Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give Me Strength

So, the newspaper interview went well I think. They were extremely nice and seemed pleased with everything. They didn't run away in disgust when they saw the house in person anyway! Since I have been asked numerous times I will put up a link to the article, if there is one, when it is published.
For now though, work on the house is going to take a back seat to my real job. I am on overtime and with the outside crew working on tilt-up panels. The past two days we have been tying rebar in the panel forms. They want to pour 6 panels on Friday and I believe we got the 6th one tied today. I am not ashamed to admit though that 10 hour days of staying bent over at the waist, tying steel on the ground is kicking my ass. I haven't played rodbuster since summer before last so a few days of soreness is to be expected though.
Some of the soreness is from laughing so hard at the guys. They really make the day go by. If you could see all the stuff that happens you would really wonder how we actually manage to be such an efficient and hardworking crew. The day starts out with Hippie walking out of his tool belt because he has such a lack of a butt, there is nothing there to hold his belt up. He finally resorted to suspenders. Thank goodness his tool belt was the only thing that fell down. The other guys just rag Hip all day about everything and Head was accusing Hippie of him letting a light stand kick his ass because Hippie couldn't get it to fold up right. Then at the end of the day, Big Sexy lost one of his teeth in a footing. I don't know what it is about the guys losing their teeth on the job. He got his bifocals out to look for it but soon gave up. Somebody will probably stumble up on it tomorrow. I'm just glad Daddy Rabbit doesn't actually come out into the field very often.
See I got the rafters and eaves painted on the clerestory? I think it looks much better. Well, there is just not that much going on besides work. It is gloomy and cold here. We have kept our coveralls on all week, all day just about. I have photos from the RR job dated March 13 where we are all running around in very short sleeves. I want to see the sun!!

*Eric Clapton


Shannon said...

Your entryway looks great! I really like the color scheme you chose.

I'm sure the interview went well, and I'm truly glad to see you get this recognition for the really quite extraordinary thing you are doing. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more to come.

Enjoy the hard work, beats not having it!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey Annie, glad to hear the interview went well. I know the feeling about work and all. Gotta take it when it's there. I know, I always say I want them to leave me alone and all, but it sure is nice to see those checks come in.

Aunty Belle said...

wow, Kiddo! I'se itchin' ter read whatever they write-up. How cool is this?

An ya deserve it--showin' folks how it is done.


Chile it must cover the hemisphere--we's gloomy heah too--in FLORIDA IN MARCH? C'mon!

P.S. has I missed an email about pottery? if not--no worries--I see youse rather busy.

HermitJim said...

Things are looking pretty good around the home place, my friend!

I like the door, BTW!

edifice rex said...

Hey Shannon! thanks very much for your kind words; I appreciate that.

Hey Mark! yeah, I am caught many times between wanting to stay home but wanting to go back to work too. Those checks help tremendously.

Hey Aunty! thanks! I appreciate that. No, you haven't missed an email, I've just been super busy but am going to finish that pottery soon I promise.

Hey Jim! thanks!!

countrypeapie said...

Big Sexy? I don't remember him from the list of manimals -- I'll have to revisit that post. House looks great, and it got downright warm today -- hallelujah!

edifice rex said...

Hey Pea! no, I haven't mentioned Big Sexy before although he is quite a character and that really is his nickname, not one I made up.

Beau said...

Hope we get to read that interview. And how do you lose your tooth on a footing unless he tripped and fell on it?! I'll bet you could really share some stories. Nevermind... :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! I will put up the link; I'm pretty sure they will have one.
Yes, I could tell some stories but many of them are just too graphic and I have no idea how the guys keep losing their teeth! they just pop out I guess.

Linda said...

Hey! The door looks so welcoming here. Looks like some things are coming together for you!