Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lovely Day

Hey People! No, I have not abandoned or forgotten you all; I'm still here! Sorry for my lack of posting lately. I've just, well, always suspected that there was something more to life than work and I believe I'm just beginning to see what that is. I will try not to effuse about things too much but let's just say it has been a very lovely weekend. The weather has been absolutely wonderful and warm, things are blooming and sprouting. I spent the better part of yesterday cruising the open roads on the back of a motorcycle, just enjoying the countryside and not worrying about anything.
This look on Lika's face kinda says it all, lol! What you can't see is that I am scratching his side for him. He has been recovering from a little surgery (something the Man From 12 Years jokes Lika will never forgive me for) and from getting all his shots and such.
I have actually gotten some stuff done around the house. The pantry is ready to set cabinets in, if I can ever get them ordered. I completed the patch in the bathroom and repainted, hung the mirror etc. The weather is so great here today that I may work in the garden putting in some leeks and new cabbage and finishing a strawberry bed. Work on the stained glass window has not gone very far though and I have got to get that restarted.
So, hope that everyone is having a good weekend and I have not forgotten about the remaining questions that ya'll wanted me to post about. I'll try to get to the next one soon.
*Bill Withers


Island Rider said...

So glad you are having fun! You have been working too hard and deserve it. There's nothing like being tucked up behind on man on a motorcycle and feeling the wind on your face, is there? Well, something, else, but I think this is a family friendly blog! LOL Have fun! The work will still be there another day, so let it be.

Maya said...

Oooh, I'm jealous of your sunny days (and the motorbike, ha!). Glad to see you are enjoying yourself.

countrypeapie said...

Girl, you are a goner. The back of a motorcycle is a heady combination of thrilling and cozy. What a great way to spend this lovely weekend. :)

The Country Experience said...

Glad you are enjoying yourself! Spring certainly was in the air this weekend.

tammy (cat lover-res. construct) said...

I had a feeling things were going to turn this way for you. There are still to be some ups and downs but that's life?
Looking forward to seeing your window.
thanks on the update about the root growth mixture. I need to get ambition and brew me some up and try it also.
looking forward to more post
(ps dont sweat other people's behavior- fate works around them).

Aunty Belle said...

Hey EdiRex,
I'se been readin' backwards an' see ya done found that fella, the MF12Y.

That an the weather has ya energized I see. Ain't it fun to re-establish a friendship, an feel no hurry to up the ante? Take care, have fun, and call me when the vichyssoise is ready!.

edifice rex said...

Hey IR! Thanks! and you are right about all of that! Of course, I got to use the excuse of not being accustomed to motorcycles to hold on to him tightly! Ha! I don't think he minded.

Hey Maya! thanks! Maybe some sunny days are coming your way soon.

Hey Pea! Oh, gone, gone, gone! lol! and his handsome face and broad shoulders just add to it!

Hey CE! Thanks! Hasn't the last few days been wonderful?!

Hey Tammy! Well, it's been a mind-blowing thing to me; but good!
thanks! I'll try to get going on the window soon. I really need that done!

Hey Aunty! Yep! Life is so wild sometimes. thanks! And yeah, vichyssoise is one of the first things I'm going to try with those leeks!