Friday, March 12, 2010

Water, Water Everywhere

Oh, I didn't mean to get so far behind on posting! I've just been busy at work and around the house and just haven't felt like I've had much to say really. Not sure why. Anyway, it's been raining like hell around here. I now have 2 creeks in my yard in addition to the one by the drive. We've been rained out at work a couple of days this week. Well, one day a few of us went in, though it was raining, and about the time we were going to get to leave an 18 wheeler pulls in with 20 or so tons of rebar for us. So, break out the raincoats and unload him. It took a couple of hours because we only have a backhoe with forks for such. We don't have a crane. I was the lucky one on the back of the truck rigging the bundles. I could see lightning flashing off in the distance at times. It never got close enough for us to feel real uncomfortable although there were a few times we considered it. But, have to get the truck unloaded; he's got places to go.
In between thunderstorms the sun has been wonderful and things are sprouting everywhere. On the drive home today, I saw the slightest blush of color in the Redbuds that line the highway.
I got to run a 60 lb. jackhammer some at work today. That was the small one. I felt kinda bad for the outside crew. They kept having to run in and out of the rain but were determined to stick it out because we've missed so much time. One of the last times Hippie (some of you may remember) went out to see if it was still raining. He came back in and proclaimed the coast was clear; rain was gone! So, they all drag out their tools and get back out in the middle of the site, far away from shelter, ready to work....and the bottom just falls out. They did not speak kindly of Hippie. Something about his senile ol' ass.
I have this weekend off in order to finish as much as I can before the newspaper people come to take photos. I hope I get a good bit done. After this weekend though, I'll be working as much as they'll let me. Things are looking very bad for our company. I am on one of only 2 decent size jobs we have. There is talk of being bought by a construction company from Mississippi. They are forcing many of our older superintendents to retire, whether they are ready or not. I don't know what we are going to do. It's very sad to me that we may all be split up to work for other companies. But maybe we can hang on.
I noticed this the other day walking to the mailbox. Sort of an unfortunate placement of growth. I did not plan that at all, I promise.
Well, hopefully I'll have some more to post about on the house soon. Right now the bed is calling. Those jackhammers seem to make me tired.


Floridacracker said...

Hey, welcome back. Unloading a semi of steel in a storm does NOT sound like fun.
Which is why they call it work, right?
Rainy here too, although it has passed now and today is looking amazing!
Hope the company can stay together.

Ed said...

It's amazing what 800 miles or so straight south can do for you. I can't even make it across my yard to my two redbuds due to the quagmire right now but I know there isn't any coloring happening, not even a blush and we are still a month out I suppose before there will be.

edifice rex said...

Hey FC! thanks! well, it wasn't particularly fun in itself but the guys always make it fun and we have a lot of laughs. I hope we can stay together too.

Hey Ed! well, I hope you get some color and warmth sooner than you expect!

countrypeapie said...

ha - love that last picture

chickory said...

yes this rain has put a damper on my progress too. still struggling to find bargain materials for the walls and the siding of the studio. i am in the dry as of TODAY! i did manage to find used metal roofing at a great savings so happy there. your project is coming along the idea of a kitchen garden right by the house. my garden is far from the house. i used the poplars cut down by the power company to line my bed...think its going to work for a while oh but wouldnt i love to have the nice wood kind. *sigh* more rain tomorrow i am sorry to say. happy sunday anyway.

Anonymous said...

I never cease to be amazed at the beauty surrounding your home ER, it is simply lovely!

Island Rider said...

We've had alot of rain here too. I hope the sun was out for you today, it was here. I also hope that your crews get to stay together. I know some of your angst. We got word that a neighboring county is closing their historical park and museum similar to ours. They are laying off all the staff and just shutting the doors until times get better. That's really close to home for me!

edifice rex said...

hey Pea! thanks!

Hey Chickory! Happy Sunday also and glad you found some bargain roofing. I have a couple of ideas about siding you might consider. I'll email yu.

Hey Molly! thanks! it is lovely here!

Hey IR! that's terrible! I hope your museum stays safe. I hope my company stays together but it just ain't looking good right now.

Jennifer said...

Hey, it was less than a week, no worries.

So excited for you to have a write up on the house! Very cool.

Beau said...

Cute daffodils... in all the pictures, esp. that last one! Rain here as well, where did our sunshine go? The plants and animals don't seem to mind :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Jennifer! thanks!!

Hey Beau! I don't know where the sunshine went but I sure wish it would come back!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is an aweful thing being house proud running around to get things done to look good for the newspaper people.

You remind me of my friend's who tidy up before their cleaning lady comes. (yes I have some friends who can afford a cleaning lady)

We need some of that rain here. It is warm and dry. A good rain would wash away the grim and the last of the snow. We have had a Winter drought and now a Spring drought (maybe). The jet steam dragged all of Canada's snow and cold down into the south and east of your country. I hope you had a good taste of it. We want it back next year.

edifice rex said...

Hey Philip! well, you can certainly have it ALL back! I am so sick of the cold! Take a little of this rain too!
I don't mind being house proud! More people need to take a little pride in their surroundings!