Monday, January 19, 2009

The Trains And Winter Rains- Redo

OK, no, you are not hallucinating, those of you who checked in over the weekend. I did delete this post and now I'm redoing it. I'm just stupid that way sometimes. The segment on CBS Sunday Morning about "Art In The Age Of Steam" is worth checking out here and if you are actually around the Kansas City, MO area, you might check out the exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. For those of you who might have any interest at all in trains. In the spirit of things, I offer the above photo. Not a steam engine but I still like the shot.
My reason for deleting the original post had nothing to do with any comments made or my reply to any comments. I just get really paranoid somebody might take something I wrote the wrong way. See, the oddly coincidental things concerning a certain Man, have occurred once again and I mentioned that. It's getting to the point now that I fear some might say that it is not coincidental at all, that somebody is contriving something. But that's not so. Now, he did send greetings to me through another carpenter I work with but that's it (as far as anything planned)and was done innocently enough. I guess I just shouldn't mention the stuff at all but it is so weird to me that it has become somewhat fascinating just for the 'odds of it all' factor. I don't think I've ever continually ran into someone so much for so long, that I did not work directly with. Plus, you all that have been reading for a while know the story and it's just something funny and quirky to write about when the house gets slow; which it does often. Besides, if Fate ever intervenes, I want this crap recorded! what a story that would be!
So, anyway, my bizarre life continues. Oh, hey! I'm going to be in a magazine! Several of us craftspeople that worked on the Big House (from waaay back) are going to be featured in a locally published, national magazine! Hey, hey! And the lady I spoke to said that they all thought I was so weird (she didn't use that word but you know..) ,because of all the stuff I do, they want to do a full-length article on just me!! later on. Ha! We'll see.



The Scavenger said...

Keep us posted on the article, love to read it. So, the encounters I just think it's funny too. Fate has a way of happening. No, really it does. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Chris, I think there is much more to come yet..... and would like to see the article too, make sure you scan it when you get the chance, we aussies are all stickybeaks LMAO!
(stickybeaks=aussie slang for nosy people)

Rurality said...

Oohwee! Will you still remember us little people once you're famous? :)

Hey, make sure to tell them that you're so sucessful because you use only the finest handmade soap, ha!

Floridacracker said...

U B famous! Not weird, uniquely multitalented and worthy of an exclusive interview! Gotta let us know when it is published!

MyamuhNative said...

I'm glad I got to read the first draft!
Guess that makes me a Myamuh Stickybeak :)
And I second FC's comment too-you deserve all the kudos coming your way.

countrypeapie said...

Oh, so cool about the article - congrats! And hmmmm. I only recently discovered your blog. Guess I'll have to take a trip in the way-back blog machine to satisfy my intrigue about the rest of the post. Should be enjoyable!

edifice rex said...

Hey Chris! I'm hanging man! :D
Life is definately weird sometimes. I will certainly let ya'll know about the article.

Hey Molly! Stickybeaks! LOL!! If I ever make it to Aussie at least I'll know how to talk! Well, if ya'll can understand this terrible southern accent.
I tend to think there is something more to come myself; don't know what but my curiosity is definately up! I will show the article when it comes out. I think that might be a while though.

Hey Karen! What's that old saying? Success hasn't spoiled me, I've always been insufferable! Ha!!
You bet I'll try to get in a plug for your soap too!!!

Hey FC! It's probably more accurate to say I'm notorious rather than famous! I'll let ya'll know for sure!

Hey Mya! Thanks! Well, there was actually a lot more to that first draft; it's all just freaky.

Hey Peapie! Thanks! Well, as far as the rest of the post; I deleted several of the posts that relate to that so you may not get the whole story. Just search 'switchman' and start reading at the oldest post. That story is the best. Maybe I can fill you in on the rest later.

Woody said...

Lord I need to get my eyes checked...I was sitting here for five minutes trying to figure out what the hell a stickyBEAN least I didn't exit to goggle it.

Congrats on the article..


edifice rex said...

Hey Woody! Don't feel bad, I did the same thing! lol!
But yeah, considering you drive a TRAIN, you might want to keep those eyes sharp! Ha! ;D

The Country Experience said...

Definitely let us know when the article comes out. I've read some of your stories about the place and it sounds(and looks) really neat.

I hope they do indeed do an entire article on you. It would be quite interesting!

edifice rex said...

Hey CE! I'll let ya'll know once I find out myself! I forgot to ask the lady when it comes out.
We'll see on the other article. You know, sometimes they say stuff like that but don't really mean it.

amy said...

I am actually commenting on your post about dreams, even though you have taken it down. I just wanted to say that I remember having this happen to me when I was younger, somewhere between the ages of like 10 and 17ish. I would have a dream a few times then sort of forget about it, then I would have the event happen and remember the dream, it always gave me a bit of a spooky feeling, but I think in general kids are more open to that sort of thing. They haven't had all their fancies crushed out by living in our very literal, very concrete (no pun on your work here) world quite yet. Maybe that's why I teach, anyway-just thought I would let you know that it goes happen to other folks as well. Honestly, I wish it would happen now, say a dream where I am picking the winning power ball numbers...:) On another note, I am about 15 minutes from the Nelson Atkins, and am glad you mentioned their exhibit-I will have to check it out. Hang in.

edifice rex said...

Hey Amy! Thank you very much for your comment; I apppreciate you relating your experiences. I have had more dreams and just don't know what to make of such. It's not really something I would believe would happen.
I'm jealous you are so close to that museum! I would like to see the exhibit. Hope you enjoy it!