Friday, January 09, 2009

Like The Weather

Well, the creek is pretty much back to normal. Flowing along as if nothing ever happened.
One good thing about flooding is that it cleans all the leaves and debris from the banks and makes everything look better. A little trash washed up but I can go pick that up easily now that there is not a foot of leaves on the bank to dig through.

We had some stretches of very cold weather at the beginning of winter here but the last two weeks have been in the 50's and 60's. It's nice but now all the little flowers and trees are beginning to think it is spring and I'm afraid they are going to be in for a harsh surprise next week. These daffodils are popping up all over the place. I hope the coming cold weather doesn't kill them. Funny thing though; these sprouting now are some a friend gave me last spring. The ones I brought here with me a few years ago are still snuggled down. Not a sign of them sprouting up at all. I guess they know better than these newcomers.

Speaking of sprouting....Lika is getting big! He's turning into quite the handsome dog. We took a walk down to the mailbox and I got him to sit still for just a little while. Actually, he was intent on a big buzzard flying just above the treetops. He seems like a pretty smart dog and has settled in here well. We've had some 'No!, No!" sessions because he likes to pilfer through my tools and drag stuff out. He doesn't chew stuff up but likes to take it out in the yard. I also have to watch where I set the laundry down (the washing machine is in the basement). He thinks it is great fun to grab a pair of my panties or bra and take out across the yard as fast as he can. Why do I always get guys like that? Oh well...

And hey! Look! Brussel sprouts! Well, sort of. I think I planted these and the cabbage a little late but I got them just as soon as they came out at the market. It seems that they should have matured by now though. I believe these are still too small to pick and they are loose, you know, not like tight, little, teeny cabbages. Does anybody have any experience with these things? I fertilized them after planting and re-amended the soil but haven't done much since. Should I keep fertilizing even in the cold weather?
I'm not sure what I will be working on this weekend. Ugh! It's supposed to rain again. I wanted to work on exterior stuff but don't know if I'll be able. I'm patching the drywall in the bathroom where the light was moved so I'll show that soon. I know ya'll just can't wait for that! Oooh, what excitement!
I'm going to try to update my blog and rearrange stuff so that all parts of the house are categorized etc. So that if someone wanted to see all posts on say, tile work or concrete, it will all be on the side there. This may take awhile. I did not start labeling posts until about a year ago so, God only knows how long this may take me.
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molly said...

Not ready yet ER, they need to be bigger and tightly packed leaves. You can give them a little fertiliser, seaweed or something else soft, not too much or all the growth will go into the leaves.

Lika is such a sweet looking girl, those eyes are just gorgeous!

Woody said...

Annie...the Lika looks to have a bit more golden in him than I thought from previous pics. He's a handsome pup.

Now you be careful pulling that trash from the creek. I would hate to see such a good citizen get


The Country Experience said...

It is funny what dogs choose to grab for play. Part of it may be that he has learned how you will react and he wants you to play with him. I love dogs! They are such great companions.

Some daffodils bloom earlier in the season than others so the ones that are thinking about blooming may be right on schedule. Daffodils are such cheery little flowers.

Pablo said...

Like looks like he has some Golden Retriever in him.

edifice rex said...

Hey Molly! Umm, Lika is a boy! LOL!! He's very pretty though!
OK, I'll give the sprouts a little fertie water and see what they do.

Hey Woody! Ha! LMAO! I will be careful; I don't want to get wet either! Haha! Hey, I took that last comment off not because I thought there was anything wrong with it but I had some stuff come through my email that I thought was very suspicious. That guy has continued to extensively visit my site and just don't want him to mess with any of ya'll. I got a very obvious phishing email. Don't know if that's where it came from but you know...
Yeah, I think he has a good bit of retriever in him too but his very fuzzy ears are strange.

Hey CE! Yeah, he learned really quick I would run after him and scream if he grabbed my panties! what fun! I try to play tag and such with him when I get home from work but he lasts a lot longer than I do.
Yeah, these daffodils that are coming up are a very old variety whereas the others are a modern strain so that probably does have something to do with it.

Hey Pablo! Yeah, I think so too.

Anonymous said...

on the brussel sprouts just cut them off and and eat them when you want the smaller they are the better they taste, also they sell them as annuals but a lot of time if you just leave them in the ground they they will produce for three or four years, next year that plant will have 3 or 4 5 foot long stalks covered in sprouts

the sprouts also get bigger if you pull off the leafs that grow below the bottoms of them, make the plant look like a palm tree,
it looks like that one started making food a little to early but just leave it in the ground and next year you will have ennough to make a 5 gallon jar worth of pickles


ps I am not the guy who you made the comment to about the wood, its just that in louisiana is you don't take care of things like what I commented about, it doesn't get done and people get hurt or suffer property damage, we come from different cultures I was not trying to fire up your regulers, I ment no offence,

edifice rex said...

Hey Abaratar, well, according to my time stamps and Sitemeter, you keep showing up from a certain town in CO but whatever. It was just a suspicion; I realize those things can be wrong. At any rate, it doesn't matter to me. I put in my profile that I welcome all comments and questions and I mean it, as long as nobody gets violent. I have written several times about how the computers are great but sometimes there is difficulties between cultures and peoples. But we should all be able to sit down and talk. I have actually cleaned debris out of those culverts several times but when the county's "shoring", the telephone poles, fell down, more debris became trapped than what I could remove. Plus, if I moved their poles and the road failed, they get me for destruction of property or worse! We felt our only option was to tell the authorities. And yes, even though I have never met most of my regulars, some of them will get very fired up if someone comes here jumping me.
On the brussel sprouts, thank you very much for that information! I have seen pictures of very tall sprout plants and was wondering how they did that and why aren't mine tall?! If it will ever stop raining I will go out and prune those leaves back right away. I will also let them stay in the ground and see if they will produce again next year. thank you!

Floridacracker said...

Lika is beautiful.
Bear has devastated the girly delicates supply around here.
He actually threw up a pair of my daughters undies that had been in his stomach for who knows how long?
Goofball dog.
I'm not a BSprout eater, but it's cool that yours are doing well!

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! Ugh! Well, at least Lika hasn't eaten any of my undies! Yet. Labs are so funny! Bear is quite a handsome dog too!
Hopefully my sprouts will do better but I'm happy they even grew this year.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

What a cute intelligent looking dog.

Good luck with the Brussel sprouts.
Like all the cabbage family of plants they can withstand frosts. They like to grow where the nights are cool. I could see them being a late season crop down your way. I see you already had advice to strip off the leaves except for a top few. This helps the nutrient going into the enlarging sprouts.
It is a great vegetable served with a cheese sauce.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! good to hear from you again! the sprouts have certainly withstood some very cold nights here and they have started producing. they are very good with cheese and I like them sauteed with just a little butter and balsamic vinegar too!