Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bloomin' Idiot

I think that last post ended up making me sound depressed or something and that is far from reality. I must misrepresent myself a lot. I simply wonder about many things that happen in life and just tend to muse out loud. I am not upset or discouraged. Far from it. Things are going very well but there are challenges that come even with happiness.
This is an ornamental crab apple that I bought last year. It seems to finally be established and growing.
I finally planted the two grape vines that Allen bought. He got two pair for himself but I don't think he has planted his yet. I have one purple and one white but the white one has not begun to leaf out yet (neither has Allen's). Is this normal or are they dead? Anybody know?
The state of the economy is finally starting to affect our area, as far as my industry goes. Many companies have people laid off. I may have this week and the next and then I believe, I may be out of work. We do have 2 new jobs coming up but that will be awhile before they get started good. Looks like The Man From 12 Years may end up in Tampa. His company just has no work in the state.
So, life continues on. Hope everyone out there is doing well.


Sissy T. said...

The crabapple is gorgeous. Makes me want one. My two azaleas planted last year are dead - this rock pile! But spring has come with another opportunity. My green thumb has much competition these days. The soft rains are on my side and doing a great job. I can just imagine the glory about you, Annie. Give us more pictures of your 'Bloomins'.

With all your hard work, maybe you need a vacation break. Good luck in all you do.

Floridacracker said...

I read that post too Annie, just didn't know what to add.
Your crabby apple tree is pretty spectacular.

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! thanks! I'll post some more flowerings soon. I'd like to take a vacation but that's not possible with work the way it is right now. Maybe soon though.

Hey FC! Crabby tree! Yeah, it's pretty; I can't wait until it gets bigger.

The Country Experience said...

Gorgeous crabapple blooms!

Our grape vine from last year still seems asleep. I would worry except that the new one we bought is also asleep, and when I've looked at the stores none of the other grapes have leafed out much yet, if at all. So I am hoping they aren't dead, just late risers.

Rurality said...

That crabapple is so much better than mine, which has never bloomed! I think the cedar-apple rust got it.

countrypeapie said...

Okay - I think you just solved my mystery. Last year, I thought the quince were crabapples, but I think I've got that straightened out now. But I've also got something that looks just like your crabapple, and it produced very small, red, apple-like fruit last year. I'm rambling. Y'all can straighten everything out for me on our plant walk!

edifice rex said...

Hey CE! Yeah, I'm thinking the white ones are just late. Hopefully.

Hey Karen! I was surprised this one has bloomed so since this is just it's second year.

Hey Pea! Well, that sounds like a crabapple. ???