Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Lady, Be Good!

Well, I certainly did not intend for any of the last few posts to be depressing or embarrassing but it seems that maybe they have been. So in order to make amends, I give you this slightly funny story. It pretty much sums me up in a lot of ways.
While I was working over at Red Diamond this last time, there were several painters there also, running their punch list. Most of them I have known for years but there was one that I had not met before. Funny thing about construction workers is that we often will work for months on a job together and never introduce ourselves. So, this new painter wanted to borrow one of my small artist's brushes to do some touch up and I gladly let him borrow it. I saw him later that day and asked if he was done with it, as I needed it. Oh yes, he was done and had asked his foreman where I was in order to return it. "I got in a lot of trouble because of the way I referred to you though", he confessed. I didn't quite know how to take that comment but he seemed to want to tell me the rest of the story, so I took the bait. He continues, "Well, I asked Forrest (the foreman) where that lady was working so I could return the brush and he got all over me!" "That's no lady, man! that's Annie!" was the foreman's indignant reply. We all got a big laugh out of it. I knew what the foreman meant but he ran up to explain anyway. He meant, that's not just any lady, that's Annie. I've often had some of the very young guys, from several different companies, come up to me and say, "Oh!, so you're Annie!" I don't know if that's good or bad but they always call me Ma'am after that.
So, back to what I first mentioned. The BFA (big, fancy architect for new readers) and Allen both got on to me for writing about the recent personal stuff. Said it was awful and embarrassing. Never do that again etc. Just keep it about the house and so on. Well, you know, I've talked about this before and I really don't usually let other people determine what I want to do. I am my own person and know what I believe. You can tell by what I do for a living that I go my own way but I don't want to write stuff that gonna make people cringe or whatever. I just figured I was writing about life and sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not. I said, well, it's not like I wrote about how that I wanted to throw this man down in the cab of that train and make passionate love to him for several hours. Because I know I'm the only person who would EVER have thoughts like that. Or how that when we were all sitting around at lunch one day and the train pulled up in front of us, I kinda got lost in thought as I watched him unhooking the trains and bending over repeatedly in front of me. And how 20 years of climbing those steep steps had done absolute wonders for that man's ass. Then, when I noticed it had gotten really quiet and turned around, all the guys were staring at him too, until one of them broke the silence and remarked gruffly, "well, I don't see what's so hot about him!"
You know, it's not like I wrote about any of that stuff. I've been told often that I am a rather open and forthright person. But I don't see anything wrong with that. Life happens to everyone, doesn't it? Seriously, I don't want to make readers uncomfortable but sometimes it might help some people to see that they are not the only one having a hard time. I know a lot of times when you are down it feels like you're the only person in the world that things are not going right for. But I say that's not true. Everyone has problems; no one is alone and in this amazing world of cyberspace we can encourage each other from across the globe!. But for all my physical talents I guess I do not have the talent to express my thoughts correctly. It just ends up sounding like I'm whining. So, unless I can improve my writing skills to better express these things I will probably just keep the subjects limited to the house or work.

*Ella Fitzgerald


Anonymous said...

I have recently started reading your blog and I love it. I may not have come back if you hadn't been writing about your life. Please--don't stop. If someone else is embarrassed that is not your problem-they can always skip it.

Anonymous said...

Good lord woman, get a grip LOL. I think it is wonderful that you are as open as you are, and as upfront and honest, thats a rare trait in the world today!

I'm with Anon, it is their problem, not yours! As for allowing another to get you to the stage where you doubt your writing abilities..pfffffft! You write a great post and dont think otherwise.

Woody said...

(shaking my head in agreement)If I wanted to only read updates of the construction and finish work on your house i would just watch some lame ass episode of This Old House. I read your blog cause you make me laugh, both at myself and you.


countrypeapie said...

Amen to all that.

Pablo said...

You know what I think. You should write about whatever you want in your own blog, and if you hold back anything, it will be because your own internal censor did, not because someone else thinks you should.

I like the range and variety you provide in the blog. But ultimately, it's your call what goes in and what does not.

Sissy T. said...

You are a very talented and wonderful writer, Annie. That's just one thing that attracted and kept me with this blog-DIVERSITY. Go, go, and keep on Going! Let nothing and no one get you down.

Rurality said...

Ha! Well it's your blog, so you get to write what you want.

I was scratching my head trying to figure out what BFA stood for, but I think I finally got it... that's the big fancy architect, right?

MyamuhNative said...

LOL! This was the perfect reply to those folks who are embarrassed by you writing about someone other than them.
I'm still laughing as I write this :).
I love the home posts but really appreciate your other posts-it makes me feel a little bit more human to know that I am not the only person that has struggled with some of the same issues.
So, Annie, don't change a thing unless YOU want to-and know that your readers are supporting you all the way.

Maya said...

You had me cracking up! Perfect response.

I'm with everybody else who has commented so far, you can tell Alan and the BFA that they are a bit too prudish as far as I'm concerned. If they want to mandate how/what should be written perhaps they should start their own blog? :)

The Country Experience said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! I laughed my butt off at this post, both the cringing I could imagine going on (by Allen and BFA) and at the material in the post.

I enjoy your blog immensely, regardless of the topic. The construction information is practical and easy to understand. Your more personal posts I race through once and then re-read slowly, savoring the rich honesty and genuine emotion. I look forward to reading it.

edifice rex said...

First off, thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate your constant encouragement. Secondly, and I promised I would say this, I misrepresented Allen just a little. He only said I should stop writing about that particular subject, not that it was really bad and shameful etc. The BFA made the snarky comments. I just felt kinda like being a smarty pants with this post because I was irritated. Ya'll know I'll keep writing as I feel. But I have to say I'm a little surprised that some of you enjoy those stories as much as you do. I didn't know if I was makig them that interesting.

Hey Anon! Well, thank you very much and I'm glad to have you as a regular.

Hey Molly! Ha!! I'm gonna straighten up one of these days. I think most people appreciate someone writing candidly about stuff and you know I will continue to! I think I write OK too and what's more, I just enjoy it and that's what counts.

Hey Woody! well, I'm good for a laugh, that's for sure! And knowing that I help to bring a smile to your face just makes me more determined to continue posting my way!

Hey Peapie! thanks!

Hey Pablo! I like the variety too. Besides, my life is so weird and varied it would just be hard to write about one subject.

Hey Sissy! thanks a bunch! I will keep going, I promise.

Hey Karen! Yeah, that's it, although there are times that I come up with a few other choice words for those initials.

Hey Myamuh! Ha! I thought it was a pretty good post myself! lol!
Well, I really appreciate those words. If I can help anybody feel a little bit better about something in their life or just know they're not alone, then that makes it all OK.

Hey Maya! Ha! Thanks! Now, your comment had me cracking up!

Hey CE! Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate all that. That is two of the ideals that I really try hard for in my writings. I want people to see that they can build creatively too, even if they are not in the business, and I always hope that the emotions I express in some of the posts do come across as honest and candid.

karl said...

whenever i find myself worrying too much about what others think i always regret it.


Ed Abbey said...

I'm playing blog catchup but finally made it here.

I have gone through lots of blogs over the years. Some I start reading but become, old and stale, sometimes almost mechanical in their topics. The ones that I keep going back to day after day and sometimes year after year, all have one thing in common. The people who write them are human and let us know through their writings by sharing personal experiences. That is why I have been coming back to your blog ever since I found it.

edifice rex said...

Hey karl! You know, that's a good meter to go by.

Hey Ed! Well, that's a very nice compliment and I appreciate that very much. I will try to never be stale!