but the line was crazy long. We're shooting for more stuff from our own garden next year. What kind of cabbage did you plant?

Anonymous said...

Aussies don't do the New Year food thingy, just mad parties New Years eve and reccovery New Years day lol

Our NY was just the way we like it, quiet, spent in the garden and pottering around the house:)

edifice rex said...

Hey Loretta! Ha! High on the hog! Yeah, it was so good and we all ate way too much also. But it's a holiday, you know! what you had sounds good too! I love fried potatoes but try not to eat them too much.

Hey karl! Oh, that sounds wonderful! I need to learn to make noodles. It is very nice to eat your own food; I wish more had been from my garden but maybe, like you say, next year!

Hey Pablo! Oh yeah, unsweet is best! I love Mexican food too!

Hey Peapie! thanks! It was pretty darn tasty! I hate to admit, I have no idea what the cabbage is. I just happen to find some starts at Lowe's and bought them and some brussel sprouts, as I have never had luck starting such from seeds. I believe it is a common heirloom though.

Hey Molly! Well, that's interesting; I was wondering if Americans were the only ones that eat certain dishes. Well, I know Asians eat certain things for their new year too.
Sounds like you had a nice New Year too!

Ed Abbey said...

I think I just had leftovers heated up in the microwave. Back before Little Abbey came about, it was always fingerfood at parties. I'm guessing perhaps next year, Little Abbey will be able to stay up late enough without getting grouchy for us to start going back to the New Year's Eve party scene.

Anonymous said...
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