Sunday, June 13, 2010

History Lesson

OK, this is my last post about my vacation so ya'll just bear with me! I promise I won't inflict anymore of this on you. The kids were real excited about going somewhere on Tuesday and they are very interested in history so I took them to historic Georgetown. It was a really cool town and we had a good time just wandering around and reading about the area. The town started as a major port for the area and was sort of a business hub for all of the rice plantations of pre-Civil war days. The town dates back to the mid-1700's.
We enjoyed a great lunch at this restaurant on the water and could watch the fishing boats come and go.

This is one of the remaining plantation houses; which is now a museum/tour stop. The only thing is that it seemed all the tours were $7 a head and with 3 kids, that's a little steep. So, we just guided ourselves.

We did visit a church that was built in 1747 and the wonderful folks there welcomed us in for free to look around and talked for over an hour, giving us a great history lesson on the area. The man was very knowledgeable and interesting and the kids really enjoyed learning about all of it.
We wandered about the attached cemetery some and they noticed there were a lot of children buried there, some from before the Revolutionary War. I think this headstone was the mother and her daughter, by the same name, buried beside her. I love the old slate marker and the artwork of that time.

This was the little town square. There was a bunch of still occupied houses in the neighboring blocks that were built in the 1700's. Most of them appeared in marvelous condition.

So, when I got home there was much to do. The lavender needs harvesting and this was my first bundle. You can barely tell I picked any. I always leave a decent amount because the bees just go nutso for it and I've even spied a few honeybees on it.

So, I'll try to have something about the house very soon. I know these last posts have probably been boring for some. I did finally order the last of the exterior trim and the shelves for the pantry. Should have that this coming week.


HermitJim said...

I'm glad you are helpng to feed the young ones interest in history! Important that they learn "true History" and not all the junk that is taught in school now days!

Beautiful pictures...makes me want to go again!

Island Rider said...

I loved these posts. Travelling to historic sites is in my blood as my parents always did what you have done with your nieces and nephews. I have not been to this part of the coast so have it on my list of places I want to see someday.

Jenn said...

I think the kids are amazing. Not sure I was ready to learn stuff when I was that age. Very cool for them.

mountainmelody said...

Ooh, I love history! :)

edifice rex said...

Hey Jim! well, I think anytime kids want to learn about anything we are obligated to help them but we had a lot of fun too!

Hey IR! thanks! oh, you should definitely go; especially the Georgetown-Pawley's Island area. I think you would enjoy that.

Hey Jenn! they are very good kids!

Hey Melody! yeah, it was fun!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's always amazing how much more you "see" when sharing with kids and learning some new things in the process. Enjoyed the posting. Also, the lavender looks great and so much more bountiful than our single plant. Do you dry it?

Floridacracker said...

I know those kids think of you as the "COOL" aunt!
Sounds like a fun day. Whadja have for lunch?

edifice rex said...

Hey Beatrice! yes, I do dry a couple of bundles a year but would you believe that handful is just from one plant and I didn't even pick half of it. I left some for the bees but can easily get another bundle soon.

Hey FC! well, they seemed to really have a good time and were very appreciative.
I had a wonderful seafood fettuccine (shrimp and scallops) YUM-O!!! and Drew, the boyfriend, had a fried oyster sammich. The other two had chicken. They are not quite as adventurous food-wise.

Beau said...

Beautiful pictures- glad it was nice, and interesting too!

edifice rex said...

Hey Beau! thanks!!