Friday, March 20, 2009


These little native flowers are blooming everywhere around here right now. No idea what they are; if you know I'd appreciate a comment. This is the first year that I have really noticed them.
The redbuds are blooming also. I just love these trees and am fortunate to have quiet a lot on my land. In this area, the edges of the highways will be a soft purple haze this time of year due to the number of redbuds lining the roads.
I was feeling some better but I think tonight I may be having something of a relapse. And for some reason, both my shoulders are absolutely killing me. We poured a little concrete today and had to shovel about all of it but dang, it hasn't been that long since I shoveled concrete. The Man From 12 Years is also extremely ill right now but is still having to work due to being shorthanded and being a boss and the only one that can operate a crane on his job. Such is the life of a construction worker. I feel bad that I cannot help him but don't know of anything I can do. Maybe this weekend we can both rest.
I have a lot on my mind right now and some things that I want to post about but just can't seem to figure things out. I don't have a positive outlook right now but it should pass soon and I'll get back to posting about more than flowers.


Pablo said...

I don't know what those flowers are, but I have noticed that there seem to be good years for certain plants - they seem to be everywhere one year and then hard to find the next.

I had a head cold last week that I thought I was over. I felt good for a couple of days, then I found out that the thing was merely hiding in my lungs, ready to give me a couple more days of general misery. I think it's all passed now though.

countrypeapie said...

I don't know what those little white flowers are, but they sure are pretty. I came down with whatever's going around today. Shows you how addicted to blogging I am that I crawled out of bed to check the latest posts!

Jenn said...

I poked the web a bit and tried to ID your flower. No luck.

But you might try contacting Wayne at Sparkleberry Springs.

He's in Georgia and he's a botanizer... He might have an answer for you (us)

Whatever it is, it sure is elegant.

Rurality said...

It's Toothwort. There are several different varieties in this area. We should do a wildflower walk in your woods! We've been on the go a lot lately, or else this weekend would have been nice. But let me know when you want to, and I'd be happy to come blather on and on about what everything is. :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! I find new plants every year in areas that I have newly cleared. I guess they now have the chance to sprout with the weeds gone.
My cold has done the same thing but I think I may be about over it now. I hope.

Hey Pea! I hope you are feeling better and am honored that you chose to check my little blog in your sickness!

Hey Jenn! I think Karen has the answer for us! Thanks for your efforts though.

Hey Karen! Yea! thanks! Yeah, we need to do a wildflower walk soon. I'm sure Peapie and CE would be interested too! Maybe one weekend that you are not busy with a craft show we can do that.

The Country Experience said...

That is a great idea!

countrypeapie said...

Count me in! (As soon as I'm feeling human again, that is....)

Shannon said...

Ooh, ooh, don't forget me! I'm still here and would love to come.

edifice rex said...

Hey CE, Pea, and Shannon! Great! We'll get together for a weed walk!

Rurality said...

Maybe this Sunday, if it's not too soggy...? The weekend after that, I'm gone. But the weekend of the 11th would be ok. But not the weekend after that. :)

You'd better start collecting phone numbers! :) It'll be the Blount County Bloggers meetup at Annie's, if you're up for that. Don't you just love how I volunteer your place for this, ha!

I think you have my phone number, but email me if you don't.

edifice rex said...

Hey Karen! Well, if ya'll don't think it's going to be too wet. It doesn't matter to me!