Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just More Green

I know these are really boring posts lately but I still feel like crap. I don't get sick very often anymore but when I do it just goes all out. But, I'm feeling a little better and hope to get back to work tomorrow.  The photo above is of the flower bed lining the drive by the house. All the day lilies, mints and coreopsis are popping up. This bed is mostly native flowers and medicinal plants/herbs. So far, the deer don't mess with it much.

The creek is up a bit due to all the rains lately. I hate to complain about rain since we just got over a 2 year drought but I will enjoy the next few days as they are predicting just sunny, mild days. I did manage to plant a few things in the garden on Sunday after the rain showers. I put in some new cabbage plants and will see if they do better in spring than fall. I planted the leeks and a good bunch of yellow onions. And I finally planted a row of lettuce and spinach. I am late getting my tomatoes started. Maybe I can do that tomorrow.
Well, just not much to tell. Maybe I'll have some progress on the house soon.


Floridacracker said...

Hey, get well soon! No rain here in forevvvverrr.
Send us a little.

MyamuhNative said...

Feel better soon (altho I get the impression that in some ways you are feeling much better {grin}.
Don't worry about an out of state job, maybe you could get hired out together?

MyamuhNative who is thrilled that it is finally raining here.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! thanks!
I certainly will..

Hey Myamuh! Haha! I am feeling better in several ways actually!
Working out of state together would be a little tricky. Neither of us would want to leave our respective companies so not sure how that would work. But you never know!

The Country Experience said...

Absence can make the heart grown fonder, and make for some intense reunions, lol.

I've read that mint is a deterrent for ants and fleas. My former house had a lot of mint in the yard (it smelled great when I cut the grass!) and I didn't have trouble with ants until it died out, so I tend to believe the old wisdom.

countrypeapie said...

What all do you do with your medicinal plants and herbs? Any strange brews? Topic for a future post, perhaps. I learned a lot of cool stuff about lemon balm when we grew some last year.

Jenn said...

Green is always good.

karl said...

i hope you are feeling better.

edifice rex said...

Hey CE! this is true; however, I think the older you get the less time you can afford to be away.
I've heard the same about mint and other herbs, like basil repelling flies, but I don't know either. i wouldn't know how to try that.

Hey Pea! Mainly I make medicinal teas for headaches and sleep. I'll post about those sometimes; good idea.

Hey Jenn! Yep!

Hey karl! thanks! I am some better.