Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing But Flowers

For lack of anything else, and because I love them so, I'm going to inflict some more daffodil pics on ya'll. They are so beautiful to me. I need to buy some different varieties though in some other colors. This particular clump has just gotten huge. Right now they are up to my knees.
I put my dirty ol' paw behind this one so you could get a sense of scale and I have fairly large hands for a woman.
Now, I am not sure what variety these are but I like them a lot. This is the first year they have done much. They were a gift from a feller I dated a couple of years ago. He said they came from his grandparents old homestead so I know they are a fairly old variety. That is one of the differences between dating a white collar man and a blue collar. The white collar man will usually bring you a cut flower arrangement. Very pretty and all but a blue collar man will bring you a truck load of flowers he dug up just for you and you will enjoy them for years to come. Mouse brought me quite an assortment of flowers from his place. I hope the peonies from him live and do well this year. I've never grown them before.

Well, still working like hell. I think we only have about 6 panels left to tie so maybe the majority of rebar work will be over. At least the kind where we stay bent over all day anyway.

The newspaper article comes out this Sunday. I'll put a link up for ya'll as soon as I can find it. Every time I've been in a publication in the past it always stresses me out a little. I'm always afraid people are going to read the article and then write to me, or the publication, proclaiming what a freaking idiot I am. I'm not sure why I imagine that happening. I think part of it is because it is being published in my old hometown's paper and I have already had a couple of people make a few snide remarks about it. I can't help it; people approach me about this stuff but it kinda hurts to have people you think are friends make jokes or ugly remarks to you instead of being supportive. Oh well, I'm just me and that's all I know how to be.

*Talking Heads


Sissy said...

You just keep on being You, taking care of your business, whereas some people don't. Don't you just hate that? Some of my jonquils grow this way some years. I attributed it to the fact they were too thick, needing separating. Also felt a late cold spell caused them to look mutilated - don't really know. I just plant and let grow. Wish they'd stick around longer though, don't you? Yours are prizes - maybe this cold and rain will soon stop for me to browse through mine. Lovely, Annie, just lovely blooms. I LOVE SPRING, I do, I do.

Pablo said...

I agree with Sissy; keep on being you.

Sometimes when I'm walking the woods (not mine but others) I'll come across daffodils growing and suspect I've come across an old homesite.

Island Rider said...

I wish we could grow daffodils here. My mom loves them. Ater I had to go back to work when my son was only six weeks old and she was taking care of him, I went to a florist and bought her a huge bouquet of irises. She loved them, but how much better it would be to grow them. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edifice--Just a secret that my grandfather taught me about peonies--they have to have ants to bloom so if you see them covered in ants, don't spray them.
Keep on being you--that's why I read your blog. Sarah

edifice rex said...

Hey Sissy! thanks! yes, I certainly do wish the jonquils would last longer; they fade way too fast.

Hey Pablo! I will!
I would suspect those are old homesites too.

Hey IR! Ya'll can't grow daffodils!? that's odd; I would have never guessed that.

Hey Sarah! thanks so much! I will certainly try to remember that; in fact, I believe I have heard that before somewhere.

Hayley said...

Why on earth would someone say something negative about what you are doing??? What you are doing and have done with your house is awesome! I wish I had your construction knowledge.

I saw the article and am exploring your blog. You are a very impressive woman. Don't let those know-it-alls bother you...YOU know what YOU are doing.

edifice rex said...

Hello Haley! Good to have you here. Thank you very much for all your kind words. Unfortunately there are some people out there that just try to discourage others because it makes them feel better about not doing anything themselves. But I understand that and don't let it bother me,.
Hope you enjoy the blog and come back.