Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have one water faucet on the outside of my house and every day during the warm months these bumblebees are determined to make it their new home. I turn the faucet on and the water will spit and sputter for a moment and the faucet will disgorge these little guys into the bucket I have waiting. I can't believe they keep going back. Last year it would just be one bee but already this year there will be four at a time crammed up in there. So, I fish them out of the water and let them dry on a rock.
Grendal was trying to stalk me. I don't think she realizes how much bigger she is than my flowers. She has really been enjoying the warm weather lately.
I feel that my postings has not been very interesting lately or perhaps of a sensitive subject. I don't know, I've had a lot on my mind and mostly it's stuff I feel I cannot write about. I will say this: I know many of my readers do not believe in God or any such and that's OK but I do and I ask if you do, please say a prayer for The Man From 12 Years. Or just send good vibes. He is struggling very hard and I am struggling to help him. His wife's death has been a great blow and to add to that, his brother died a couple of months ago and a mutual friend of ours. He tells me that the one thing he could think of after many months of despair was to find me. I've carried many a heavy load on my back but this tops them all. Many people would say that I should not get involved, and maybe they are right, but I can't do that. He was good to me so many years ago when we first worked together and I can't turn my back on him. We always thought much of one another back then and if I could help him it might actually heal a lot of old things in myself. Maybe that's screwed up but I'm willing to try for his sake. So, my postings may be a bit sparse at times and maybe just photos but perhaps things will get better before long.
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Island Rider said...

I am praying.

Woody said...

Follow your heart in prayer.


Loretta said...

I'll join you in prayer. Even though I don't know his name, God does, and I know he listens.

Anonymous said...

A prayer for you both:)

karl said...

collective consciousness works! i'm sending prayers your way, do with them as you may.

Ed Abbey said...

I have always felt that when people are hurting or suffering, the best thing for them is for others to be with them so that they know they aren't alone. Even if just as a friend.

My thoughts are with you.

Floridacracker said...

Been there, prayed that.


edifice rex said...

Hey IR, Thanks; I knew you would.

Hey Woody, I am.

Hey Loretta, thank you.

Hey Molly, thanks girl.

Hey Karl, yes, it does. thank you.

Hey Ed, you're right I think. thanks.

Hey FC, I figured you'd understand.

wendy said...

What about rubber banding netting over the water spout.

If you're truely led to help then it's the right/Godly to do...

Anonymous said...

Just as you are his shoulder to lean on in these tough times,please remember that those of us in 'net land are here to support you too.
He must be a good man and a smart one too to know that you would help heal his heart. I 'm sure you have already done him a world of good.Karma will repay you in kind.


Rurality said...

Hang in there, gal! :)

Those bees around here are determined that every screw and nail are secretly HOLES in disguise, and they keep trying to get into them. They must not have good memories either, because they'll go back to the same one 20 seconds later and try again!

Ron said...

That's a cool photo of the bees. They swarm around the cracked corn we put out for the chickens on warm days here. I love to see them, glad to hear that you fish those little things out. :)

I'm wishing you the best, and The Man.


edifice rex said...

Hey Wendy, great idea for the netting; I believe I have some and will put that on today.
I do feel led and he insists he felt led to find me. We'll see. :)

Hey Tricia! Thank you very much for those kind words. I think it will eventually get better.

Hey Karen! I'm hangin'!
Yeah, those bees are just swarming my house, looking for anything to crawl in or chew on.

Hey Ron! Thanks so much for your good wishes.
Yeah, I like the little bees and to see them get drenched.

Jenn said...

The internet is a great place to illustrate that we are connected.

And we all help each other get through the days.


Jenn said...

Let's try that again, a little less on the creepy stalker note:

The internet is a great place to illustrate that we are all, every one of us, connected.

And we all help each other get through the days. Little or great, any burden shared is lessened.


Jenn said...

On bees:

The bumbles are solitary bees - are they down the pipe looking for water? Is there any standing water on your place? or a slow creek or anywhere they can get a drink.

Maybe they need the insect equivalent of a birdbath? an bumble drinking hole?

Alternately, if you are opening the faucet in the early morning, they might be sleeping in there.

You could quickly provide them with shelter by drilling a few holes into some untreated wood:

Anyway, hope you find a good solution for you and the bees.

edifice rex said...

Hey Jenn! Well, I didn't think that was stalker creepy! I appreciate the sentiment, truly.

I think the bees are just looking for a nest. They have plenty of water, creek, pond, and birdbaths. Plus, the faucet is the type that they could not get any water out of it when shut off. They have plenty of wood blocks to drill holes in. This is just an easy ready-made nest I think! I'll put the netting over it and I think that will work fine.

Linda said...

That he felt such a strong need to reconnect with you after all this time says something about what a good and trustworthy friend you must be. I hope you can both find some peace through this relationship. And on a more personal note, if it matters to you at all, I'm not bothered by your talk of relationships, regardless of whom they are with, but I can go away if you want me too :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Linda! It matters to me a great deal! and no, I don't want you to go away, please.
Thanks for your thoughts and I hope the same thing. Personally, I think Someone is leading the way.