Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hot Corner

I finally got Allen to come down and help me build the attic vent louver for the west end gable. Well, I guess I should say, to just build it; I didn't really do anything other than buy the lumber and stain it. These things are extremely confusing because the miter cuts can be kinda complex and he has built many over the years, whereas I've built none! Here, he is nailing together the outer frame of it.
This is an example of one of the compound miter cuts for the louver boards that go inside the frame. The angle of my roof is such that it makes the rake of the cut too long to be able to be cut on a miter saw, so these must be hand cut with a circular saw.
Here, he has a couple of the louver boards in place. I think the boards ended up being about 2 1/2 " on center apart. He normally builds them about 3" apart but that didn't quite work out with this roof pitch. Now, most people just buy the pre-made gable vents but ya'll know Rurality said recently, I can't do anything the easy way apparently. I've had several people say that to me actually. It's not that I want 'hard', I just don't want 'cheap', as in cheaply made.
Now, Allen suggest that these vents always be made of cedar or cypress or pressure treated lumber; something that resists rot because they can have a lot of moist air passing through them, especially here in the south. Attics can get very hot and humid at times. My attic is so small and this vent is large enough, I don't think mine will ever heat up much but I went with pressure treated lumber anyway. And yes, I meant to stain it that red color. Some people are put off by the red accents on the house but I like them! Ya'll will see more what I'm talking about when I show the west end after it has been fully painted.
Oh, here Allen is nailing on a little support piece on the back (inside) of the vent. This will hold the louvers straight and keep the longer ones from eventually sagging in the middle.
So, this is the finished vent. Well, not quite; it needs another coat of paint to cover that caulking and such. We got it installed too but ran out of sunlight before we could get it trimmed, but should be able to finish that tomorrow and I'll show the finished product in place.



Pablo said...

It looks as though the top doesn't meet. Is that just an illusion of the photograph, or is there some secret and complex builder's solution that I'm not initiated to?

I happen to like the red accents (look at my truck!).

Island Rider said...

If you ever want a trip to Florida, we'll put you up. just have a few honey dos for you to handle! ;0)

edifice rex said...

Hey Pablo! ah, you are very observant! the top does not meet and yes, there is a secret and complex builder's trick for why but I will show you in the next post on this.
I like the red too!

Hey IR! hey, watch what you ask for!! I love to go to the beach!

Floridacracker said...

Good work Allen and apprentice.
I'm thinking that gap is for a tight fit when you install it?

Island Rider said...

Come on down! We are a half block off the water, but twenty minutes to a real beach. Closer to it than you are though!

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! thanks! umm, sorta. i'll show later.

Hey IR! wow! hey, are you anywhere near Jacksonville? We supposed to have a big job start there after first of the year.

Ed said...

I noticed the notch too. I was assuming it is for the ridge beam. I think your home built version is perfectly suited for your house Annie!

Beau said...

Now that looks nice- I would definitely do that the hard way... as I'm finding out recently!

edifice rex said...

Hey Ed! thanks! and you are exactly right, it is for the ridge beam.

Hey Beau! thanks!

HermitJim said...

You're little house in the woods is looking pretty good, my friend! Good to have a neighbor like Allen around, for sure!

Learning something new nearly every day, huh? That's what keeps us young!

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! thanks buddy! yeah, i try to learn something every chance i get.

countrypeapie said...

Love a good red accent, indoors and out. I once read that there should be at least one red thing in every room of a house. Red has never been my favorite color, but I totally agree with that approach.