Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dawg Tired

Some of you might remember ol' Ernie that I wrote about somewhere around a year ago. He is doing very well now. Allen has got him fattened up and healthy and he's just happy as he can be. In fact, he gets so excited, and is such a prolific slobberer, when someone comes to visit that Allen was attempting to get him to sit still for just a minute so I could take his picture.
His ears are so long that they fall in his bowl when he's eating and get caked up with goop. Somehow he manages to clean them though.

We finished tying our last tilt panel today. Thank goodness. My back and knees may never recover. They are supposed to start setting the panels Monday. The welding machine arrived yesterday for me, as I will apparently be welding the panels in place. Yea!!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about the article. My hits for the blog have gone way up for now. I suspect that will return to normal soon. Well, I wish I had more to write about but my brain has already turned in for the night and my body is pressing me to join it. We will get a couple of days off for Easter weekend so maybe I can write a somewhat more coherent post then.


2 Tramps said...

A great lookinig dog. What's a little slobber between friends?... We had a slobber slinging basset hound and we just used one of his ears to wipe up with!

Anonymous said...

Found you via the online Gadsden Times - had to read the article and was very impressed! I'm a recent transplant from Oregon to Gallant so it's exciting to see someone doing this kind of thing in this area. Congratulations on a job, though still in process, well done.

Barbara H.

Sissy said...

Is it posible to read the article about you online? I went to the newspaper but have no idea how to locate it.

Floridacracker said...

Ernie's beautiful. Good job, Alan!

Wendy said...

What a beautiful dog!

edifice rex said...

Hey 2! Ernie is so slobbery he can wrap it completely around his head! ick!!!

Hey Barbara! thank you very much; glad to have you here. I had an uncle that lived in Oregon. It's a beautiful state.

Hey Sissy! go back to the previous post and there are 2 highlighted links to the article. I capitalized the word 'HERE' so it would be easier to see. I think several other people missed it too. Just click on 'HERE' and it should take you to the article.

HEy FC! yeah, ol' Ernie looks pretty good for a hound!

Hey Wendy! thanks!

Lampropeltis said...

Wow, Ernie looks in the full flower of health. Good on Allen for taking care of him! I'll have to look back in your archives and read the story.

Kathy said...

Found your blog via the article in the online version of the Gadsden Times. I live in the country between Gadsden and Centre and I have "back read" alot of your writing these last few days. I admire your grit and I identify with you in many ways. I have bookmarked you and will enjoy reading anything you feel like writing. Keep up the good work. Kathy

edifice rex said...

Hey Lam! yeah, I should have put the link in there to the original story but I was too tired.

Hey Kathy! well, thank you very much and I'm glad to hear you enjoy my writing.