Sunday, January 25, 2009

Waiting On The Sun

Oh, I want winter to be over. I can't imagine living up where it is really cold. My southern blood is just too thin! I've been perusing my new Seeds Of Change catalog (like everyone else) and dreaming of warmer days. Maybe there will be many new things to blossom this spring.
*The Doors


The Scavenger said...

LOOK you can't seem to get blue eyes off your mind and I have a feeling he feels the same about you. Chase your dreams or wake up. I know which one I'd do.

Thinking about ya

edifice rex said...

I swear Chris, I wasn't referring to him! lol! :D I was just thinking that I could get moved off this hell-hole job I'm on, out to where I could meet more people. But I just can't run after a taken man.

Anonymous said...


Most people don't realize what all the "working folks" put up with so that us "inside folks" can enjoy the good things in life. We've gotten so spoiled that we think we're in hard times. Talk to the old folks when there was NO govt relief out there!

Came up for this past weekend and had to fix a little plumbing where I neglected to drain properly. I'm with you, after Christmas is over I'm ready for spring!

Take care,


Woody said...

We're expecting an ice/snow storm today...I've got a bad case of wishinthisshitwasover. It's a rare condition but thankfully curable.


Sissy T. said...

Where can I get Seeds of Change? I too am wishing for warm weather. Only this is, the comfortable warmth doesn't last but a short while, then the browdripping heat blast begins.

edifice rex said...

Hey Barry! We've all gotten spoiled; not just 'inside folks'! lol!
Oh, I'm sooo ready for warm weather. It won't be much longer though.
Hope you and your wife are doing well.

Oh man, Woody, I think I've got that same condition now that I'm back on this job! Ha! Hoping your snowstorm isn't too bad.

Hey Sissy! Go here,
On their front page is at least two links to request a free catalog.
Yeah, spring lasts about a week here but I can take the heat so much better than the cold.